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  1. Bman654 I added you on Nexus so you can upload new versions of the IE mod without having to wait up on me, edit description, changelog, etc etc. Feel free to do anything you want.
  2. Maybe it does. I check my email accounts once a few months when I need to confirm my email address for some website.
  3. Great commit. I hope I merged everything correctly, I never used version control before tbh. The reason it took 2 days is because nobody made pull requests before, so I never bothered checking. The only reason I noticed this one is because someone mentioned it to me on another forum. Don't be sneaky next time.
  4. 530 compatible version is live, and a certain Brandon Wallace made two optional movement-related mods that you can find in Options -> IE Mod. No idea if he's from the forum.
  5. Interesting. I have no idea. Maybe there is no texture path at all. But the fact remains that something gets broken. Maybe the material and its texture are linked in some other files, and maybe the material gets slightly modified and a link between material and its texture gets broken? I never looked at what gets modified with a hex editor. Maybe it's something so minor that after saving the file, a pass to correct a few bytes would be enough? Will have a look at it when I get some time, I'm currently busy with something else and will be for at least a week or two.
  6. This problem of shaders/textures/animations seriously needs to be fixed, does anyone know Unity here and can experiment a little? I'm not sure what the problem is, but it's around this line: BuildPipeline.BuildAssetBundleExplicitAssetNames (unity3dAssets, names, savepath, BuildAssetBundleOptions.CollectDependencies | BuildAssetBundleOptions.CompleteAssets | BuildAssetBundleOptions.UncompressedAssetBundle , BuildTarget.StandaloneWindows ); I suppose what might be happening - the original assetbundles are built without CollectDependencies (that's why the textures etc are n
  7. As a core part - no, because I need memorials to be exposed for other purposes. As a module - it's already been made. http://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity/mods/28/ The reason I exposed the memorials is to allow people to rewrite them so they'd fit the lore, if there are any such enthusiasts. Now that it's been done, I can't just "lock" the content of one entry. As for SJW lunatics, I just don't have enough enthusiasm to make special mods just for them, they're already getting more attention than they deserve. During 524 version, the limerick was at the bottom of the screen as Sen
  8. You can find them in the big unity3d files, export them and reassign them every time they're needed. It's not right that you have to do that, but that's the only method that works currently. I tried fixing it 2 days ago and couldn't. I'll try again later.
  9. Maybe. If you're serious and still feel like doing it, talk to me again when you've finished the game. On a related note, I'm externalizing the memorial entries in the next version, so if there are any enthusiasts out there who'd like to make the memorials more lore friendly, you'll be able to do that soon.
  10. Here, https://copy.com/SzJPDQeMupm9YMQL Since you can't get it from nexus.
  11. The settings don't have anything to do with it, they're kept in the registry, it's normal. Your problem is that you clearly have an older version that didn't have the forceaa console command.
  12. You were either given an older version, or you typed ForceAA without a parameter. Thanks, updated the info.
  13. I can tell you how to get half way there. First of all, find all components of type Material and set their shaders to Trenton/Characters/PE_BumpSpec But if the component's name starts with "fx_", then set it to Trenton/Particles/PE_ParticleAdd At this point, your stag will stop being purple, but the particle effects will still be textureless. This is because the textures for them aren't included in the untiy3d file. You need to export them with Disunity from other unity3d files (which ones - idk exactly, one of the big ones). Then you must put them into your project and assign them to
  14. It doesn't do anything with the equipment bonuses. Nexus is serving a 0kb file for some reason. Don't know when they'll fix it.
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