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Found 2 results

  1. There's 2 issues with the current AI of enemies. The first issue is that if you attack a pack of enemies and run, some of the enemies will split up. The core of the group might stay behind while stranglers might follow. The second issue is if the enemy is slightly slower than the character aggroing them, they will disengage. When they disengage they start to walk back to their original position in slow speed. IF the player re-engages them at this moment, they will turn once again on the player and try to attack them. The engagement can either be an attack, or merely walking up to the enemy that is disengaging/going back to its original position. As you can see this two things combined result in a easily abusable AI, I don't condone this of course but if it's in the game in its present state it's a valid tactic albeit a cheap one. I purpose a simple solution, just make it so that the whole pack of enemies moves towards the character that pulled them. At the same time don't have them disengage. Kiting would still be a valid tactic, but the execution would be harder. Open space would be an asset, currently you need less than 1/4 of a screen to make kiting work. It's also noteworthy to say that you can do this as a solo character, it might not work versus all enemies such as wolves/boars/lions because they are fast but it works versus the majority of creatures one encounters in the game. Once you add additional characters to this kiting "tactic" it gets even more abusable. Chanters can get free invocations up, while you run around and enemies don't engage properly. You can shoot with say 2 party members while one just runs back and forth near an enemy, etc. I'll provide a video later if needed to showcase this issue.
  2. In many of the older IE games that I played (haven't played the IWD series) much of my strategy involved kiting single enemies and picking them off one by one. This was especially effective against enemies like Beholders and illithid (BG2). Then I played these games again and with mods that let the enemies "call out" to their allies to come and help them in battle. It made the battles much more interesting and challenging and I ended up having to rethink strategies against enemies, because ultimately kiting was a cheap way to win. It also brings up a possible game mechanic and strategy for rogues (see Gameplay and Mechanics forum for the Rogue discussion) as quickly disabling (unconscious, kill, etc) patrolling enemies before they have a chance to call out to enemies becomes an interesting role that rogues can play. So I just wanted to articulate my hope and dream that the P:E game will think about implementing a game mechanic to NOT allow us to kite enemies one by one and that to do so would risk a "call to nearby enemies" for them to follow the sole enemy that spotted my party to the area where they were last spotted. Don't let kiting be a play-style. It's weaksauce.
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