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  1. Hey hey. So I'm going to differ from most people here, I honestly don't mind the inclusion or non-inclusion of multiplayer as a deciding factor. That said, I hadn't realised there was no multiplayer and have since decided I want to share the experience of playing this game co-op with a friend. I for one thoroughly enjoyed this game single player, but would like to do co-op also. Someone suggested the potential of modding in a multiplayer component eventually, and prior to that the suggestion that maybe in the expansions multiplayer might be added. I'd just like to ask, are there any mods tha
  2. Note to self, fireball everyone just before finishing the game.
  3. GIven the potential for mechanical abuse in the concept of multi/dual classing, I'm glad there's no multi/dual classing. As someone who enjoys employing their skills at mechanical abuse, this makes me eager to see what new ways I can mess with the system there is.
  4. That's kind of awesome. I look forward to seeing a compiled list of easter eggs and finding them all in game.
  5. Pretty sure it will be possible to tailor your priest for combat, but it won't ever be as tanky as a fighter for example.
  6. Cheers for the responses guys. In regards to 'depends what you want to mod', there's a few different things I want to work on, but I can guarantee that graphics and modelling would not be among them. Probably things like scripting dialogue, making additional quests and maybe modifying some coding for abilities and such so I can create unique characters. I'll start learning C# to start with. Thank you.
  7. No. Seriously. I have a metric f*ckton of time on my hands, and if someone is willing to teach me I will learn. Send me online tutorials, vids, or start up a skype conference with me. Don't care, give me a way to learn it (preferably interactive learning) and I will learn, and I will mod. Sincerely: This guy.
  8. ...So that part where we moved from the gold standard over a decade ago...
  9. Methinks you both need to take some time out, reread what the other person said and ask for clarity rather than jumping down each other's throats.
  10. , The thing about that is, when you've got a stronghold (as you can in PoE), and coffers and such, beyond the simple coinpurses of 6 individuals, eventually people will begin to trust that you're good to your word. So, even if you aren't carrying around 1,000 gold pieces, they'll trust that they can contact someone at your stronghold and procure the funds in a timely fashion. Not everyone, of course, but some people. Personally I think the idea of carrying around thousands in gold and silver is just a absurd idea. The weight alone would be a logistical nightmare as you are traveling. Wh
  11. Actually, Viconia's romance isn't counter-intuitive, but it's certainly very different given her personal orientation, which is certainly not the norm.
  12. Kind of going to back both of you for a number of points on this one, especially the fact that limitted options mean limitted solutions, making RPG romance often a problem with the medium, but there's also the question of what is defined as romantic speak in the first place. I remember noting quite strongly in BG2 that the romance options between Jaheira, Aerie and Viconia were startlingly different. You could talk to Viconia like you talk to Aerie, and vice versa, but if you're nice to VIc you get rejected, and if you're forward and rough to Aerie you also get rejected, and if you try either
  13. Oh gods, carry weight of silver and copper. I mean, I know I use this all the time in regular games but oh gods.
  14. Most of us here seem to be saying that we like the existence of the stash, it's just the method used we don't like. We'd prefer it to make in-world sense. Fact is, unless the game declares that we all have bottomless backpacks, there's a lot of things that we shouldn't be able to carry - or at least a limit - in order for any feeling of simulation to exist. Otherwise it's just a mechanic that has no actual real-world association.
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