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Found 10 results

  1. After appliying the bless of berath dex is 20 (+30% recovery speed) buy once weapon is equipped it only applies a 23% https://i.imgur.com/peDUlM6.jpg
  2. Hey, I've finally had the time to play Deadfire, and while I like it very much, there are still a few things, which could increase my enjoyment even more. Please don't take this as a complaint post, I just wanted to share some of my ideas, on how certain things could be improved (at least in my opinion), maybe you find something in it, that you also think might be a good idea. Maybe not, then I've just wasted my time writing this wall of text . Probably most of these changes are too big to be implemented at this state of the game, but who knows, maybe for the next game... ------------------- 1) Recovery: In general this is my biggest problem in the game, combat just feels way too slow currently. I know I could play the game in fast mode, but I don't like the idea of it, because it also speeds up animation speed. So I'd suggest to reduce the recovery of EVERYTHING to half of its current value. This also means dmg should be reduced by ~50% (bit less, because attack/cast speed is intact). This way the dps remains around the same as before (less burst though). If this is implemented resource points should be doubled as well, so in total we can deal the same damage with the available resources as before. There is still one problem though, namely the healing and defensive spells, because twice as much could be cast of these in each encounter, which might drag out some fights. Unfortunately these are much harder to be updated, because some are tied to attacks (like kind wayfarer heal), others share the resource pool with other abilities (like priest spells). For this a possible, but indirect solution would be 2) a). ------------------- 2) Constitution: Probably I'm not the only one who thinks Constitution is an unimportant stat in this game. I'd not say it's a dump stat, because no1 wants to be die in seconds, but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't find many builds which are focusing on Con. I really would like to increase its impact a bit, here are some possible solutions for that: a) Re-introduce endurance from POE1 (it could regenerate after every encounter tho). I'd prefer this one, because this way we give a limit to each character, like a total beating they can take, even if healed. Probably not all classes could stay alive to effectively use their whole endurance pool, but that's ok, since this is mainly a tank stat anyway. b) Add damage reduction to constitution like 1-2% per point. c) Add increased healing received to constitution, again around 1-2% per point. ------------------- 3) Armor and penetration: In general I like that you've separated penetration from damage, in POE1 armor was losing much of its efficiency by the end game. On the other hand I don't understand why the scaling of armor vs. pen was implemented like this, currently it feels like an all or nothing mechanism. I'd really prefer if it could be changed, so there are no breakpoints in the system (diminishing returns are ok tho). One example: Each point of armor could give 10% damage reduction relative to the previous value, which means: armor damage reduction % = 1 - 0,9^armor. Also some suggestions on initial values: Weapon penetration could be somewhere between 8-12. Light armor: 14 (~34% damage reduction vs avg pen weapon) Medium armor: 17 (~52% damage reduction vs avg pen weapon) Heavy armor: 20 (~65% damage reduction vs avg pen weapon) Additionally the system should be somehow symmetric, meaning that the maximum possible penetration increase should be around the same as the maximum possible armor increase (classes can vary, just in general). ------------------- 4) Ability cost: In my opinion there is too much difference between the costs of certain abilities, e.g. some abilities cost 4x as much as others, while not giving enough benefit to justify this. Possible solution: The resource pools could be increased of certain classes. For example, the resource pool of a multi classed rouge could be increase from 9 to 90 (or 180 in case point 1) is implemented). Abilities that cost 1 guile now would be increased to 10 guile, which would be the basis. The good thing in this is that it's possible to increment costs for different abilities in smaller steps, so for example a previously 2 guile ability could be 13 guile (just to justify the 10 multiplier ) in the new system. This leaves more possibilities for balancing ability costs, also each level up could give some resource increase instead of every 2 or 3. There are some classes for which this change is unnecessary, like ciphers, chanters, wizards, priests or druids, maybe monks as well, these are following different mechanisms. I'm pretty sure that most of these were somehow discussed previously, but who cares, I don't feel like checking every topic on this forum, sry . At least devs will see what we (or maybe in certain cases only me) think are important things, if multiple topics were created about them.
