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  1. Hey everyone, From now, each time I want to eat my fav meal, I have to put it in a quick item slot to do so. I find this pretty odd and I have to switch items everytime I want to eat a meal, cause nobody is going to keep these in quick item slot, right ? So please make it possible that when we are out of combat we can use any consumable items. Thanks. Regards.
  2. You didn't have to wait to walk into a store, inn, or private home either. The reason those load times were so long was because they loaded the entire map all at once. That PoE can't seem to do this baffles me. True, lots of awesome features that where in BG series are inexistent here, so sad.
  3. A bit offended by the false promise that PoE would be a BG spiritual successor, on this I feel pretty bad because of the loose of freedom and all the limitations mechanics, + many simple features that were in BG are inexistent here. For the rest, I hope Obsidian will learn to polish there game in a better way than this one.
  4. Agreed with most of what is said here, please refine and adjust this "combat mode" Obsidian.
  5. Yeah, I am also nostalgic of the freedom we had in Bg series, this "combat mode" thing, I hate it. And I hate how Wizards have been designed here. end.
  6. Hey everyone ! Just a little suggestion wich could facilitate our lives while going to any vendor : - Make any item stackable in vendor's inventory - Items we sell go down the inventory and not up as it is now Simples features that where in BG series that are lacking here. For now, when we go to a vendor and sell a "lot", and I mean "A LOT" of scrap stuff, the vendor list item get nearly impossible to manage and finding what the vendor was originaly selling become a pain in the ***. Thanks for paying attention.
  7. That is just your opinion man. Fact is so many people come on some thread they have nothing to do just to flame and arass other people, go get a therapist and be off. Walking/running as been in every RPG for a long time, you can't bear that ? We don't give a ****
  8. How? Because saying "He has it so I want it too!!" Is the way a 5 year old acts. Now the whole "it helps my immersion" thing i can respect if not really get. I mean really, stop playing a game just for THAT? Sounds to me like you just don't like the game and looking for a reason to stop, because if nothing else in the game grips you then walking probably wont either Lol, really, threatening evryone to be a five year old just because he use simple logic is awesome, internet is awesome, you are awesome.
  9. - A new set of weapon appeared from 1.03 on every of my character, hand fighting ! While switching between my 2 regulars set of weapons, a third one appear, hand fighting, ense I don't have 3 set but still, it appear as "III". - I noticed a weird graphical bug when looting, now the last thing I looted appear on the next loot as "animation going into chest", look like an odd lag or something.
  10. Hey everyone, Seems that the 1.03 patch bring a graphic bug on the unique item "Hearth harvest" wich now appear biger than usual in the inventory screen and in the weapon slot.. I don't have any other save to know if the bug is "save related" so, if anyone have this item and is or is not experiencing that bug, please post here. Regards,
  11. Dear Obsidian, Please add an option to hide backers content and stop loosing time with angry mobs and start fixing your game with more professionalism. Regards.
  12. Assuming that it is not there first job it can be understood, at some point. I wish to thank Roby for showing some interest in our distress, we are freaking exited to be able to play this game without fear of breacking our save.
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