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  1. The shield is supposed to only affect melee attacks, and probably only enemy attacks as well. 1. have a party member equip Sura's Copper Plate 2. cast any of cipher's abilities on said party member 3. cipher receives dmg As far as I know it's only affecting cipher's abilities atm. It's quite annoying because Pain Block is a really good buf that provides DR but it kills my Griveous Mother... See the combat log(i casted blindstrike because you can't cast party buffs ooc) you see that after the first miss eder retaliates. I assume the retaliation uses the main weapon as Eder has a stilleto equipped.
  2. So this is only a bug/issue if you use abilities with full attack? It might be intended then, as far as normal attacks go you only attack with the off hand weapon which is the same if you have it in the main hand?
  3. Does it actually give the additional +4 fort / reflex or are they suppressed?
  4. My friend had the same issue with one of the bandits in earlier areas. He had to reload like 4-5 times before he could damage him.
  5. I can confirm this too. Not sure what's causing it but up to level 5 I would get way way too much HP per level as a monk. I had 1050HP at level 5, with 15 CON(14 base)+1 from gear. When I got to level 6 my HP increased by about ~60-100. Which is different than before when it increased by around 200 hp.
  6. Well then it's on Obsidian to decide if the behaviour of the AI is intended or not. But there's one component of the "localized" AI that you mentioned that I'm certain is bugged. Sometimes when they walk back they will heal, basically negating any damage you did to them through ranged attacks/spells. This does seem to occur quite rarely though, I'm not sure what the trigger is. Also given how the point of PotD is that it maxes the number of encounters you face in a given group, the mechanic of splitting individual enemies from said group goes against that point. The weapon switching exploit you mention, do you mean the one when you open the inventory, wait for the animation to finish and then attack/cast again without any recovery? That one totally breaks the combat. It trivializes the challenge just like the issues in the OP.
  7. If you honestly think this is how the AI should behave, then I'm not sure what to say. Enemies are basically stuck in a position because the leash range isn't coded properly. I don't know of any game that would have this.
  8. It seems that continously switching between two ranged weapons, say you want to use a gun and a bow intermittently for whatever reason, skips the reload animation on the gun as well. Not entirely related to the bug in the OP but similar thing as far as animations are concerned.
  9. Use compression software, like Vdub if you want to upload it it to YT. The bug you've described also happens if you open up the inventory immediately after any kind of animation finishes be it an attack or a spell. It results in the character instanteniously skipping the recovery phase and going into next attack/spellcast animation.
  10. Your argument has some merit, but watch my videos. Do you honestly think the current behaviour of enemies is fine? In the first video example the xaurip let the drakes chase the chanter alone, even logically that doesn't make sense. Why wouldn't the whole group be alerted by the attacking character? I also did not state anywhere my opinion on caring how people play the game, I'm merely saying that the current engine implementation of AI makes no sense to me. If you're a big bad troll and you see a party of adventurers attacking you, you go after them and kill em. You don't randomly turn around and go back to your resting place. To address your multiplayer comparison, I personally don't care how players play a SP game. But imagine the achievement that is beating the game Triple Crown Solo, path of the damned+expert+trial of iron. People who will do that, will do it by abusing these bugs. There will always be exploits in RPGs, but let it be in the form of skills/spells/abilities/items/etc. Not engine limitations/clunkiness.
  11. If you don't save/load as much and it only happens once or twice it's gonna be pretty tough to notice it. Especially if defenses are affected. Most people started noticing because of the absurd 100 int or something.
  12. Yes, you could still kite trolls well but at least it wouldn't look stupid. They're meant to be slow judging by their lore. Like it takes a really long time to kill one with arrows on PotD so you'd still have to cover a lot of area which might be an issue in some cases if enemy AI worked correctly. Here's an example of the second issue. At 0.10 the Skuldr Whelph disengages and stops chasing, I think enemies do this because they "realize" the player has more movement speed. At 0.13 the Skuldr Whelp actually gets out of combat completely, I think enemies even heal in some cases if you leave them alone. He gets out of combat completely again at 0.20. As you can see from the video this behaviour can easily be abused. If you have a few characters shooting the enemy and one character running back and forth like this it gets silly. Would be glad if this got looked into. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0JWS6Elwsb4
  13. Might be related to the armor equipping bug that disables racials/passives. Have you equipped your armor by double-clicking it? If that's the case it's a known issue.
  14. I've had that happen to me when I made two level 1 identical wizards. Spells/grimoire worked fine on one but not the other. Not sure what caused it, but can definitely confirm it can happen.
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