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Found 14 results

  1. Cannot Empower the skill added by console, Is it a bug? Also, is it possible to “sort” the skills in quick cast menu? (in alphabetical order / custom ?) Thx !
  2. Very often when party enters a map, load a save, level up modals from weapon proficiency and AI disable on their own. I know that they can disable in certain circumstances (like changing weapon), but those seem to be totally random (especially AI). When the issue occurs it might affect a few characters (for example one will have AI disabled, another modal disabled, another one both of them). It's totally, globally, cosmically annoying....
  3. My ship crew has been stuck at 4 stars for ages now while the captain keeps gaining. Had me wondering. Is there a cap to how good the crew can get? Crew members are about to hit 110 xp and they've been at 4 stars (either 4 for one job or a mix 3+1 etc) for a very long time. The only exception I found was at brass citadel. There's a 5 star (3+1+1) recruitable member there but she's not getting any better since I got her either. Edit: Just to answer my own question after completing the game, yes 4 stars is the most they get (with one exception at brass citadel) at 25 crew xp iirc. If you want a 4 star deckhand for example, you need to grab one that ONLY has deckhand star and nothing else.
  4. Is the Familiar a Conjurer/Wizard summons still random? I can't make a character to find out till tomorrow (darn mandatoryupdates and limited internet data ;o; ) If yes, does anyone have any idea how I can mod/change this? I want to only have the wyrm/dragon thing.
  5. Device: Samsung Galaxy Tab A | VER-565-20160810 | PFID-7C2B84EC54878488 Hi all, While playing quest mode, my party finally hit level 22 after many heartbreaking defeats. While it was good to finally reach that level, Merisiel ended up falling in battle and did not hit the level with the rest of the party outside of Amiri (19), who replaced a locked out one. One screen shows her with the lock by her name and the other doesn't but either way (13) Amiri is locked out. Needless to say, I was a bit displeased and disappointed, after hitting level 22, I did not get the reward. Since Meri was very close to 22, I took on another run and got her to 22, and she was able to add in her 3rd skill point the others did not get. As shown one of the screenshots below, Meri has +3 in skills, while Seelah is only at +2. I'm using Seelah to show the bug, however the same applies to Ezren, Kyra, and Lem as they are level 22 as well. As stated in the title, I have included screenshots of what I'm seeing. How can this be resolved without having to uninstall -> reinstall -> start quest mode over from the beginning? Let's be honest, that's really not a "fix", that's called just starting over. Especially, after hours of grinding and getting some really good cards, I'd rather not lose all my progress. It's enough I had to start another Amiri due to the lock out bug but starting over from the beginning would be fairly disappointing to say the least. I hate to say it but when users have to manually go make a backup copy of save game files. Since, they are not given an in-game option to make multiple save game files. In order to protect themselves against game breaking or progress losing bugs then there is a big disconnect that must be addressed. http://imgur.com/a/Na2Gw
  6. The Skill cheat command in the console does not appear to work as advertised. My character has 10 mechanics When I say "Skill player mechanics 15" I get a message saying "Player_New_Game(Clone)_0's Mechanics is now 15". However when I look at the character sheet, her mechanics skill is 25. Also if I save and reload, the skill level reverts back to 10. So it seems that the command somehow adds to the skill instead of changing the base value and the effect is not permanent. As a feature request, it would also be nice to have a AddSkillPoints command which would add skill points to be spent at the next level up instead of just setting the skill level to a flat value.
