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  1. Third. I snuck in the back way, never even saw the drawbridge until I had cleared the place out completely. When I saw teh drawbridge up I thought it was a bit weird, and I couldnt find any way to lower it. Then I happened to click on the beach and my party just walked across the air! Was too engrossed at the time to think about a screenshot, but I 'may' have a save from around then. (if needed)
  2. At least you can do the quest! I got a message saying 'tip of the Spear' has failed, and I hadnt even been given the quest! (not a bug, but annoying to hear you've failed a quest you dont even know about)
  3. addendum.. I just came across this in another topic. So that's probably what has been happening for me
  4. This is happening randomly, and I usually only notice when I go into my inventory to juggle things about, but often i find the 3rd weapon slot has emptied itself and the equipped weapon is back in the characters backpack (personal inventory). I haven't yet been able to pinpoint when it happens, but it has happened often enough to be annoying and noticeable. Anyone else seen this? I'm SURE i'm not imagining things.
  5. I'm in Sayuka and I noticed there was no Inn (needed to rest) so I headed out the eastern exit thinking that there was more to the town to explore. The map shows a larger town but the eastern end inst accessible. Is this by design or a bug? I can leave by foot and explore the island, but Sayuka just seems, small.
  6. Thanks for the feedback, I'll hold on tight and perhaps try and go do some different quests before coming back to Deadlight
  7. I'm getting the same issue with the screen freezing up, but I'm much further into the game and have quite a few hours of gameplay behind me. But in one particular spot in Fort Deadlight it happens every time. I've posted a bug report. My output log also has LOTS of the following error: d3d11: failed to create staging 2D texture w=157 h=192 d3dfmt=65 [887a0005]
  8. I'm experiencing a game stopping crash in Fort Deadlight. I've just had a drinking contest, won it, and a guard comes down the stairs. I take the opportunity to go up the stairs, and the game crashes. The odd thing is that although I the screen locks up and stops redrawing the audio continues in the background. So i hear the interactions playing out as if I'm still playing. The guard comes back up the stairs, tells me I'm not meant to be up there etc etc. If I alt-tab out and try to return to the game screen it never redraws, I have to ctrl-alt-del to end the task. https://www.
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