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  1. So I'm at the end game and in my journal it lists the upgrades I need to get for my ship and where the leaders of the different factions are located, as well as either what they need me to do before allying with me or a separate journal entry for Hazanui Karu which warns speaking to her will cement my loyalties to them. The only faction is the Vailian Trading Company. It simply says their headquaters are in Queen's Berth. I've spoken to all the other factions (reloaded each time) and the Vailians are the only one where there are no new dialogue options. I can't side with them.
  2. The part where the questline cannot progress after getting the Floating Hangman because no new options open up when you go back to Dunnage to speak with Aedlys. She either keeps repeating the lines prior to the Watcher confronting the Hangman and or giving repeats of a sword.
  3. Also, I found this on reddit: I was able to do the peaceful solution and hand in all the quests. I killed the people in the inn and let Persa go. I told the sailors to go listen to the bard on the bridge. I handed in the sailors quest I told the Valera boss to set up a truce I then told Bardatto boss about the plans to break in the vault and handed in that quest I then told Bardatto boss that the Valera boss is up for a truce. Passed the diplomacy checks and quest completed. ??? Profit Seems like awfully precise string of steps! Is that the what would be the 'right' way of doings thing
  4. Just wanted to update on my second playthrough. This time, after getting ride of the louts as requested by the Valeras and turning the quest in, I waited about 5 in game days and spoke to the Valeras again. However, no new options were available (I was expecting the convo between father and son about the heist) and the journal stated that I should try back in a few days for more work. So no difference up to this point from my previous playthrough. I then went to Ezzali who triggered A Sinking Feeling for me. Again, I got the information and returned to her. This time, however, there we
  5. Hi Caleb, Thanks for the response! Might I also take the opportunity to add that the healing of crew still boggles me. I've tried a variety of solutions - randomly placing people, or doing what others here have suggested - to no avail! Mutiny is kept at bay with Hearty Breakfasts and Aedyran Mead which are expensive!
  6. After triggering Family Pride, I received the quest for Bigger Fish and went ahead and did it. Went to Ezzali to persuade her to parley with the Valeras. Meanwhile, got the information for A Sinking Feeling so that blocked the option for starting the meeting (i.e. when I returned to Ezzali I had no choice but to give her the information and decide whether to side with her. If I went to the Valeras they would speak of the heist and ask me to side with them). I sided with the Valeras and slaughtered the Bardattos. However, went I returned to the Valeras, the option for the conference appear
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