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  1. It seems the bug still stays on, my fix just disable it during non-combat phase. I have to dig deeper into this file, maybe i will fix it permanently xD @edit Ok i managed to upgrade the fix. The passive ability will still stay till the end of combat, even if we shift back to regular human form, but it will not stay during non combat phase and it wont trigger up in next combat phases before we switch again to spirit form. This is just a temp fix, but its better than having it stays on for the whole time imho. I upgrade my mod as soon as i end hex-editing it
  2. http://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity/mods/21/? I managed to fix the stag defence bug. It will now properly turn off after the battle. Mod comes in two variants - one is the regular stag defence +7, second one is boosted version +30. http://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity/mods/19/? I also created another mod - one that removes the spiritforms timer. Normally when we shift into our spiritform it ends after 12s. I removed that limit so the transformation stays for the whole fight or untill player turn it off manually. Other properties are untouched, its still per encounter ability and combat only.
  3. http://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity/mods/19/? I managed to do it [thanks to people from nexus, Zeee and Arctic12345, who pointed me out in the right direction. So for any druid fans out there - feel free to try it out [no time on spiritshift during combat]
  4. Ill test it later on. Still - pity the animation will end messed up. One more thing - is there a way to add difrent skill duration effect or change the way skill work via its upgrade - in case of the stag, for example via its extra use per day tln_bonus_spiritshift_stag ? I tried the most simple way, since the upgrade version have the same data and scripts as the regular stag skill, but it sadly didn't work. Maybe there is some other way im not aware of ? In general - i like the whole druid concept but the class itsellf suffers what most of d&d druids have gone in the past. It lacks some minor tweaks, mainly the fact spiritshift have very short duration. All i wanted to do here was to make it cast per fight skill that last as long as the actuall fight, not 3-4 turn. And i wonder how that nexus guy made his mod - it seems he didnt use the unity editor at all, maybe he was able to extract all content from the unity3d with readable data and pack it up again after edits [i was not able to do it with disunity, sure i can extract quite much, bot no actual files for alterring skill values or properties]
  5. Maybe someone have a clue how to help me - so i'm trying to edit the spiritshift druid spell [stag transformation to be precise]. Im just doing a small edit, similiar to this mod : http://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity/mods/10/? - to be precise, change the time that transformation last durning combat to unlimited. Whenever i edit anything in that file in game transformation ends up with missing animation ad purple boxes + purple textures. I asume its the lack of material shaders asigned - but how on earth im suposed to know what shader assign manualy in that file ? And i even doubt thats the case, since as mentioned above, author of this mod - Arcane Veil, he edited just few values [if im correct 2 parameters], and his mod works fine. But when i try to recreate it on my own - even editing the basiv Arcane Veil with Unity results - same as stag transformation - in purple particle and boxes. Any help would be aprecieated...
  6. Let me start on the fact the RPG part of the game is awesome. Totally and undeniably awesome. But the combat mechanics - this is something way different. Path-finding - what path-finding ? Your party members are dumb dolls, that block each other out, block themselves in terrain obstacles, stand up like no-brainers and wait for death. You set them all up, create the action chain for every one and suddenly some of them are blocked in tight corridor, standing there ad doing nothing. When you reposition them - ques what, the action chain you created is gone, you have to select this again. Why we have no script behaviours for our heroes ? We had this in BG/ID series ? Was it so hard to implement it here ? Another minor thing is aoe spells that damage even our party. Sure it should work like that, but with the horrible ai and path-finding and on top of that overall slowness of the game 90% of aoe spells is useless. You cast something and your opponents not even in the spot any more, or your party blocked up somewhere in the middle and you wiped them out instead of killing the enemy. Last but not least another topic - the game "optimisation". I do understand this title do not need stable 60fps, bah it could run well with only 30 frames per second. Still - this is not some hi-end graphical intense engine, the game looks quite similar to the old titles like Temple of Elemental Evil. But it runs absolutely horrible. The copperlane is awesome example of poor optimisation. On the PC that is capable of handling all heavy graphical intense games this title should not even lose 1 frame. But in places like copperlane it crawls to 28-35 [and again - I'm fine with that, it doesn't make the game unplayable but still it shows very poor optimisation of this title]. Not to mention frame rate can crawl in combat situation, sometimes it can even go down to 10-15 frames - we talked about it in beta and nothing was done so far [the infamous "spider levels" where fpses just died] I hope you guys do something about it in the upcoming patches - the game have so much potential. This is the first cRPG that really brings me back those great memories of BG/ID or Torment. Don't screw it up by poor support. P.S. English is not my native language so if I made some mistakes - please forgive me.
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