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  1. I think its a little weird that its part 1. I assume it will be 2 parts, maybe they intend the expansion to be really big so they split it up.
  2. I feel like casting the buff spells on other characters might be overpowered... however I agree that they are very underhwelming on their own. I think the best fix would be to dramatically increase their durations to 150/300 seconds like the food buffs... I agree that grimoire slam is weak... perhaps if they made it AOE centered on the caster it would make it more useful to escape from multiple enemies. Overall I don't have any serious issues with the wizard the way mine is built. But I could see how if you chose some of the less optimal spells and talents it could be frustrating. I think that blindness and miasma are really good level 2 spells and more than make up for a lack of AOE damage spells. If you look at D&D, there is a similar lack of AOE damage spells at 2nd level as well. I guess my main hang up is that the Web spell seems mostly useless since the stuck condition doesn't confer major penalties and it also doesn't immobilize enemies, it just slows them down. Chill fog does the same thing but damages AND debuffs. I think with a little bit of tinkering and rebalancing they could fix the minor issues but I don't think the amount/quality of direct damage spells is fine.
  3. I did the ogres at level 4 no problem but thats because I had... you guessed it! A cipher!! Paralyze + Charm makes short work of those ogres... wizard can pick up some of the slack but not the whole thing. So yeah, come back later at a higher level with better gear.
  4. I could be wrong but it seems like the nerf to mind blades was negligable. It still seems useful to me, though it helps to debuff your enemies before using it. I've only had it whiff once.
  5. Its perfectly normal for only two or three of your characters do be doing the lions share of the damage. Spells and abilities will probably make up most of this damage, though if your defenses are high enough you can whittle the enemies away on the front lines. Using a bigger weapon like an Estoc could be a good alternate weapon against enemies where your damage is low. Also remember that debuffing enemies and buffing your allies is just as important as doing damage. If you weaken, blind, frighten, and daze your enemies then you will have a much higher hit/crit chance and thus do much more damage.You will also have less pressure to kill them quickly since their accuracy will be lowered.
  6. There is a nice cavalier hat and also a tricorn hat you can get early on (no bonuses, but look cool). Good luck! I would suggest paladin just because clerics and paladins get extra dialogue options nobody else does based on their religion.
  7. To be fair even without OSA and the boots my barbarian is the biggest damage dealer in the party.
  8. My level 5 barbarian uses a Fine pike with fire enchantment and has 18 might as well as frenzy, Savage Attack, and Two-Handed specialization. I usually do 40+. My barbarian is the highest damage in the party having done 18,000 damage so far of the course of the game where my tanks do something like 1,500-2,500 damage. Wizard is 12,000 Damage, Cipher is 15,000. 20 might Cipher does pretty high damage with arbalest as well. To be expected I guess.
  9. I beat this at level 5 on hard difficulty... BUT with 6 custom characters. So I can't really help you that much with the party you have. I would say waiting until you can cast level 4 wizard spells will help make it a bit easier. What I did was position my 3 tanks (chanter, paladin, priest) in the narrower entry way to the wide open area. Then I had my cipher shoot one of the Xuarips and run back behind the tanks. I had my priest cast Armor of Faith, then use interdiction on all the enemies, then Despondent Blows, then Pillar of Faith, then Iconic Projection multiple times. I had my wizard cast Chill Fog, Noxious Burst, Miasma of Dull-mindedness, Curse of Blackened Sight, and finally Expose Vulnerabilities, in that order. My cipher cast charm on one of the young drakes (didn't work) and then focused on paralyzing the biggest enemy whenever I had enough focus. My Barbarian was enraged and doing lots of damage with a spear behind the tanks. So while your party wont be as efficient as mine in this scenario, I think if you put heavy armor and give a hatchet +large shield to someone to act as a third tank you can hold the line while your guys in the back cast their spells and do ranged attacks. The key is those debuff spells my wizard cast, with the PC using the fear aura ability as well as the priests help. Also the wizard should be using arcane assault when they are clustered together around 1/2 way through the fight.
  10. I'm pretty sure its mechanics actually not stealth. Its pretty lame... I think perception stat should be involved somehow. Its above 7, do you have the gloves that give +2 to mechanics? Thats what I used. Got it with a level 5 party on hard difficulty
  11. Odd... my 5 adventurers have their voices working just fine from a pre-patch save. Did you by any chance remove them from your party and re-add them? That causes them to lose their voice.
  12. Seems to work for me. Not sure what the 2 does but I am doing bash attacks and I see it on the character sheet properly.
  13. For this kind of issue, I would go ahead and upload your save game right now. I would say the chance they can fix it without your save file is close to zero.
  14. Here is what google turned up on the first page of results relating to this type of issue: http://www.tomsguide.com/us/people-buy-broken-games,news-19952.html http://www.cheatsheet.com/technology/the-future-of-video-games-is-buggy.html/?a=viewall http://criticallysane.com/question-of-the-week-if-games-are-so-buggy-at-launch-why-do-we-keep-buying-them/ http://www.gamesradar.com/will-games-always-have-buggy-releases/ http://www.techspot.com/news/47040-weekend-open-forum-why-are-pc-games-so-buggy-these-days.html Notice that there is basically one major article per year on this issue since 2009. Obsidian has a track record of games that were buggy on release. Example: http://kotaku.com/5968952/the-knights-of-new-vegas-how-obsidian-survived-countless-catastrophes-and-made-some-of-the-coolest-role-playing-games-ever I am not saying anyone is wrong for feeling the way they do, or that we should just blindly accept bugs without complaining. I do think that if you haven't figured it out already, it is a bad idea to buy a video game on day 1. Especially Open World RPGs. That doesn't make it right... but you have to face reality. This stuff happens, and they only way to avoid it, is to wait for a week or two and make sure you want to buy the game. I am a kickstarter backer. I knew this could possibly happen, but I am fine to give my money because I know eventually the game will be worth every cent (personally, way more than that). I have been waiting 2 years to play this game, even longer for a spiritual successor to Baldur's Gate. I can wait another week. Patience is a virtue!
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