  3. Hi. As the topic goes: 1. Afaik melee weapons/range weapons/implements do no affect accuracy. Is that right? 2. Does it make a difference wether I use 1h or 2x 1h weapons or +shield? Since a single 1h weapon adds a significant bonus to accuracy (weapon itself does not affect it, for example, but is a single weapon accuracy bonus added to casters accuracy?). 3. Does an ability to reduce recovery (-15%) when using 2x 1hand weapons affect casters? 4. Do weapon bonuses on crit chance/damage affect spells? 5. Does a shield affect accuracy? 6. Do cast-able weapons affect accuracy? 7. In PoE2 you can stack attribute points. Like you can eat, drink, pot, buff, use shrine, sleep in the Inn and get your resolve, for example from 3 to 18. It wasn't possible in PoE1 afaik. Highest bonus would suppress all the smaller bonuses. Isn't it a little OP? 8. So recovery bonus of -20% makes it 10->8 sec recovery. And action time bonus makes it 10->8 sec attack. Does it affect cast times? 9. Are there any benefits in using 1 h-hand, 2x 1-hand, 2-hand, 1-hand + shield, range, implements (+shield)? As far as I could see it for myself: - Any weapon, melee or range just adds some extra dmg to a mage when s/he is not casting. They don't affect spell-casting. - shield adds to the tank but reduces accuracy - implements is nothing special except they might add a few spells here and there but so do some weapons. Generally weapons (range for casters most of the time) are usually more powerful dps and alfa strike wise. - now I primarily use small shield and range weapon with the most benefits. Sometime med/large shield is a very good option if you primarily summon (chanter) and heal (resto druid) where accuracy does not matter. Does it make sense or I have got it wrong? Thank you in advance.
  4. Attack Speed Calculator version 1.0.5, PoE v3.06 compliant PREFACE: - When I have just introduced myself to PoE, I quickly noticed that something feels strange. Weapon tooltips are vague. Attack speed bonuses are providing non-uniform gains. Also there have appeared many questions when it came to the build optimizations. If you are interested in attack speed mechanics behind the game facade, than here it is, the aggregated info on this topic. NOTE: - This is still a WiP. Additional sections/explanations will be added over time. BASICS: - One of staple notions in PoE is [action]. Action is character's activity, be it a swing, pistol fire or spell cast. - Every action consists of minimum two phases: [attack] which included the attack animation per se, and [recovery] which role-playing speaking is the duration for your character catching his breath and getting ready for the next attack. - A specific set of ranged weapons, namely: crossbow, arbalest, pistol, blunderbuss and arquebus have an additional phase called [reloading] during which the character reloads the weapon in question. The phases go one after another. And visually a full action cycle can be presented in the following manner: RANGED: MELEE: * As you have noticed there is also a small delay between two actions. Tbh I haven't found any trace of it in the source code, but it's always there when you doing frapsing tests. It has a value of 5-7 frames which corresponds to 0.166-0.233 seconds. Most likely it is related to UnityEngine itself and the way it periodically checks for the events; with 1-2 frame variance coming from stuttering in case Unity was busy with something. BASE VALUES: - When trying to decide which weapon to choose, an important factor is how fast each weapon is. UI Tooltips are not providing the exact values. And those categories are actually quite inaccurate. So: WEAPON BASE VALUES: DRUID FORMS BASE VALUES: ANIMAL COMPANIONS BASE VALUES: Speadsheets: link P.S. If you want to check these base values yourself, feel free to use a simple mod I've made for this purpose. It will print some extra data in the combat log, each time any party member is performing an attack: (it will also 'catch' existing recovery modifying talents/buffs/armor; but unfortunately not the weapon enchants; at least not yet) Installation is quite simple, as it was made to work with IEMod Framework. - download IEMod. 5.1.0-beta Launcher for 2.03.0788 ZIP content preview will suit. - copy the INFOMod.pw.dll in the same /Mods folder, where IEMod.pw.dll is - launch PatchworkLauncher - add the mod in active mods (you can leave IEMod unchecked) - select "Launch with Mods" The dll can be downloaded here: INFOMod.pw.dll Or you can download the project itself: link
