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  1. LF means - Looking For Blood Thirst immidiately clears initiative for the next round. So even if you went last, it basically gives you 0 initiative and you go at the beginning. I am looking for another tough character to assisst my barb. I was thinking something with Cipher, so like Psyblade or Inquisitor. Don't want a Herald as I already beat the game with one. Same for SC Trubadour/Wizard. Also no Unbroken/Streetfighter PS Know of any mods to make Aspect of Galawain better? A single Bog Oooze from summon primordials is 10x better XD
  2. I only use Netflix thus far. Not about to change as well. I am fine paying for one sub. Also apples to oranges.
  3. As the title says Don't really like Unbroken/Streetfighter on TB, unlike RTWP. Not as effective and very bland. PC is Ancient Druid SC and doing very well for himself. Other tankier char is Barb. I was thinking Barb/Druido or other Martial/Caster combo. For Barb/Druid I sort of like the idea of using Nature's Terror etc, but who knows, might be a bad idea.
  4. That's a bummer for me then. One thing I dislike is that every company and their moms want to have a digital distribution platform. Epic Store, Origin, Ubicrap, Steam, Discord Store, GOG Galaxy etc. Personally, I refuse to have so much needless crap installed on my PC. I only have Steam and GOG. This isn't going to change anytime soon for aforementioned reason.
  5. Would love to see POE 3 Just with different protagonist. Still, if it's another IP I am fine with that. Deadfire gave me my fix of RPG, storytelling, char building, interestingfights etc. Lots of replayability. If they make another isometric game like this (and with RTWP and TB too!) I am all game! Does the game have its flaws? Hell yeah, but the strong points far outweigh the weak points
  6. Thanks for making it happen Obsidian. I beat Deadfire numerous times already on POTD but turn-based mode actually breathed new life to thegame for me and enjoying it immensely. It actually gave me incentive to get back to the game and I will do both expansions with it (havent done SSS and FS due to some performance issues my saves have been plagued my :() Anyways, looking forward to more games. Absolutely loving all the new additions, items, builds and how stuff that wasn't wanted in RTWP is very good in TB - looking at you ranger companion (they are fantastic in this mode) Anyways, much appreciated!
  7. I would say that given the content you get+ another campaign etc. with the stretch goals, it will be selling for more than what you would pledge
  8. I don't have it anywhere. Apparently gif backers don't get it?
  9. Hey all! I thought it would be great to share with you the news of there being awesome kickstarter for an awesome board game. Just FYI I am not in any way affiliated with them, but they are from my home city, and the game looked so awesome I actually went with the Excalibur pledge too https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/awakenrealms/tainted-grail-the-fall-of-avalon/ @Obsidian - you folks also enjoy board/cards games a great deal as well, so who knows, you might even like this one I am actually curious to see what people on these forums think about it too.
  10. when it comes to pets, the party-wide effect is always weaker than the mainchar-only effect. in this case, nalvi gives you a much smaller improvement to armor recovery than epsilon or pirate cosmo (albeit it gives it to everyone). you can lean that way if you want, but this class is such a glass cannon you really want to be selfish with the armor recovery reduction. also, in more recent versions of the game (due to consumables nerf), we don't actually want too much extra resolve because it hurts our ability to distract ourself (either with powder burns or sparkcrackers). if you're not going that route, then maybe the +1 resolve is decent. 34% for 55% armor just for PC vs 38% for 55% armor for everyone. IF soloi then sure, but with an entire party? I think the latter is preferable. What do you think? Also looking forward to more guides, like Cipher/x Druid/x etc. Great work. Possibly. It really depends on the rest of your party. I tend to value +stride bonuses significantly (Epsilon in current revision of guide is recommended over Cosmo Pirate/Abraham) because of the huge survivability boost they can give your squishies. One thing to be aware of is the difference between nalvi and epsilon's armor recovery when it comes to using miscreant's leather. when you have nalvi equipped the advantage is so slight over just wearing cloth that you might be rather using actual cloth with other bonuses, e.g. vatnir's harbinger robes. (that would make this build even more glass cannon-y) I am curious, do you play with leather/cloth armors? I mostly equip party with plate or some such but there is one really good leather with hit to grazes conversion. My Chanter has lots of crit to hit hit to graze graze to miss, so he's actually hard to take down for many enemies. Absolutely. In most parties I've rolled, light/cloth makes up the majority of my party. I love going fast in combat. How do you survive in POTD with just cloth party?
  11. I actually am thinking about doing streetfighter/cipher due to recover, as many cipher spells have longish recovery, you'll be able to basically spam stuff
  12. Also, this is a personal thing, but I never dump stats in POE (unlike BG) for RP reasons and because dumping them usually hurts a lot too. 3 resolve and 20 resolve (my chanter has over 20) is a gigantic difference in survivability.
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