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Found 5 results

  1. Hello! I'm absolutely loving the game. But I often finding myself lost in the Labs or completely missing sections. Same goes with any tunnel or cave systems. I'm about 3/4 the way through my story and I just found the section of the Hedge lab that activates the scanners. And after being defeated by the Assistant Manager it took me almost 2 hours to find him again in the Black Ant Lab. A mechanic that marks lab sections as visited, a map of the lab after finding the super chip, a count of lab sections still to find or the ability to place markers in labs or tunnels would be fabulous. Thanks!
  2. What I mean by the UI wheel navigation is the selection of something in the UI wheels (hotwheel), as shown in the image below. -Change or add a 'release' option. By this I mean for example when using the emote wheel, using the controller, you hold the left button then select an option with the analog stick and then release the left button. Then the UI is closed and the action is carried out. This is faster than the current system of having to press the left button, select with the analog and then press another button. The current system feels somehwhat tedius to use and does not completely feel like a 'hotwheel'. Great game btw, lots of fun!
  3. Here is a screenshot of my problem. https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/912423523919420114/D3BE348E52A6C0E5533E2FA6E2695ED0B0FC98CB/ I just started Act III. I am on my ship now, but I can't do anything besides go below deck and/or talk to everyone. The button that allows you to access the navigation map has disappeared. I am stuck here. Is there a fix for this or any way around this problem? Unfortunately the game has autosaved in this state and my most recent manual save is about 20 hours ago.
  4. I'm in Sayuka and I noticed there was no Inn (needed to rest) so I headed out the eastern exit thinking that there was more to the town to explore. The map shows a larger town but the eastern end inst accessible. Is this by design or a bug? I can leave by foot and explore the island, but Sayuka just seems, small.
  5. I've been thinking about a sort of "Search" skill which is both a "Narrative" joy for players and developers but also some sort of mechanical "Hub" for other skills, making it cumulatively better. What can you fit into a "Scholar" reference in my opinion? * Lore/Codex * Cartography * Search Are there any more? Basically I am thinking about ways to make it even more fun to explore not just the outer workings of the game, but the inner as well. Perhaps "Scholar" could be a skill that upgrades per how much you explore? (In another thread I speak about another "Experience" table for Non-Combat Skills, but could there be one for a type of [scholar] Skill as well?). Lore Basically, I found that book now I've got +1 Lore/Codex and can learn more Lore from items that I have. Cartography Exploring the world itself makes the character better at seeing (FOV grows per exploring?) as well as natural phenomena, getting to and exploring the Wyvern Nest gives us insight in a cave further down the game that we are about to encounter Wyverns (closely related to "Search"). Search Is defined by [Lore]+[Cartography] which determines "Search" level. Search is then in turn used to find Loot or exploring a dungeon level. Basically, what I wish to address with this topic is some sort of "Can a Skill have a simplistic function, at the same time as it has more than 1 function?", "Can you avoid complications for developer/player with a Multi-Purpose Skill?". Thoughts?
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