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  1. this is the most ****ed up puzzle i ever seen. who the hell made this. i am still confused af
  2. Alright, so on the first day this game released, I got crashed and froze a few times. I waited 24H thinking, maybe they will fix this later, but NO. It got worse. So today I play only 10-15 minutes before I got BSOD IRQL_not_less_or_equal. And it happened a few times. I tried to play other games, and worked FINE! As required, this is my "Important Files" link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/tuvx9tj9xn8r2ov/AACVgYLdgWOeN1KpFPEwrdJMa?dl=0
  3. I am very much agree with luzarius. It is about immersion. I am kinda bit disappointed too when there is nothing after I had sex with those prostitutes. It's all about taking little things into consideration to make the game more perfect.
  4. bump. Just wanna ask, is there any news when WM 2 will be released?
  5. what are you talking about? bunch of spells? like more than one? I only have one unique spell in that grimoire. btw, what are those spells? beside the shadowflame
  6. I was watching youtube and see this ninagauth spell. I never had this. Anyone know where i can find this spell?
  7. How to open this room? is there key? if yes, where is it? Thanks
  8. can someone explain this to me... just bought my 2nd items from Azzuro, then when I came back, no item in my chest. What is wrong? Do I have to buy directly from Azzuro, or what? coz my money is decrease already
  9. So, when I saw my stronghold status, there is a seller selling an Armor, then I buy it. Where did it go? I searching my treasure chest at Caed Nua but it isnt there, I also search my house, and armor seller, but no luck.
  10. As all you know by now, White March 1 is mid game expansion. Honestly, I am a bit surprised and disappointed they did this, since I already finished the game, which it means I have to load the game before entering last location (forget the name). So, my question is, is white march 2 an end game expansion or mid game expansion like white march 1? I just wanna finish my game now.
  11. I was listening NPC conversation in gilded vale near windmill, then suddenly freeze. i tried to restart but the freeze still. take a look at this: http://prntscr.com/85jkyy any idea how to repair it?
  12. just bought the game today, is patch 2.0 already live or still beta? is the expansion, white march part 1 already available or still coming soon? do i have to buy it or free? thanks
  13. Thank you guys for commented. :3 so far the reviews are all good from you, so I will buy this game...
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