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  1. Careful, that's an awfully reasonable way of looking at it.
  2. I find it mind boggling how anyone can shoot him down when he makes perfect sense. Transgender isn't about love or attraction, like heterosexuality and homosexuality are. It's about how one perceives themselves. Just because I perceive myself as a dragon, doesn't make me a dragon. It doesn't mean everyone should view me as a dragon when I'm biologically a human. It's a mental problem and instead of working harder to find the underlying cause, we lump it into the pile of equal rights. Would you take Otherkin seriously if they campaigned like trans people? Social justice warriors have perversely twisted gender dysmorphia into an equal rights issue like homosexuality or race.
  3. Future war will be fought with unmanned machines. Followed by the AI uprising and enslavement/utter annihilation of mankind.
  4. That's fine and I understand, but the way our medical understanding progresses, I don't think we should be condoning things like this... http://www.cbsnews.com/news/sex-change-treatment-for-kids-on-the-rise/ Untreated mental heath disorders shouldn't end in mutilation because of misguided political correctness. Do better. As it stands now, you can apply that argument to anything. Take your straw man somewhere else, guy.
  5. Untreated mental heath disorders shouldn't end in mutilation because of misguided political correctness.
  6. The unpleasant truth? More like gossiping. If you have any actual topic to debate rather than Bruce Jenner transition such as transgender issues or whether or not it is a mental disorder then please state that intent on the OP. I can't say that I ever watched the Kardashians or cared about their continued existence. Bruce Jenner is just another victim of the radical lefts misguided views of gender dysmorphia. One day transition surgery will be written next to electroshock therapy, lobotomy, and ADD.
  7. It's the cruelest thing to let these people mutilate themselves instead of treating them... who's bright idea was it to tack T onto L G and B?
  8. Is there any other serious illness, besides gender dysmorphia, that rather than treating we indulge and even celebrate?
  9. Where in the original limerick does it even mentions trans people? Just mentions him sleeping with a dude.
  10. It has a lot of really interesting mechanics, but the actual gameplay is so meh that it just doesn't carry the game until you get far enough to mess around with interesting builds and items. Ain't nobody got time fo dat
  11. Nonsense. Everybody does. The trick is (1) attempting to be aware of making those assumptions and (2) being able to set them aside when they're pointed out to you. Human cognition is based on categorization and generalization. It's just the way we tick. It's how we deal with the resulting biases that count. Once again give me examples of where I have made assumptions of groups of people ? Your reading comprehension leaves a lot to be desired. Try reading it again. If you want I can help you.
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