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  1. In the pitch video, when the word "balance" is said by the narrator, Josh Sawyer's face is shown. Figures. https://youtu.be/e99cYA4rtxg?t=75
  2. Yeah, it works. This thread is for those who don't want to cheese it. Osrya, found in Raedric's Hold Dungeon Lvl 1: Minoletta's Minor Missiles, Jolting Touch, Fleet Feet Lvl 2: Concelhaut's Corrosive Siphon, Binding Web Lvl 3: Fireball, Crackling Bolt
  3. Maerwald, found on Od Nua level 1 Lvl 1: Chill Fog, Fan of Flames, Spirit Shield, Thrust of Tattered Veils Lvl 2: Corrosive Siphon, Bulwark Against The Elements Lvl 3: Fireball
  4. Hey, let's share information about what spells are available from looted grimoires. Just half an hour after I selected Fetid Caress for Aloth lvl 4, I found it in Ludrana's grimoire, and I was mightily annoyed. Ludrana's, found in Magran' Fork.: Lvl 1 - Minoletta's Minor Missiles, Fan of Flames, Ghost Blades, Chill Fog Lvl 2 - Fetid Caress, Necrotic Lance
  5. I'm reported a number of bugs and put out a number of RFEs (Request For Enhancement, I learned it during my software tester days) in the Backer Beta Bug Reporting sub-forum. Then somebody wrote that the beta is over, that sub-forum is obsolete, which made me consider. I know that the beta is over, but putting bug reports in General Discussion is a not good idea. The same reason a separate sub-forum existed during the beta is why we should have a separate bug reporting forum now. So where do we report now? I would prefer that the sub-forum is renamed, but whatever the answer is, I'll accept it, I just want one I'm not an attention whore, but for this, I would like to have a dev team response. I'm a dutiful bug reporter and have a stream of improvement ideas while playing, I would like to do my job of making this game better.
  6. This is... wow. The joke in the text is clearly on the guy who ran off the cliff. Killing yourself over a bedding gone wrong? He was a moron and deserved to die, haha. Darwin Award winner. Suggestion to people offended by this joke: Improve reading and comprehension skills. Playing PoE with its huge amounts of complicated text is actually a good opportunity to help you polish those skills.
  7. Exactly, the BGs didn't have crafting as a system. What they had were essentially regular kill/fetch quests with a special reward. I think the system is decent.
  8. I assumed that the labels like "slow" and "average" are categories, i. e. two average weapons have the same attack speed. It turns out that's wrong, the weapons have individual attack speeds, and the labels can be quite misleading. Like, a slower-average weapon can be closer in attack speed to a faster-slow weapon than to a faster-average weapon. Two suggestions for what to show at least on the weapon cards, but if possible, also on the character sheet's left side box: - Attacks per minute (APM). Two values, just like with damage: base with 10 Dex and no bonuses or maluses applied, actual with everything taken into account (Talents, de/buffs, etc.). OR -- Attack time and recovery time shown in seconds. Four values, base and actual for both. This is crucial information, it must be displayed.
  9. You cannot, in any way, influence the default script of the characters. This is troublesome for melee, because after a target falls, they start move to a new target of their own choosing, which can get really messy. Positioning is very important in this game, even if you just consider Flanking. My temp solution is that I have "Target dies' as an auto-pause event and manually give orders. I'm aware that for the expansion Obsidian is planning adding scripts like in the IE games, and if they do, this feature might become obsolete and wasted work. But even with scripts added, I think a Hold Position toggle would still be useful.
  10. Aaaand I missed that pinky hand. Thanks! I should read the manual, I assumed I know everything because I watched a lot of gameplay streams during the beta. Thread is obsolete.
  11. If you dump both Mig and Con on a tank (like I did), your Fort save will be abysmal and you'll be owned by any mob that has a special ability targeting Fort. Like, wolf packs with Knockdown, to give an early example. And even if the difference isn't much in Endurance, in PotD, it still matters quite a bit. You need to survive the initial spike in dmg. Neither Knockdown nor Yell is worth a high Int (and I'm not familiar with monks). Having said that, I'll just add my vote to the piles: -- The armor penalty decrease idea is very good. Unique, fitting, strong enough that is matters, helps the weakest attrib. *applauds* -- Do not add back accuracy, it's far too important. There is more than enough spread with Talents and enchants and accurate/inaccurate weapons and weapon style.
  12. Some containers in Gilded Vale hold items which are considered owned and decrease your reputation with Gilded Vale. Others are free for the taking. I have not noticed anything that tells these owned items apart from non-owned ones. For example, Dyrwood's history lore book comes in 3 parts, you can take 2 without consequences, but taking the third one decreases reputation. Please add some visual cue like in Fallout: New Vegas to show which items are considered owned. Or possibly, on the container itself.
  13. I killed a skuldr king in the the Temple of Eothas, still no entry for it. Skuldr King shows in the "most powerful foes defeated" list on the character sheet.
  14. Check out diz: Do you see his face? *KNOW* that he is smirking. Teasing you, enticing you like a true frenemy, luring you into a trap of desperation under a facade of helpfulness Do you want to wipe that smirk off his face? I know I do... Not by means of physical violence, that's just not classy. By beating his challenge. (For the record, I own a GOG copy, I'll never have this achievement. But I can still play that way.)
  15. Every hidden thing was found by my 20 Perception, 0 Mechanics tank. Go figure. There are 2 on the upper floor, and more on the lower, but I haven't been able to clear out the entire lower level, I'm skipping the 2 skuldr king fight for now.
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