  7. Hello community, I am a long time RPG player, including both computer and PnP RPGs. Thus I have experience with these types of games. However... I do feel a bit overwhelmed, mainly by the lack of proper descriptions in this game. I decided to start with a ranged Cipher character. I read a few threads around this forum and have an idea what talents/spells are good picks. Skills, however, are a mystery to me. I want to ask - how many points does a character get? Because I want to put a few points in Athletics, Mechanics, Stealth, Lore... you get the idea. Now, I understand it might be better to focus and use NPCs to fill the holes, but I have no knowledge of what NPCs there are. My question is - between how many skills can I split my points and still function late game? I was thinking of getting Mechanics max, Lore up to 10 and some points in Stealth and Athletics. Is it doable? Also how's that for an attribute spread for my Wood Elf (i really really like the female elf model) Cipher: Might 16 Constitution 5 Dexterity 15 Perception 8 Intelligence 17(+1) Resolve 16
  8. There is a lot of conflicting information regarding whether skill checks for conversations and scripted interactions apply only to the player character's stats, or that of all members of the party. The wiki (http://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Skill) claims that "during any situation where a skill is checked against a challenge’s level of difficulty, the party member with the highest relevant skill is represented as the starting benchmark. If their skill outweighs the difficulty score, the player’s efforts succeed." This is a direct quote from the official manual. However, many players who have completed the game swear up and down that only the player character's skill is checked. Could the manual/wiki contain outdated information? Does anyone have the definitive answer for this issue?
  9. There was a discussion about lore and how, in reality, after the first game or after the strategy guides come out, the lore skill can be meta-gamed away and become a pretty useless skill (degeneracy alert, Josh Sawyer). As such, I've been thinking about a few ways to make the lore skill more interesting to use and a useful skill for players to try to invest points in. There are a few goals with my changes to the lore skill. 1- Maintain the current "game lore" behind the "skill lore." That is that the lore skill would still continue to be a skill that represents a character's accumulated miscellaneous knowledge and trivia. 2- As all skills should continue to be useful throughout the whole game, in regards to combat, this means that a character should become more effective in combat (as they learn the common "weakpoints" of enemies. For the player this means increasing their cyclopedia entries, but mechanically this should also mean improvements in combat. 3- As with all skills, each party member should have an incentive to want to invest in the skill. 4- This skill should be an incentive for players to want to engage in combat (instead of combat XP). That means that as players engage in more combat, the effectiveness of this skill should be more apparent, therefore making combat incentivized as opposed to utilizing XP as this incentive. THE IDEA: As party members fight and kill more and more of an enemy type, their combat effectiveness (e.g. attack damage/crit%/attack speed, etc) increases when fighting that particular type of enemy. The rate of improvement in combat effectiveness is based on an equation that utilizes each party member's lore skill as well as the number of enemies of that particular type that have been killed by the WHOLE party. So for example, let's say that if the party kills in total (all party kills) 25, 100, 300, 900, 1500 goblins, each party member will have an increase in their crit% against goblins of 1%, 2.5%, 5%, 9%, 15% respectively. How does the lore skill come into play? Well as each party member's lore skill level is increased, the number you need to kill is decreased by the equation CEILING(TOTAL ENEMIES/LORE LEVEL). So let's say you have 6 party members with lore skill levels of 1,2,3,5,7,9. Party member 1 (Lore skill 1) needs to have PARTY KILLS totals of 25(1%), 100(2.5%), 300(5%), 900(9%), 1500(15%) goblins for the respective crit% increases. Party member 2 (Lore skill 2) needs to have PARTY KILLS totals of 13(1%), 50(2.5%), 150(5%), 450(9%), 750(15%) goblins for the respective crit% increases. Party member 3 (Lore skill 3) needs to have PARTY KILLS totals of 9(1%), 34(2.5%), 100(5%), 300(9%), and 500(15%) goblins for the respective crit% increases. ... and so on ... Party member 6 (Lore skill 9) needs to have PARTY KILLS totals of 3(1%), 12(2.5%), 34(5%), 100(9%), and 167(15%) goblins for the respective crit% increases. So let's say that the party has killed 170 goblins in the game with the same party members as previously mentioned. Assume all players have base crit% of 5%. Their new crit% with the lore skills would be: 1: 7.5% crit chance 2: 10% crit chance 3: 10% crit chance 4: 10% crit chance 5: 14% crit chance 6: 20% crit chance -------------------------------- Different monsters can have different PARTY KILL TOTAL requirements. Other equations can be used as well as other combat effectiveness attributes (as mentioned above) to fine-tune the best range, rate of increase, and value for skill. This is a good way of incentivizing players to enter combat (as opposed to combat XP), each party member to invest in lore, will continue to give back value to the player over the whole game, and can fit within the current game lore. What do the rest of you think?
