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  1. Will there be some new weapons? I am in need of a good pike!
  2. I liked the Xoti romance, just that it was too little and too fast in my opinion bothered me.
  3. If I am correct, I see a synergy between Arcane archer and essence interrupter, since the penalty should not apply, right?!
  4. I love this game, I love Obsidian... Chirstmas must be near since im so full of Love!
  5. I might add that the Lion has a larger frame, which can be an advantage or disadvantage. In some cases you can better block the enemy, on the other hand you might not get through in certain situations. Might be worth keeping that in mind.
  6. Hi again, I wanna say thank you for all the feedback so far. Thank you very much! After what you told me I made some changes and I would really like to hear your thoughts again! Race stays the same Classes: Troubadour and Stalker Stats: Might 19 (to compensate for low health and deflection, with healing from "come, sweet winds of death" and others like "ancient memories") Con 8 Dex 19 (hear I am not sure, whether it would be better to put Per to 18 and Dex to 10 +1 more point in Con) Per 10 Int 19 Res 3 Weapon switched to pike, in order to make better use of the Stalker bonus and it frees points from metaphysics since i like insight and diplomacy on my main character. Pet swaped to bear since it needs to soak up more damage than before ( im a bit torn since i like the heal from the boar but since u get "revive" and "play dead" later i think bear is better) Background: Land of the Living - Worker(smith) Active Skills: Athletics Passive Skills: Insight and Diplomacy Abilities so far: Level 1: T: Come sweet winds of death, Thunder rolled S: Marked prey Level 2: S: Sturdy Companion Level 3 S: Viscious Companion Level 4: T: Summon Wyrms S: Two-handed Level 5: S: Protective Companion Note: I play in german and translated the terms myself, so I am sorry if they should not be the exact ones.
  7. I do not completly understand the troubadour, and his modal. COuld you explain it to me in more detail?
  8. Well the description in the Charselection just says weapon crits and i chose a ranger class for they have the most accuracy. The extra phrase for the summons isnt too steep of a price since with high int they stay long enough. And in my experience the 2 phrase-"The Thunder Rolled like Waves on Black Seas" is really helpful if something comes too close.
  9. Hi guys, I would like to hear your thoughts on my Summoner Build: Race: Death Godlike (since they look the coolest ) Class 1: Scald Class 2: Ranger As for the sub-class Ghost heart is not an option cause it cancels out the summons. I used to take a sharpshooter, but i think the downsides are to steep. Right now I prefer the stalker. The extra bonus from the defenses are nice for pet and char, especially since mine is a glass canon and pets are not that sturdy. Stats: STR: 15 CON: 3 (dumped) DEX: 19 (18 + 1) PER: 19 (18 + 1) INT: 19 (18 + 1) RES: 3 (dumped) Weapon: Essence Interrupter (More summons!) Armor: I stole the one from Eder since the revive might in come handy. Talents: Summon: Wyrms (3 Meat shields + ranged) Everything that makes you faster and crit more often. Pet: I choose the Lion since he is the mix (large model but fast) Tactics: Most other chars are front liners, while your pet will act as a personal guardian, if anything slips past your frontline. In certain fights it might be okay to go closer with the Char and use the pet for additional damage. "The Thunder Rolled like Waves on Black Seas" is than a good choice as second line damage dealer and stunner. In very difficult battles you can kite with "Blessed Was Wengridh, Quickest of his Tribe" and the other speed perks and keep on summoning and firing back. So far for now, i only tested it for the early phase of the games. Please tell me what you think!
  10. Hello everyone, I just started a new hc-run on potd and at the moment I am stuck in the dungeon under the first engwithean ruins you encounter. I fought against the creatures at the south east corner (Imps) and after everyone was defeated some imps still appeared on the screen but without the red circle under them. I cant target them (not even with aoe spells) but they attack me - dealing damage. I cannot leave the area (regarded as in fight) and since i play Hardcore I can not reload. Does anyone know a workaround? I do not wish to restart because of a bug. Thanks in advance! P.S.: I paused the game for the moment since i fear just leaving the game will destroy the save. Update: I have now cleared the dungeon of all remaining enemies - still in fight. Update 2: I went as far away from the "ghost" imps as I could, left the game and pressed "continue". The game put me in the spot where i last left the game (saved). I am not sure if this is an exploit and whether i should feel guilty now...
  11. What kind of weapons are u planning to use? well personally i like 2 handers more, but from what i have experienced, it seems like duals are the better choice. Stats are sth like this: MIght 18 Con 10 Dex 19 Per 18 Int 10 Per at 3 Race: Death-Godlike (Sry there is no Alternative: love the looks and background)
  12. Hi, i have a similar problem: I want to play an assassin, but im unsure what kind of second class i should choose. Im thinking of: soulblade kind wayfarer shattered pillar or skald any thoughts on this? Help is appreciated
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