  5. From what we know, Obsidian are going to make the inner mechanics of Attack Speed system more transparent and intuitive. Plus things like speed, armor and other recovery-affecting stuff will also start influencing reloading_duration. Source: This made me thinking how exactly could the speed system be improved: 1. the game should clearly communicate all phases of action cycle and stick to the same terminology everywhere. 2. tooltips should specify the correct phase that is getting affected. For example in PoE1, speed tooltip reads "+20% Attack Speed", when in fact it reduces recovery. 3. if the tooltip reads "+20%" then.. it should be +20% (at least in the absense of other effects). And I think this can be achieved even if we don't touch the attack duration. Example: Link to spreadsheet. Pros of this approach: - player can calculate in mind how much will his attack rate get increased from taking x talent or using y buff. - reloading weapons are now fully affected by speed, armor and other recovery-affecting effects. - armor penalty is heavier now, in line with the tooltip values. - reduced gain snowballing when approaching zero-recovery. But this is compensated by the fact that other speed categories are now as important as AttackSpeedMult, and will have higher impact when pushing for the last mile. - flexibility. You can easily change recovery_factor without breaking anything; relative speedup will be the same. You can also make attack_duration getting decreased when recovery becomes negative (i.e. remove the hard-cap), without fear of getting to extreme 0 attack-duration. Formulas: P.S. Few questions regarding terminology: - how would you name the blue phase? In PoE1 it was named "attack" or "totalAnimation" (if in code). But this also refers to buffing/casting animation and potion consuming. - how would you name the green part? - how would you name the yellow phase?: "recovery time" or "recovery duration"? We can't just use the term "recovery", because it will lead to duration <> speed confusion.
  6. Hi everyone, Since my initial post on choosing a new main character I have done pretty well with my barbarian and really enjoyed the game (now nearly level in normal mode. In this run I chose to hire Sagani quite quickly (lvl 4) and specced her in "pet DPS". She now does tons of damage with the fox and even more with predator sense and using Persistence hunting bow (+50% dmg for the fox all the time basically) (http://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Persistence). I have a few basic questions : - Which armor should I get for her (I still have the lame fine skin armor) ? I was wondering if an heavier armor would really hamper her dmg output. I see that when my tanks are bypassed she can be put down rather quickly Also - (side question) when engaged in melee, is it worth to disengage and try to run away while someone else picks the enemy, or shall I switch to melee weapons to hold better ? And - Is this Persistence bow a good choice or are there much better alternatives at this level ? Is it worth speccing in hunting bows ? Thanks a lot in advance ! Aginorh
  7. While testing some DoT stuff found this: Player is able to completely ignore recovery (reset attack timer / not hit end attack animation event / something) 1) Equip any weapon (tested with Rapier, Blunderbuss(very slow), Hunting Bow) 2) Attack Character 3) At time of damage or when projectile leaves weapon(ranged) pause game 4) Press I for inventory 5) Notice that pressing I "reset" characters animation (back to idle) 6) Press I again. 7) Character attacks immediately (no reload, no cooldown,...) EDIT: Pause is not required, you can attack and double-press Inventory at time of attack. Easy reproduction. Could post nice combat log screenshot showing me shooting Eder with Blunderbuss like 3 times in one second. If combatlog had timestamps. Screenshot of Durance casting 3 Iconic Projections in a second. Kinda cool. http://imgur.com/bzHXYu2 --- Feature Request: Add Timestamps to Combat Log (also make them toggle-able on/off in options or atleast with console)
  8. I find it very obstructive to have 'Action Icon', 'Recovery Bar' over PCs' head right in the middle of combat. Apart from that, it's ugly to look at, being that it takes away from the stunning game visuals. As has been requested by many backers in different threads, it would be an easy task to pass that info down onto the character portrait. PCs should have *nothing* above their heads, that is why the UI is there. Please, do that.
  9. He replied to a tweet from someone asking a question about attack & recovery, pretty dam neat. Thanks Josh! https://twitter.com/jesawyer/status/506853358557462530
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