  10. This topic is more straightforward than the ones I usually post, but here I'm simply asking how you'd like the mercantile skills to work in Project Eternity. In most DnD-based games I've played its given an abstraction centered around haggling and persuasion, and while this is part of getting favorable prices it obviously isn't the whole picture. Historically, there was of course quite a strong tradition of traveling merchants in medieval times, and I'd guess that this is because prices then varied between locations, just as they do now. Very few games make use of this in my experience, and I think that this could make mercantile activities interesting while refraining from making it into its own little mini-game. So do you find glorified speech skills an adequate portrayal of business acumen, or would you instead prefer the majority of profit stem from strategy rather than salesmanship? I myself am no economics expert, so a full-on economy simulation probably wouldn't be necessary for me to suspend my disbelief, but other people might be more knowledgeable.
  11. I am. A new element to branch out of would be a great way to add replay value and something new to the genre. Fire, water, ice, earth, lightning have seen its fair share of use since the ancient greeks first go the idea they made up the cosmos. Well, now that its 2013, how about we draw some information from more current sources understanding? Biology, particle physics, quantum mechanics, there's a great deal of awesome fields of knowledge to draw inspiration for! Why isnt anyone trying something new like this? The setting doesn't necessarily demand it, theres no rule saying a fantasy rpg has to stay with old tropes, neither does it preclude the use of modern science-inspired elements, you can always rephrase them in a way that aligns them with the rest of the arcane world. Yes, i realize some of the "elements" might best be suited as individual skills, but you get my point.
  12. I've been thinking about a sort of "Search" skill which is both a "Narrative" joy for players and developers but also some sort of mechanical "Hub" for other skills, making it cumulatively better. What can you fit into a "Scholar" reference in my opinion? * Lore/Codex * Cartography * Search Are there any more? Basically I am thinking about ways to make it even more fun to explore not just the outer workings of the game, but the inner as well. Perhaps "Scholar" could be a skill that upgrades per how much you explore? (In another thread I speak about another "Experience" table for Non-Combat Skills, but could there be one for a type of [scholar] Skill as well?). Lore Basically, I found that book now I've got +1 Lore/Codex and can learn more Lore from items that I have. Cartography Exploring the world itself makes the character better at seeing (FOV grows per exploring?) as well as natural phenomena, getting to and exploring the Wyvern Nest gives us insight in a cave further down the game that we are about to encounter Wyverns (closely related to "Search"). Search Is defined by [Lore]+[Cartography] which determines "Search" level. Search is then in turn used to find Loot or exploring a dungeon level. Basically, what I wish to address with this topic is some sort of "Can a Skill have a simplistic function, at the same time as it has more than 1 function?", "Can you avoid complications for developer/player with a Multi-Purpose Skill?". Thoughts?
  13. From the last update it sounds to me like rogues will be DPS again. I always hated that concept, as it rarely made any sense. Why should rogues be DPS? Why do they get backstab and extra damage, and others don't? There never was any sensible reason or explanation for it. The first thing I'd do is remove the rouges backstabbing special power. Anyone coming from behind would get a bonus to hit and increased chance of critical. Fighter, mage, cleric - doesn't matter. The rogues role isn't DPS. It's skills. And also support. Even without a special backstabing power, the rogues flexiblity and reflexes allow him to flank opponents and move around the battlefield (tumble, evasion) - being at the right place at the right time. He's a pebble stat starts the avalanche (of enemy defeat) so to speak....he tips the scales in your favor. Thats without taking into acount all the other thing a rogue provides to the party. A rouge needs no backstabbing.
  14. http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/62190-martyr-like-paladinsaint/ Now, this sparked a thought.. how does Aumaua talk? Are there chances for Race specific Speech techniques? Could it be a racial benefit if your Orlan knows a language you do not (for diplomatic purposes, or maybe even for that ancient deciphering of that ancient book)? Would it or could it solve some balancing issues we've discussed in other "Speech Skill" related topics? Could Persuasion be specific to the Orlan's because they are born with the language of "Telepathy" or whatever?
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