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Found 15 results

  1. When dropping a full stack of items, in this case slimemold stalks, they appear to turn into full stack when picking each one back up. It does show all 10 stalks on the ground, and after a few days of leaving them there, each one represents a full stack when picking back up. Mind you I have saved and loaded several times before returning to area where originally dropped.
  2. I posted this on the Steam forums, but realize the bug reports there are likely to be overlooked so I'm posting this here as well. This exploit have been present from the initial version of the game and is so simple a lot of players might be doing it without realizing it. When you save and reload a game any completed BURG.L quest will be reset and completed again, effectively allowing you to dupe raw science by repeatedly saving and reloading until quests get removed properly from the quest list at daybreak.Related issue: After completing an exploration type quest, if you save and reload the
  3. Sorry for the grammar.. After killing all of the ships around Port Maje, there is a Lone Unaffiliated Merchant Ship that does not let me Go into combat with them that has a weird bug i've experienced. After trying to attack the ship, i go to a combat encounter around the area with i.e. Mareyl the Mad and/or Purakau .. after the encounter I get Experience and loot like i went to Ship combat. It is only 600 xp... but its a bit.. just wanted to point it out ... I have not tried to do this and dungeons ... to see if i can get xp yet but so far... has anyone else experience this bug .. and if th
  4. I won't post the details here obviously, but how do I go about reporting this in a non-public forum?
  5. Seems like seelah's inspired grace bug leading to seeing the next location card is a known issue . I'll just add a bit on what I'd observed. This happens on most checks except barrier check and villain henchman combat. The dice roll type gets changed to the next location card. If the next is a trap dex roll, the wisdom roll seelah is attempting will be changed to a dex roll. If the villain has 2 checks , like black fang fortitude and then combat, inspired grace usage on fortitude will be changed to the combat roll . You don't see the next location card. When having seelah use a spel
  6. Ok, again, sorry if this is a duplicate post. I did search the forums first. this is another exploit I found. I have a 4 character group that i'm taking through story mode. i'm I currently in the middle of skinsaw on normal, but they were boring me so I wanted a new character. I dropped out Kyra, Harsk, and Seoni, and just went with Meri to farm Poison Pill on legendary. (she can do it faster on her own) Ok so while farming on my 4th or 5th run I ran across an ally I already had with Seoni. (Father Z !!) So I was immediately worried I lost father z and all of Seoni's other cards. But
  7. Pretty serious graphic bug. if not an outright cheat. I searched forums but I didnt' find anything like this mentioned elsewhere. sorry if its a duplicate post. I didn't leave my game state in an invalid or cheating setup because i'm afraid of corrupting the game state some how, but this could be exploited to make the game easier. On an android device(unknown flavor) With Harsk in the woods and Meri in the General Store doing the scenario "Local Heroes" on hardest Setting(Legendary?) I went to discard a Blessing of Erastil on Hark. While I was dragging the blessing from his hand (had the
  8. Please fix the bug where you can reset your action by inventory spamming to constantly attack. Basically you open your inventory (I) after every swing to reset the swing after damage has already been done to immediately swing again. Thanks!
  9. I discovered this playing as a monk and this class benefits from this the most but it can be used by all one-handed style champions. If you use two weapons or no weapons at all (two fists) accuracy of both is lowered if you use only one one-handed weapon in primary (right) hand you have increased accuracy but if you place just one weapon in off hand and leave right hand empty your right hand fist is listed as a primary weapon but the accuracy of both hands primary and secondary benefits from one-handed accuracy bonus. In this situation normal attacks only utilize your equipped secondary we
  10. A game breaking exploit occurs when your fire godlike has less than 50% endurance with his "increased damage feat" ... All around him, all enemy takes 20+ raw damage and just quickly die ... Does it occur for anyone else ? (not yet tested by myself, but done by my brother)
  11. Hi, I noticed that when entering to the Hall of Stars in Twin Elms it'll keep you giving xp under "Location Discovered!". I'm guessing this would also prevents users (or Steam users only?) from getting the Explorer (Visit every map) achievement as well. Just did a small screenshot, but I could have keep doing this as long as I wanted. See here.
  12. Hey there, I don't know the exact rules regarding exploits, but since it's a singleplayer game I think it's alright to post them here. If not, moderators know what to do ***************** After having collected the remains during the Buried Secrets quest, and upon returning to Wirtan, it's possible to get in a dialogue loop that keeps on giving money (and I assume but haven't checked-- Aggressive disposition). Link to images showing how it's done: http://imgur.com/a/gPo3C Text-version: - Select "I found more than bones" - Select "[Might 15] [Lift Wirtan off his feet] I will
  13. Description: Get unlimited Amulets Step 1: During the 'His Old Self' quest, side with the original Purnisc and kill the wizard. Step 2: Go back to the Goose and Fox and talk with Kaenra Step 3: Lie to her (Do not tell her Purnisc deals or she won't talk to you again), give her the ring. Step 4: She gives you the amulet, talk to her again https://www.dropbox.com/s/h1kje24qx8n9z0i/UnlimitedAmulet.zip?dl=0
  14. I play with this feature enabled and noticed that you don't have to die at all. Even after all you characters are unconscious there is a few seconds "gap" that is long enough for you to get to options screen and quit to main menu. You can load your save and try again. There should be no option to quit a game during fight. I don't know whether it's possible but this would fix that exploit. Great game
  15. Let's start to collect all the stinky stuff right here. Inspired by Use R. Unfriendly and his epic collection The Hero's Guide to A Succesful Adventure or 500 ways to use cheese for decimating even the most powerful foes. link
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