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  1. Got to Gilded Vale. Barbarians can not hit ANYTHING! What is that about? Maybe I'm doing it wrong but I had to use a rapier to make it through the forest. Should I have taken weapons (or sword+board) training instead of the minute endurance regen? It's early enough that I can pound out a restart in short order.
  2. Neato! I didn't gimp myself. Seriously, I truly loathe games where you have to min/max. I like the idea of my dwarf swinging a big hunk of leeching metal around too. Nothing says battlerager like a big ol' hunk of metal. Someday I'll play D&D with friends... Someday.
  3. Indeed. So I've decided to do two runs: a barbarian on PotD to learn the game and the same barbarian to do a triple-crown attempt. His stats are all 14s except for 8 in dex (cause he's a dwarf.) The story, such as it is in my head, is that he was a battlerager (or equivalent) in Old Valia but is done with that now (hint: no he's not) and wants to settle down. Being in the military, he has received training (just got level 2 and the fighter's passive) but beyond that, I have no clue where I should go with him on the first or second playthrough. I'm thinking of getting the soldier weapon kit
  4. It's a psychological thing. I KNOW I'm more coordinated, aware, strong, fast, smart, and charming than a mere 3! Even if they just started everything at 4 and let us move our stats around, you know? As an aside, I can't wait for the DCut in Oct. Anyway, I'm getting off topic.
  5. That's good to hear. In Wasteland 2, I had no choice but to min/max and I hate it. My first character in any RPG that allows it is always an exaggerated version of myself. Since my first question got answered, I'll ask another one: Do I have to min/max to do a solo PotD run? If not, I might actually try for the triple crown. It'd be a nice achievement.
  6. I like roleplaying. I also like roguelikes. I know I'll never be able to do the triple crown without min/maxing but is PotD possible with a roleplayed character (as opposed to min/max?) I want to be a smart, perceptive, and strong of will dwarf fighter/barbarian tank. Considering the Defender nerfs, I don't even know if it's viable anymore. Anywho, I figure you guys know your stuff so I thought I'd ask for advice here.
  7. Are you referring to the blurry fonts in some menus in the game? There's a bug like that that appeared in 2.0 for some reason, while for others it appeared before. There should be a fix soon. I'm sorry, but I don't plan on adding any features until I release what already exists Makes sense. I don't think it's a bug. I think it's something with borderless windowed mode and "sub-optimal" resolutions for the monitor used. I have a 1920. In fullscreen games (like Civ4 just to name an example,) I can drop it down to 1280x720 and read everything like a charm. With this (and Diablo 3 to
  8. Hey Spring, any chance for including a font mod for people like me with bad eyes? Arial Black or at least more scaleable font? I was going to do a dramatic reading of PoE but either the font is too blurry if I downsize the resolution or it's too small if I keep it native. If it's bold, I'd be ok with the size or if it scaled to 200%, I'd also be fine. Also, I hate borderless windowed mode. I'd rather have a true non-blurry fullscreen mode so I could run it at 1280x720 like I do for the rest of my games.
  9. I like the accuracy hit idea. It makes sense if a guy's hiding under a shield against more than one attacker (or trying to swing a big weapon as the case may be.)
  10. I want to be a fighter tank because fighters seem to be cultured badasses and cultured badasses tend to go one of two roads, the unkillable tank (1h+shield) and the puckish rogue (1h only or 2 1h) Nerfing defender in this way seems counter-intuitive.
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