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  1. This is an obvious troll. But since it plays into our narrative about SJW's we'll totally believe it!
  2. Certainly a lot of ****lords in here. Good job to Obsidian for handling this professionally.
  3. cautious but not afraid, liberal but not gratuitous, profound but not presumptuous
  4. As my second choice (since I've already given my top choice), I would pick the exact opposite: activity, agency from other sources in the game world. I would give up all the reactive "Well, aren't you an established [adventurer rank here]" lines in the world to get NPCs that actually behave as if they have ends and means of their own outside of the player's power fantasy. A world that changes dynamically regardless of my involvement is so much more interesting to me than a passive sandbox. And importantly, that's not something that can be achieved just through clever writing; I'm talking about robust systems of AI.
  5. Not to ruin the tone of the thread, but I actually own that figurine, and boy is it quality. I'd fully recommend it to any collector of knight figurines or crusader toy enthusiast, in fact. Now that I'm at it, I have a whole collection of similar ones; clonking them together fulfills all my desires for tactical party-based combat, and I think this is why I look for other things in my cRPG's.
  6. Honestly I'm wondering what elements you consider simulation-focused because most of the games you've mentioned seem very narrative-focused on the whole to me. My initial impression is that you are distinguishing between games that are 90% narrative/10% "simulation" and those that are 80% narrative/20% "simulation".
  7. To be completely honest, probably a focus on things other than combat. Really, the closest thing I can think of is Crusader Kings 2, and that's not even an RPG. There's so much more to life than violence, and yet it forms the basis of just about every RPG. I admit, combat is very interesting, but it's given a disproportionate amount of prioritization in RPG design.
  8. I'd say that anywhere between 14 and 36 units of information is a comfortable amount. Below 8 is far too little, and above 47 is out of the question.
  9. If I cannot, in the process of completing the most unimaginably epic quest ever (thereby saving the world no less than three times over), simultaneously craft a functional unicycle and impale a pair of katanas into the kneecaps of seven (or any multiple thereof) children, while also reciting from memory in reverse-alphabetic order the names of all members of the in-world pantheon in the process, all within the very first 36 seconds of gameplay (not including any beginning credits of course), then I won't even be remotely content with this sorrily pathetic excuse for an RPG. Whew, glad I got that out of my system. What can I say? Everyone has their preferences in RPGs, those of some ever so slightly more particular than those of others.
  10. Here's an idea! How about we wait to see how exactly the in-game cultures and societies (about which we eagerly await more information) function before assuming that they adhere to real-world traditional values?
  11. Do you find this part of game unrealistic? It's funny, but my real life similar to Leisure Suit Larry and from my point of view i can't find nothing unrealistic in Witcher 's libido. I think sex must be important part of any mature themed game. Sex play very important role in human life (huge part of action of real humans related wit this, motivation etc) and world without sex looks mechanistic and unrealistic, if by moral reason dev's cut this form game. (sorry guys, I would be responding with text if I felt like words would form a more appropriate response, but...)
  12. Last I heard this was projected to happen in approximately one eternity.
  13. I usually find replying to you to be unproductive but Ill give this a go. Im not objecting to anything. Im just some dude on the internet wondering aloud about the functionality of a game Im interested in. Sawyer mentions wanting to eliminate "whoopsy-daisies", which is a good thing to remove imo, and my mind wonders about how it will work out in this system. I wonder about a hidden "interpretation" column where the NPC interprets something the opposite of what I meant, but now Im completely unaware of that fact. I wonder if its better to have the "whoopsy-daisy" frontloaded, where I can see what my character said, than back loaded, where I don't know how the NPC interpreted it. Im just asking questions out loud. Gfted1 in WonderlandTM
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