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  1. My 8700K @ 5Ghz and GTX 1080 Ti can handle the game loading all NPC's at once, but lately I noticed something extremely annoying and that is that NPC's disappear at short distance. I think it is supposed to be some kind of a performance optimization not to draw NPC's, unless they are supposed to be on the screen. It's obviously not working because NPC's who should be on the screen also disappear when camera moves away from them. It's really immersion-breaking. I can't play like that.
  2. Was the game out for 3 years now? Its not so much of a fix that we need, but an option to increase global/sun shadow resolution. Perhaps modding tools can help us do that?
  3. In interiors, I would agree, but outside they need higher resolution. Softness and resolution aren't the same thing though. I prefer soft shadows too, but not if they are blocky...
  4. I maxed out all the settings, but global light/sun shadows are blocker and of lower resolution compared to point light shadows. Is there a config file somewhere?
  5. The point-light shadows in caves have good resolution, but outside, sun shadows have low resolution. Is there some way to increase that resolution?
  6. Once again, FSE is not supported, which makes it impossible to use NVidia DSR without 3rd party tools or without having to force DSR on Desktop before starting the game... I am also sorry this game didn't sell well and ended a great game that flopped sales-wise... This thread was meant for Tech Support.
  7. I finally got it to work and all SaveGames to work after re-installing the whole thing. Now all is perfectly fine, fast, stable, etc. Sorry for being offensive... I didn't have a good day that day .
  8. Is it? I have to re-install the game 3 times already due to developer's poor choices and terrible programming. First time my normal saves were supposedly corrupt, even though they weren't, but I got them to work by loading earlier version of the game, re-saving, updating, loading, re-saving, updating, etc. My original GOG PoE installer version - Game installation was fully updated to 3.01. My GOG TWM Part 1 DLC installer version - DLC installation was fully updated to 3.01. My GOG TWM Part 2 DLC installer version - DLC installation was fully updated to 3.01. My GOG Pre-Order DLC installer version - This was the very latest version of the update. AND YET, the advice to uninsall this fully and properly updated installation and get NEW installers because of this bug - https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/83395-zahua-and-devil-of-caroc-bug/ . What exactly did I pay for? Having a super-mess with the game, patches, DLC's, DLC patches, and installers? I kept my cool for so long, but this game caused SOOO many problems, ALL of which dealt with installing and patches. Developers should be paying people money for them to deal with their crap. Not the other way around.
  9. I have the same problem, but the game, TWM Part 1, TWM Part 2 are all version 3.01 on my PC. The Pre-Order DLC is also fully updated! It really pisses me off - bugs upon bugs upon bugs. I had to re-install the game 3 times already because PoE developers are so damn inept.
  10. I uploaded my SaveGames here in a .ZIP package. Could someone please take a look at them, try to load them, and then re-save immediately? I have the game + all the latest updates + all the DLC's! I NEVER had a problem like this before! Launching the game as Administrator did not fix anything.
  11. My SaveGames were perfectly fine and working with the latest patch, before I installed The White March - Part II !!! Now when I try to load my SaveGames, I get a message that they are corrupted! I sure as hell am not starting the game over! I want to continue where I left off! Do I need to download to a previous game version through GOG?
  12. I was wrong about Wasteland 2, which was also built on Unity engine. Wasteland 2, just like Pillars of Eternity, does not utilize a DSR resolution unless the same resolution was applied to Desktop. So it is an engine limitation...
  13. Absolutely. I also tried PoE on several PC's with different videocards and Operating Systems - this bug persisted on all machines tested.
  14. I can very much use 4K to 1080p downscaling/downsampling in PoE when I set my Desktop to 4K DSR resolution. What I was saying is that it shouldn't be like that. No other games requires that. Doesn't Wasteland 2 use Unity? Both vanilla Wasteland 2 and Wasteland 2 Director's Cut allow you to use custom 4K DSR resolution with desktop resolution set to 1080p. Obviously, it had little to do with Unity engine and a lot to do with how it was utilized. Wasteland 2 also uses V-Sync just fine and so does PoE for me (never got a single tear thus far), even with variable framerate and no G-Sync.
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