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  1. Hey all brand new to game and was wondering as a rogue if stealth is waste of time? I am only level 2 but I get noticed all the time. Does it get better as you level? Also what should I put my first point in? Backstab maybe? Thanks...
  2. You are a GENIUS in every sense of the word. Thank you so much and thank you for saving me another 45 bucks I was willing to spend lol.
  3. I know I can buy it via Steam which I did but no matter what I try it still shows it missing the EXE file. I treid deleting appcache, verified the files, uninstalled, and reinstalled, started Steam as admin, rebooted computer etc. I tried everything and to no avail. I want to play game really bad and was wondering if I purchased it again from here can I add to Steam library? Thanks...
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