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  1. The PoE1 system was totally broken. The need to swap grimoires didn't exist as you just spell-loaded your starting grimoire as you progressed through the game and ended up with a complete spell book. It's something I actually like, having all spells to hand, but it's broken as hell. The current system is a bit more interesting due to the different spell sets that drop in high level grimoires but as others have said, you don't really need to learn many spells at level up to have a comprehensive list. I'd rather a BG2 system existed where you can learn all spells but your slots are per rest rather than per encounter.
  2. Yeah, I know it's not Obsidian's fault. It's just very frustrating to wait for way longer and for what is a Collector's item to be damaged in transit. And, it is just a box at the end of the day.
  3. https://twitter.com/RPG_Al3x/status/1048979389696884737 YOU THINK THIS IS ACCEPTABLE? Please see the link for pictures. Not only did your terrible European distribution hold on to this for a month longer than they should have done, but the box with Eothas came in (somehow miraculously undamaged) is ruined with water and mud, the actual game box itself has been damaged too. Glad I shelled out for the CE. What are you going to do about this? Edit: I seriously cannot put into words how disappointed I am with this.
  4. Ship Naked sent me to DHL who sent me to Royal Mail. It's been sat in a depot next town over since the 10th. Wow.
  5. NEMNOK NEMNOK NEMNOK He's probably the closest you get to an end game boss that isn't the final boss. I failed some of the checks, but I believe there's a couple of other options in dialogue with the right choices. Fight him anyway, it's a good encounter.
  6. Just finished it. While short, I thought the main story path was really interesting and well done. HOWEVER. I believe I got the most out of it by doing literally everything in the game. Side quests, faction stuff, bounties, exploration, companion quests - all the stuff that helps build a world that you feel more connected to. After just finishing it, I prefer it to vanilla PoE1, but will have to go back and do a full PoE + WM expansion run. I did think that Maia/Serafen/Pallegina's sidequests were way too short and lacked the punch of the others, despite me finding Maia to be one of the most interesting companions. But yeah, loved it. More please.
  7. Max reputation with her, make her keep the souls and don't let her give them away. I think. Because I've literally just finished and she ends up being the wandering Harvester. Really dark.
  8. As much as I agree with the fact that the game shouldn't be balanced around PotD difficulty (that should be tweaked in it's own right), I do feel that normal is still slightly too easy. Even with the nerfs to items and skills towards end game I'm blasting through bad guys like butter (Nemnok was a 2 minute fight with a lot of AA) and the only time that I get slowed down is when I come up against something with high Penetration resistance. This is with story companions fwiw. My second playthrough is going to be using the min max builds in the other thread. Can't wait to see what happens there.
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