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  1. Am I the only one bummed that Alpha Protocol II isn't on this list? While the actual combat-gameplay part was admittedly flawed, everything else around it was so great. There is definitely room for a spy rpg in the market and you'd have virtually no competition . Splinter Cell and MGSV have item mechanics but none of the decision making stuff that really stood out in AP.
  2. Thanks for checking, I was curious but didn't feel like booting it up just to check.
  3. Oh you just want to be a douche. Got it. What exactly is the game-play/enjoyment benefit of having prisoners randomly escape with no player interaction? Either have it be an event or just remove it. As it is now is just lame.
  4. Unless an army is showing up to bust out your prisoner, security shouldn't have anything to do with it. Is the room stone and the door locked? Then wtf?! How are these jokers escaping?
  5. I agree completely. The stronghold has potential that ends up unrealized. And the prison is a particularly frustrating element: it sounds really cool. Then you catch someone and it feels even cooler! Then they immediately escape and the house of cards falls in pile of annoyance.
  6. Hmm I think you got that backwards. It's pretty rare that AAA games provide mod support. Other than Bethesda I'm having trouble thinking of a single example. It's more common that smaller/mid-tier developers that really care about modding. If you want my cynical opinion, it's probably because the AAA franchises would rather sell you their mods in the form of DLC and yearly (re)releases. Sheesh. Come to a forum with suggestions for improvement and now you're a troll? Seems especially weird to complain about that since we 'trolls' are apparently the brain-trust for Obsidian's patches
  7. Complaining about not being able to kill highest power mages without magic (including magical weapons) seems silly. It's like complaining about not being able to finish Call of Duty using only a knife. It's not like it's hard to find +3 weapons in BG2.
  8. Oh my bad, yes BG didn't have nearly the expansive list of interesting equipment. Can you expand on this, I don't know what you mean. Separate how?
  9. Also worth mentioning that the 1.2x speed enhancements weren't actually doing anything last time I checked. If you're equipping these items you might want to do a little test run and see if they fixed that (I haven't seen it mentioned in any patch notes).
  10. You got a point there about the weapon-types. Though I don't think we really need 28 types of weapon tbh. I think BG2 overdoes this aspect as well and would have been better off with more grouped categories. Lets put pole-arms together, we don't' really need halberds, spears, pikes, tridents,etc.. separated into individual proficiencies. I understand your reasoning, and it's not wrong, but the feeling of building a weapon out of enchantment legos is not nearly as gratifying to me as if I had found that +3 acidic halberd of ghost-busting. Over a decade later and I still remember finding that Mace of Disruption (2d6 + 4 points to Undead, plus they make a saving throw vs. death with a -4 penalty or be utterly destroyed.) and being blown away. Save vs death or be destroyed!? That's awesome!
  11. Hey, me too! I think hearing about the new one in the gaming press got me hankering to play it. Can't say it's aged all that well. I really feel like the controls are a little clunky. And I'm one of the grognards that wished they had kept it all in 1st person without the cover mechanics and battery-powered takedowns. Cool conversation battles though.
  12. So you want a more modern take... make it a roguelike? (Trial of Iron mode )
  13. You think PoE has too many weapon types? At least you can spec in them by group (ruffian, knight, etc...). In BG2 you need to spec into the EXACT weapon type (halberds, spears, maces, warhammers, longswords, bastard swords, two handed swords, katanas, scimitars, short swords, short bow, long bow, cross bow, darts, quarterstaffs, clubs, slings, daggers, axes ) it's a freaking mess. So I guess there's at least one thing PoE did better I just wish they had more highly interesting items. Um.. not sure that means what you think it means. If you can easily remake an exact duplicate of the item, it's not unique then, is it?
  14. I mean a good start would be using unencrypted data files, that can't be very expensive.
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