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  1. Thank you for all your replies! I've solved the puzzle by myself - though still have no idea how I did it. I was just randomly switching the water-pumping devices.
  2. Sunken Crown is where you meet the Huana king. There is loot I cannot reach unless the water is drained. Edit: Just checked my post, and I found this a bit confusing. I'm talking about the right side of the map inside the Sunken Crown, where you get a unique great sword; not where you see a statue holding a scepter.
  3. SkullCrusher is what you are looking for. One of its enchantments lets you inflict a injury when empowered if my memory serves.
  4. It is now called "obsidian club" in the description. Also, it seems some enchantments are nerfed. Champion's Relic no longer increases damage bonus(Only adds +1 engagement), and Lone Champion gives +4 deflection instead of 5.
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