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  1. Also works the other way around by siding with Valera and then getting the dead Bardattos to the meeting. I think its because the game sets a state after both heads agree and doesn't remove that agree state after you betray one family. Similarly, it is annoying that for the timed heist quests (rest a while and return), you can't progress the peaceful option but are forced to take the aggressive option when you have the heads agreeing to the peaceful option already.
  2. So this is a really strange one. I just finished Hasongo and went to Neketaka. While travelling to Sacred Stairs, I was interrupted by the Laethaern event. Then before reaching the stairs, I got the God event to debrief regarding Hasongo. Halfway through the conversation, I got the popup something along the lines of "A knock on your door". Due to the popup, I can't continue the conversation without clicking OK. This turns the screen black. I can still press number keys to progress the God conversation, but the screen remains black. After managing to exit the god conversation, the scene
  3. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1oKa8WD5EbGZ63ZY2zVL4RE9Z8mlwx67Z 1.02 Here's one from 1.1 but different issue with same quest: https://drive.google.com/open?id=15LVSDuA5X9tHpMZ2iQ3IHJQNtwsITC-1 This one, the quest is completed, but after you leave Dunnage and return, Lil' Woody is there again and you can play the quest again (and retrospectively fail etc) repeatedly
  4. The debuff is applied by fire giants on ships. Xoti died to one of them and the battle ended, but she now has a permanent continuing to count down negative duration debuff on her now that is not removed by resting https://drive.google.com/open?id=15LVSDuA5X9tHpMZ2iQ3IHJQNtwsITC-1
  5. As per title, maybe Ashen Maw should be restricted access or have a separate pre-Eothas state? https://drive.google.com/open?id=15LVSDuA5X9tHpMZ2iQ3IHJQNtwsITC-1
  6. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Ob3RjQUyOC2fSoLWGbLKVFFh6rS-U_ZN Xoti does not benefit from Threshing Aura herself (buff = Xoti's Lantern, no damage) Watcher only receives the base 1% bonus (buff = Xoti's Lantern, 1% damage) Everyone else in party (meaning not watcher and Xoti) receive the full bonus (buff = Threshing Aura, 1%+Religion damage)
  7. As per title. They stack with Practised Healer, but only practised healer shows up on the character sheet rather than both
  8. As per title, the effect is not shown on character sheet, so it is difficult to tell what does and what doersn't stack with +AoE
  9. Anyone manage to find Cathenna Stormheart? Wiki says Crookspur but there aren't any crew for hire there. Unless she is Cathwenna in the forest, but the spelling differs
  10. Entered Grand Promenade of Ukaizo and I overhear Tekehu saying he wants a word. I also notice Xoti and Eder having speech bubbles. I click on each in turn but they don't actually have anything new to say. For Tekehu he even tells me to shut up if I click his bubble. Save from prior to entering Grand Promenade attached https://drive.google.com/open?id=121r-B22b1C-1UQLfEQZqyiD0GIeVJC9z
  11. I guess they haven't had time to implement the change due to the DLC release. Somewhat related, if you sacrificed Eder or Aloth in PoE 1 and import/decide on that story, you can't recruit them in PoE 2 and therefore cannot get the all companion achievement.
  12. When you visit the undead in the bottom right corner of the map, they go on about how Lucia owns the Flying Hangman etc, but this does not take into account if the player has defeated or traded the Flying Hangman and is currently piloting it. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1I73tp__ihrp7vBB4CJ9KO9VfoqQdjYWh (just sail there with the Flying Hangman)
  13. I initially convinced Menzzago to ally with me and the Huana to take Ukaizo, but then decided to attack him (via dialogue) instead and destroyed the orb. However, now that I engage the Principi fleet near Ondra's Mortar, the Undead are present on my side and can also be used in battle. I don't think that's intended https://drive.google.com/open?id=1oKa8WD5EbGZ63ZY2zVL4RE9Z8mlwx67Z
  14. I allied with the Huana and completed "Taking out the Traders", however on leaving Neketaka, I eventually received events / letters from RDC and Principi for the above 2 quests. Considering I allied and received the achievement for Huana in this game already, I don't think this was supposed to happen? I can complete Honor among Thieves and the follow up "A Dance with Death" just fine interestingly enough. If I complete the Principi quests, it will auto-fail the RDC quest. However, trying to complete "The Final Maneuver" (before completing the Principi quest) results in everyone in
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