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  1. Hello, I imported my final save from POE1 as a legacy in POE2, and am positive that I bound the White Forge dwarf spirits to the cannons. However, I'm about to start Hasango in POE2 now and still haven't received the letter with the cannon. Should I have received it by now, or is this a bug? I'd attach my save files, but it says (the POE1 file at least) is too big to attach...
  2. This, all the DLC is greyed out. No explanation, no one seems to know anything to do, other than a complete uninstall/reinstall, which is ridiculous. Holding off on playing until this issue gets resolved.
  3. I'm heavily against this. When POE was first backed, many people backed it under the impression that the game would have the old PC RPG gaming crowd in mind, i.e, that there would be no stupid control or complexity simplifications for the console audience. I backed the second game under the assumption that the developers would take the same approach. PC gaming needs a distinct exclusive niche of its own, and my experience with other projects also released for consoles, such as Tides of Numenara, has caused be to believe that "adapting" a PC RPG so that it works on consoles always makes it worse that it could have been. I understand that it is Paradox, not Obsidian, who is making the console port. But I am concerned that this may suggest a "move" toward making changes in development of POE2 so that it may also later suit the console audience.
  4. Is there any way to talk your way into the fort without combat? I couldn't figure it out by talking to the gate guard
  5. There are certain "visitors" (the follower of st. waidwen being one) that are announced as visitors (usually because you save them from the road), but they apear in the hireling menu instead of as physical visitors to your keep. If you hire them, they will show, but otherwise they may not be around. Other than those types of visitors, visitors should appear in your great hall.
  6. Anyone figure out all the armies you can recruit to help you? Other than hirelings (not all of which showed), I got Veteran soldiers (pay 10k), Crucible Knights (presumably from siding with them in Act II) and Crag Ogres. You can also convince the Lord's captain to betray him in the previous part of the quest. Didn't immediately see any ways to recruit others though. There's a quest involving the Bleak Walkers where you can let the paladins go and they say they'll help in the future, but apart from adding a new hireling (I think) this didn't get the larger contingent of them in my army. The lord had mages, rautai berserkers, and bleak walkers helping him. No idea if there's any way to convince them to back off.
  7. I just did a complete clean and full install of POE and both expansions, and haven't ever played with mods. I just did one run through of the battle of Yenwood field (to maintain control of Caed Nua) and found that several hirelings I had recruited (three of which might have been useful) never showed. These were: (1) Adaeryn Noblewoman (this one makes sense though) (2) Fellower of Saint Waidwen (3) Fampyr (from Raedric Quest) (4) Brutish Warrior Otherwise, I think pretty much everyone showed. Didn't save after the battle though cause Korgak got killed
  8. Turns out the problem was with the GOG update process itself. On a hunch, I just did a complete reinstall and the problem was fixed. Strange, as I had never missed a GOG update for Pillars. I think the problem is that it wouldn't let me install patch 3.0 for vanilla PoE...it only let me install patch 3.0 for white march part I, and only after that point could I install white march part II. My guess is that the vanilla patch 3.0 update contained assets that weren't in the 3.0 update for white march part one, and that created the graphical glitches. Short of the matter is, unless GOG fixes the patch files so you CAN install both the 3.0 update and white march 1 updates, the only fix is to do a clean install
  9. I previously had POE installed to the latest version with an install from Good Old Games. I downloaded WM part 2, updating to the latest version when it was released. I then loaded an earlier save just before the "point of no return" to play the second part of the expansion. I've never played with any mods and have never used console commands. Upon loading my save, right before the point of no return, I experienced weird graphical glitches around Pellagrina, one of the weapons on my character, and part of the scenery near the point of no return. Specifically, the graphics/textures were replaced with a large pink blob. I have no idea why this happened or how to fix it, please help, thanks!
  10. I have a game right before the point of no return, having completed all content in WM Act 1 (character is wizard). From what I hear, Patch 3.0 greatly expands the stronghold experience, and wizard mechanics have been changed. Accordingly, should I continue with my current game and do the WM Act 2 content? will I still be able to experience the new stronghold content in a game this late? Or should I just start a new game with a new wizard for the ideal experience?
  11. For those of use that downloaded both versions of the patch to prevent the "pink screen bug," should we redownload any of the updated patches here? If so, which ones?
  12. Is it possible to convince her to lend you her strength in the battle against Thaos? or can you only let her do nothing/destroy her soul? The option to convince her to help appeared to present itself, but i couldn't persuade her to do it.
  13. You have to download both the white march version of the patch AND the vanilla version EACH TIME a patch post-white march is released on GoG.
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