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  1. Ho, thank you for the Graphic slider tip. Well, Antialiasing is not in Supersampling. Now I have the 2.02 update, still blurry graphics.
  2. Well. I have reinstalled again, this time I deleted the PoE Steam folder. It seems the autosave replication and the start problem has been corrected, but still, no improve in the graphics.
  3. No, no, it is not about the brightness or so. It is about the detail level. Yeah, they were not taken at same daytime, but, in fact, the Before one is brighter, so it should be show more detail. It is easy to see the detail level in the trees and so. You can compare them with your own game too, so you can see how blurry it is. About the dates, don't know where did you take the data, but in fact, the Before one was uploaded to Steam in April 19 and the After in Sept 15. Maybe you mixed them or something. Another way to tested could be moving your graphics setting to Lowest. I can't test th
  4. Through steam. No, I did not delete folders or modified my reg, so my options and saves were there.
  5. Mmmm, I did verify my cache twice. I even, as I said, Uninstalled and reinstalled everything with no change at all. I have a 7959 HD Radeon vcard with latest drivers (15.7.1). The issue is: In the first image, you can see the texture of the trees, the grass, the roots of the bridges and so. In the second one, these look blurry. The best way to note it is ctrl+tab or alt+tab so you can see the change in the textures. I noted first in the trees, but grass seems like a green color applied instead a texture. In normal gameplay, I noted first because of he circles under the character. (they seem d
  6. Update: I ttrid changing some stuff, in the regedit. Nothing happend, but in fact, i did not know what I was doing. If someone knows what values to change, it will be great. Please, help me.
  7. It seems the uploading process has shrieked my image, so it is not that easy to spot the quality. I will try with links: Before http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/419188589628748752/DC0BC6AF4A6181E1D9E0349C868963B0E72FB9E7/ After http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/419188589628747343/A25EE71A81F5C7B8FB2DBD664B42D4E94E756017/ As you can see, the second image is blurry, low quality. I have other problems, but as the forums rules say I must post them in separate topics, I will. Just for the record (in case they are related), they are: The autosaves does not
  8. Thank you. I'm checking it and it seems my resolution is fine. Quality has value = 2 which I think is High. I still don't know what to do but it's something. Hope someone of Obsidian answer me...
  9. I'm really disappointed. I thought this was a Technical support forum and I have not an answer or at least a replay from the support. Anyway, i'll add this issue is happening in every save (pre and post patch), I have the White March DLC and I have uninstalled-installed the whole game without a change.
  10. I came to say "character with 0 mechanics and low perception finding secrets". Well, this solves the mystery. Now, lets wait to the fix.
  11. At least someway to change the graphics option form an ini file or something...
  12. After the 2.01 patch, he game has the lowest graphics setting. Change it in Options/graphics does nothing at all. The Map option shows how bad resolution is it now. Please Help! DxDiag.txt
  13. I like buf fixing and balance patches, but somehow I feel they are listening the community in reddit instead their forum. And you dont know who the hell is in Reddit.
  14. I dont get why people would stealth everywhere. I don't care about find a "Fine sword" around end of the game. I stealth in a new area just because if I dont, enemies will see me when I see them and we will start a battle before I can throw spells at them or, even better, to be melee I can hit them really hard before their spells. It works and it is cool. Options are good, you are using it to find "small Shield", I'm using it to kill the enemies.
  15. It might have worked if it had some drawback, say if the npcs were not happy with you sneaking around their houses, and guards were suspicious of you sneaking along the street full of people. "Maybe he is out to rob someone, better take him for questioning". But as it is there is no reason why you wouldn't want to search for secrets 24/7. So the only "effort" you gotta make is to press "sneak" key and "double speed" key while ignoring the fact that it looks silly and is immersion breaking. The need for having sufficient mechanics to find the secret would still be there. The DRAWBACK is
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