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  1. Got to Gilded Vale. Barbarians can not hit ANYTHING! What is that about? Maybe I'm doing it wrong but I had to use a rapier to make it through the forest. Should I have taken weapons (or sword+board) training instead of the minute endurance regen? It's early enough that I can pound out a restart in short order.
  2. Neato! I didn't gimp myself. Seriously, I truly loathe games where you have to min/max. I like the idea of my dwarf swinging a big hunk of leeching metal around too. Nothing says battlerager like a big ol' hunk of metal. Someday I'll play D&D with friends... Someday.
  3. Indeed. So I've decided to do two runs: a barbarian on PotD to learn the game and the same barbarian to do a triple-crown attempt. His stats are all 14s except for 8 in dex (cause he's a dwarf.) The story, such as it is in my head, is that he was a battlerager (or equivalent) in Old Valia but is done with that now (hint: no he's not) and wants to settle down. Being in the military, he has received training (just got level 2 and the fighter's passive) but beyond that, I have no clue where I should go with him on the first or second playthrough. I'm thinking of getting the soldier weapon kit
  4. It's a psychological thing. I KNOW I'm more coordinated, aware, strong, fast, smart, and charming than a mere 3! Even if they just started everything at 4 and let us move our stats around, you know? As an aside, I can't wait for the DCut in Oct. Anyway, I'm getting off topic.
  5. That's good to hear. In Wasteland 2, I had no choice but to min/max and I hate it. My first character in any RPG that allows it is always an exaggerated version of myself. Since my first question got answered, I'll ask another one: Do I have to min/max to do a solo PotD run? If not, I might actually try for the triple crown. It'd be a nice achievement.
  6. I like roleplaying. I also like roguelikes. I know I'll never be able to do the triple crown without min/maxing but is PotD possible with a roleplayed character (as opposed to min/max?) I want to be a smart, perceptive, and strong of will dwarf fighter/barbarian tank. Considering the Defender nerfs, I don't even know if it's viable anymore. Anywho, I figure you guys know your stuff so I thought I'd ask for advice here.
  7. Are you referring to the blurry fonts in some menus in the game? There's a bug like that that appeared in 2.0 for some reason, while for others it appeared before. There should be a fix soon. I'm sorry, but I don't plan on adding any features until I release what already exists Makes sense. I don't think it's a bug. I think it's something with borderless windowed mode and "sub-optimal" resolutions for the monitor used. I have a 1920. In fullscreen games (like Civ4 just to name an example,) I can drop it down to 1280x720 and read everything like a charm. With this (and Diablo 3 to
  8. Hey Spring, any chance for including a font mod for people like me with bad eyes? Arial Black or at least more scaleable font? I was going to do a dramatic reading of PoE but either the font is too blurry if I downsize the resolution or it's too small if I keep it native. If it's bold, I'd be ok with the size or if it scaled to 200%, I'd also be fine. Also, I hate borderless windowed mode. I'd rather have a true non-blurry fullscreen mode so I could run it at 1280x720 like I do for the rest of my games.
  9. I like the accuracy hit idea. It makes sense if a guy's hiding under a shield against more than one attacker (or trying to swing a big weapon as the case may be.)
  10. I want to be a fighter tank because fighters seem to be cultured badasses and cultured badasses tend to go one of two roads, the unkillable tank (1h+shield) and the puckish rogue (1h only or 2 1h) Nerfing defender in this way seems counter-intuitive.
  11. Durance shows Avellone is a good writer so long as he doesn't lean on his cryptic edgy crutch too hard.
  12. It oozes from everything he touches. I'm diametrically opposed to cryptic. It's nothing against him personally though. Edginess seems to ooze from everything he touches too. Just because it can be nihilistic and dark doesn't mean it needs to be. I guess his personality and mine are too different, creatively speaking. Then again, dude's worth a ton of money through his creativeness whereas I'm a lifelong cripple on government funbucks so what do I know, right?
  13. All I know is the area he designed for Wasteland 2 sucked and if Ulysses from NV was his "voice" on NV than he needs to get his head checked because I didn't understand a word that lunatic was saying. Avellone, if you see this, know that "cryptic" doesn't mean "deep" or "well-written." A lot of really memorable characters in a lot of really famous stories were deep and well-written without being cryptic.
  14. I wonder if I can be a barbarian tank... I just like tanking and not relying on anything save my own innate abilities (fighter for cultured badass and barbarian for lunatic meat shield.) As long as I can tank well in at least one of those scenarios, I'm good. Yes my first characters are always "me." Yes I'm Scottish. We Scots are well accustomed with the duality of human.
  15. If they're gonna nerf it, why not just remove the deflection bonus/penalty altogether? Just +2 engaged? I'm no theorycrafter so I don't know how viable this idea is.
  16. Dwarves need buffing. There, I said a random statement and provided no facts to back it up too. This is fun!
  17. Steam makes getting beta patches easy. By the time they could get out updates to the beta elsewhere, the expac and patch would have come out. Or so I've been told.
  18. It kills me that fighters can't tank as well as paladins seeing as fighters were seemingly made to be THE tanks (unless I'm mistaken.)
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