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  1. Can an unintelligent or semi-intelligent being be "evil"?Can they be a race in the sense of playable or NPC characters? PoE playing a Shadow: You roam Caed Nua's backyard, and every time something living crosses your path, you fall into a frenzy and have to attack it, because you're hungry. Very ... satisfying, and I'm sure not many would accept as a viable option for playing an "evil race". Yes it can be evil, if everything it does leads to evil (distroying everthing, just for distroying) then it is evil at least from OUR point of view, even if there are no devils or angels... if ther
  2. Thanks for advices, i will propably will not update my game to 2.0 becouse i heard that perception in there is way more important, and if it is i will have weaker might, int, dex then in 1.6 :D The only thing that coud push me now to updating a game is major bug fixes, mayby i will beat a game on 1.6 and then update a game to 2.0 with some other character (for example someone who don't need high intelect, and will benefit perception :D)... Again thans for your help..
  3. Hello I made a decision that i will play Gun-Cipher charater, propably wood elf. I have some questions about this class since im beginner. 1. What are the best "spells"/powers for Cipher Gunslinger ? (he will propably use bow at the begining) 2. What do you think are the best talents for this build ? 3. What stat distribiution whoud you guys sudgest ? i give him something like 18 MI 6 PE 16 DE 10CON 18 INT and 10 Resolve.. is that good ? Patch is 1.6 if i recall....
  4. Isint this a evil spirit ? (regardles if we consider or not consider it as undead or not) http://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Shadow
  5. And who says that game can't have isometric camera, full 3d, cinematics and good storyline and writhing ? Diablo 3, Starcraft 2, Warcraft 3, had full 3d isometrics and only writhing is speculative... If technology from orgins, where used by obsidian then whoud it be one of the best games ? Expecionally with almost unlimited resorces, and Blizzard point of view "it's finished when it's finished"... Obsidian games to this time (i didn't played PoE yet so i don't know if also today) always besides BG and IWD series had plenty of bugs, and hae some strange point of view on some matters, fo
  6. Yeah but Undead are consider an other race becouse ther to much differ from a parent race (undead aumaua, dwarf, human, elf), their evil becose their always do evil (eating humans) and can't do otherwise, Worms destroying everything, if they are a aspect of nature then okey, but if they are designed to distroy everything just as any other biological weapon (not only humans but ecosystem also) then they at least "bad" at least for us don't you think ? :D And im sure in PoE are some evil ghost, gods, spirits etc...or other supernaturals that are generic evil.
  7. Races are not evil. Races cannot be evil or good. Individuals can be. Either of them. Cultures and upbringing can tend in a certain direction which may be perceived as either one. But races are not. P.S. Oh, pleeeeaaase no Drow. Races cannot be Evil ? So Demons not Evil ? Undead are not Evil ? Evil worms from undergraoud distroing everything are not evil ? :D Besides, Drows were not evil in general, but their society were.... There were good Drows like Drizzt, but most peaple in D&D have opinion about them from looking at their society... or at least the more visible aspect
  8. Of cource but i dind se an option to edit a poll and i created new one so was a bit better to chose questions. New poll was deletad by you, but thats fine i discoverd that i can edit a pol (silly me) regardless of that thanks for merging threads...
  9. Polls Editedi please revote becouse some of th answers may not be corected any more
  10. Once again, i repeat my question from previous poll this time with better poll. I personaly whoud like to see some new Elf race, that risemble Drows, i mean not copy and paste, but some evil elfish race with utopic/dystopic society that learn dark arts etc.
  11. So what spellcasters are better with guns and firearms ? Druid ? Cipher ? Priest ?
  12. Can you by more specific ? Thanks for your rispond but i don't understand those arrows, is Dex is less important ten MI and IN or most important is IN, then DeX and them MI...
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