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  1. Buuut the command (BSC <creature name> <0 or 1>) isn't working. Aid me ?
  2. I believe IE Mod doesn't support the new expansion :/ Ah nevermind it got updated.
  3. Since some of the tasks are admittedly quite ambitious and some people like me already finished the game before the expansion, is there a way to spawn required enemies (for example, Kith Druids) via console command? I'd appreciate help on the matter, a permanent solution to killing obscure monsters to fulfill soulbound weapon conditions would be welcome.
  4. Whaaat. My character noticed and disarmed them immediately. I expected a better reward. Damn.
  5. Played normal, shooting straight to PotD. Especially considering 2.0 changes, what are some things you should do to get by? Some specific skills to grab, weapons/equipment to grab? I feel rather lost and even normal felt like a challenge to me. Could I get some pointers from you guys? Thanks!
  6. I believe you have to have an ice spell of some sort(chanter, mage) to save the man.
  7. You get it in the region to the east. There's a waterfall there in the north and the sword is stuck in the stone. Click tab to find it.
  8. Not turn per se, but you cannot disequip it until you finish the quest, on whomever you equipped it on. It gets some neat bonuses per visit, yes.
  9. Honestly me neither, but I googled the "stone, adra and copper" and I found a let's play video, which shows the quest involving cilant lis was named as such. Figured out the second one by resting at every single graveyard(there's friggin lots!). Last one was fairly obvious.
  10. Pretty much as before, except you have a fancier weapon enchant past level 12 now and one or two buffs.
  11. I only had opportunity to test my Monk; the 8 wound dual summon s great, especially if you have items with strong per-rest usage. Allows you to trio on that item's usage.
  12. Okay guys, since there is no information on this quest as of yet, I figured it out on my own. INCOMING SPOILERS 1) Visit Cilant Lis and the Egg machine thingy there. It should be interactable. 2) Visit Esternwood, in top left corner there's a large graveyard, it's tagged. Rest there. 3) Visit Caed Nua and go to the middle. That's the "fingers". Boom. You're welcome.
  13. The Soul bound weapon. It has some poems etched into it and I can't figure it out. Crap hurts my party cause my main player Monk pulled it >.> Any pointers? I found the first part, I'm on the second verse at the moment. Edit: Found the 2nd part. Looking for the last one.
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