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  1. Also confirmed for Cipher's Amplified Wave, which does not damage the cipher when cast on a non-Retaliate character.
  2. My PC (fighter) wears a heavy armor with Retaliate. I cast Amplified Wave on him, and my cipher takes damage. This definitely should not be intended, as other characters who are the target of Amplified Wave do not return damage to the cipher.
  3. You heard it here, everyone: Justin promised the song would be added into the soundtrack, and that he would hand-deliver every backer a pony between 2PM and 5 PM (PDT) next Tuesday. Words put in someone's mouth - the best kind of promises
  4. Like others I love the soundtrack of this game. From opening the game for the first time - hearing that beautiful opening Eora theme, an absolute pleasure. I noticed though that the piece that plays alongside the prologue and each of the Act openers is missing. I absolutely love that piece. Can that be added into the soundtrack?
  5. A good post. I agree with most points raised. I also love this game - haven't binge-played a game for several years. Hopefully developers can take some of these ideas into consideration. I, like some others, also disagree with the criticisms of the stash. Inventory management is one of the worst parts of the cRPG genre. I do understand why people like it from a RP perspective, but it is just unnecessary busy work. The only thing I would be ok with is adding in weight limits, but we should definitely have unlimited slots.
  6. Thanks I had figured those Elemental utility talents were much more useful for the Wizard than the Implement talents.
  7. Are the Blast / Penetrating Blast / Dangerous Implements talents worth taking? Given how powerful the guns and arbalest are (even after new patch), not sure if it's worth getting those 3 talents.
  8. Are the Blast/Penetrating Blast/Dangerous Implements talents worth taking, or is it better to take other talents to use bows/crossbows/guns?
  9. Further to this, all equipped items on a character with the exception of quick slot items remain equipped and do not disappear - it is only the quick slot items and items in the inventory.
  10. I believe there's a bug where if you dismiss a party member (I am using only POE characters like Eder and Kana), and they had items in their quickslot and inventory, those items disappear permanently. Anyone else experience this? I haven't tested with custom characters.
  11. Can someone correct me if my understanding of this is incorrect? My understanding is that a tank character in this game would be a character with high damage reduction (via heavy armour) and a shield. The ability for this character to dodge would be limited but is offset by the ability to mitigate damage. If I wanted to build a rogue with a high damage output with the ability to dodge attacks, how is that achieved? Is deflection a stat that mitigates damage or increases avoidance of damage?
  12. I think trash mobs that a mage could outmelee giving no XP is fine. Hopefully the more challenging non-unique monsters still give XP - like the dragons. POE's equivalents of BG2's liches, demiliches, dragons and super mages should really give XP.
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