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  1. Description: If at anytime you break through the wall from the bathhouse into the tower, (I think this is the trigger) The entire mage tower will go hostile. Even if the quest to break into his vault is already completed. This completely breaks the future quest and prevents you from being able to hand in the quest or probably continue the DLC (when the third part is finally released) Steps to Reproduce the Issue: 1) Complete the quest where you break into Arkemyr's Vault but don't use the Bath House entrance. (I used his robe as a disguise) 2) Get the summons from him and make sure he h
  2. Not reading all this crap. Review was Awesome. Fanboys gonna Fanoboy.
  3. You came to the wrong city.. This forum is 80% bleeding hearts that will defend almost every decision Obsidian makes. I think Obsidian is still one of the best companies in the industry right now for making games that aren't complete ****.. however I still fire up my old Black isle games and play them to death.. I couldn't even get past the prologue of Dungeon Seige 3.. it was horrible. South Park was really well done.. but it's like 15 hours long. Blizzard. Blizzard has a notorious amount of bugs in their flag ship product (WoW).. However I will mostly agree that th
  4. What patches? What are you talking about? Every single IE game shipped, on day one, with quest XP and kill XP in equal measure. Never were the two concepts ever separated, or ignored, or added later, or overly weighted to one side or the other. Stun nails it on the head. I Re-iterate my point.. do most non-combat xp supporters even know or have even played IE games? If not, then PoE wasn't made for you. Thanks for your support to make PoE happen but this is an IE inspired game.
  5. I love Lephys, Caradin and Wanderon's logic. They will Concede that, yes... maybe grinding didn't need to be done to complete/ experience IE games.. BUT YOU COULD GRIND IF YOU WANTED TO.. SO IT EXISTS AND RUINED THE GAMES. I have never "Grinded" xp in any of my playthroughs of an IE game.. It's slow and repetitive and offered me nothing and I still reached max level just by fighting things I came up against.. This is like saying Spoons could be used as a weapon to kill someone so they are now deadly weapons that should be removed from society, even though spoons are never used as w
  6. Again.. A Gross over exaggeration of those games.. "Grind XP" never entered peoples vocabulary until MMO's became popular. You never had to grind anything in any IE game unless you wanted to.. which IMO was stupid/pointless.Mmmm i remember in secret of mana grinding away to level up my fire spells and levels before the first main boss and basically every new area whenever i gain new caps on my abilities. Ff3 i remember grinding up my characters to learn new magic and become higher levels. Same with FF7. I remember grinding alot in dragon warrior games, basically spending a whole afternoon grin
  7. I wouldn't get anything done.. So many fanboys that need a good ol verbal spanking and if you gave me a bunch of beer I would actually become their friends.. Eww gross.
  8. Yawnnn.. Oh were you bringing up this old strawman again?
  9. It's not so much that lock and trap xp is in the game.. The reason I am so dumb founded is that it's in the game and Combat XP isn't. Trap / Lock xp is way more degenerative and abusable then combat xp.. at least with combat xp you are challenged in some way..
  10. That was a bit uncalled for.. . I never implied anything of the sort. He asked why the poll said a thing. I answered his question by saying it said a thing because that's what people think. Then he responded to arguments and statements I never made and I responded by voicing my confusion about that. And now I'm voicing my confusion about your post. Math hasn't even been mentioned so I don't know where that's coming from. Have I said something else that offended you? For what it's worth, I believed him to be joking/being silly. But maybe he wasn't. *shrug* It totally was.. I thi
  11. Sure, but the problem with your arguments ... I wasn't making any arguments about combat XP, just telling you how to interpret the poll lol. I'm pretty much done arguing about XP for the most part, which is why I didn't make any arguments. Not really sure what you were responding to there, but it wasn't what I wrote. Matt is too busy doing math to stoop to our lowly pleb level..
  12. There was no grinding in Baldurs Gate.. what game were you playing.. If you liked IE games minus the thing you spent 80% of the game doing and being rewarded for.. You aren't a true fan of IE.. Also hate to burst your bubble.. PoE won't change anything.. You still have **** tons of combat 80% of the time.. they just added a strong hold and took out the reward system. Do you actually think your gonna be able to resolve most quests by talking your way out of it? Man common.. you been drinking too much fan boy koolaid. Don't worry.. when the the koolaid buzz wears off maybe you will s
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