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  1. They should add backgrounds for every culture on char creation screen. A minor thing, but it would give us some idea how that part of the world looks like.
  2. Hm? They tell you how Dyrwood, the Vailian Republics, and Readceras came to be. The rest is outside of the game's scope. Have a very nice day. -fgalkin I'm not talking about countries and their fairly basic and boring origins. I'm talking about nations. Where is the french revolution, enlighment and similar stuff that would enable this people to overcome racial, tribal and feudal obstacles and form "nations"?
  3. How did nations in Eora come to be? And why is race irrelevant? That is the biggest problem with this setting. Just about the only thing well done is the whole soul thing and pantheon of gods.
  4. And IWD2 was the weakest part of BG-IWD era. NWN2OC must be one of buggiest, most boring games in the whole genre. Actually, PoE is probably the best Sawyer game for me. Pleasant graphics, nice music, serviceable story and combat, reasonable number of bugs.
  5. I like BGs companions more, but I guess it is a matter of personal taste. I do agree with OP on items, enchanting and gold. Every new game does this. And none can repeat the sheer joy of having one magical weapon, with a story, or even first plate mail, like in BG. Instead, you have 20000 gold by the time you reach Loading Bay, pretty much everything you find is bland and all of your stuff is MAGICKS, and you can make better or similar weapons to those you find. So, exploring and trading becomes pointless. You gather everything without looking, you dump 150 items to a random trader, y
  6. It is unfair to compare PoE to BG. PoE will never reach the awesomeness and legendary status of such a game. End of. BUT, as I was grinding through 40 rooms with 150 thugs watching hideous graphics, listening to terrible VA and repetitive music over and over and over again, while AI was infuriating me (Yep, I'm playing NWN2), I learned to appreciate just how good PoE is compared to some other games.
  7. I would prefer more portraits for NPCs, scripted interactions and BG style drawings of weapons and armors then more VO. Also, having more VO leads to more danger of dialogue turning out funny. Like dead hanged dwarf lady. Recently played NWN2. Well, tried to play it. It's a perfect example how 3D and tons of VO is vastly inferior to, let's say, PoE in its present state.
  8. A little less VO. Just the basic stuff. People need to read, not listen mediocre VO, especially on-off one. Use that money for more music and ambient sounds, making cool transitions between combat and peaceful tracks etc.
  9. Yeah, the language is silly. Is just seems like random th-w-z-y-ll everywhere. Or "Defiance Bay", "Gileded Vale" stuff. On the whole, the setting is quite unattractive to me. Kind of knew that would happen ever since Josh first said "glanfathan" and "biawac". Guess many (or most) people like it. IMO, weird names, real history ripoffs and a few historical events doesn't sound that good. Pretty much - amateur trying to write his first fantasy novel. Also, "nation" thing is not well explained. Stuff about the gods is cool.
  10. Some of that stuff missing would actually be a good thing. Brighthollow LOL. Anyway, I hope they will have like 10M for the next one. With already established world and engine, it should produce much better end result.
  11. There it is again... "Skip it, ignore it". I'm enjoying the game, well, some parts of it, but that's not the point. Point is - either do stuff well, or don't do it at all. Also, if you go for "the consumer base" - why not make another Bioware/whatever RPG with watered down RPG elements, open world, and tons of features from marrying elves and horses to redecorating you house an leading an army etc? Unfair criticism from my side would be something like - "Oh, I don't like to use guns/swords/magic/dwarves/quests - remove it from the game." Now, that would be stupid. If they give
  12. It seems that "Just ignore it." is a magical answer for everything on this forum. Never really had tough time with camping supplies, I did play with and without custom made companions, and I played with stronghold fully developed and totally ignored after taking it. And hence the tittle "Unnecessary features", not "OMG this sucks, I can't play, Obs I hate you, I hate you, I hate you!!!...!". Secondary stuff, ya know? 1) Resting. Very artificial solution. Why not implement danger level that would make resting impossible/costly in a room next to 20 bandits, but possible in
  13. What would you like to see removed in future PoE games? For me it's: - Limited camping supplies. Stupid beyond comprehension. Especially when you can carry like 80 suits of armor. Oh, another thing that needs to be removed. "Take everything" is just dumbing down to please modern gamers. - Custom made companions. Devalues real companions and makes them detached from the story. - Stronghold. Just forget about it. It belongs in different kind of games. Give us a room in the inn, a house in the city or something like that. Why does every game has to have a stronghold? - Encha
  14. It's a decent game. Nothing really different from other modern RPGs. Different view, less money to do fancy stuff and VO, less overall gayness and beeeewbs, same unconvincing story, few wannabe shock moments, dumbed down gameplay for all to enjoy. One big mix of NWN2, IWD2, ToEE and Lionhearth LotC in a different world. Unfortunately, I was hoping for an upgraded bastard child of BG and PST with an original twist. Didn't get it.
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