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  1. Anyways, the main point of my post is that this game would benefit from a similar tactics system as Dragon Age.
  2. What? The isometric look was one of the main (if not the main) selling points in the Kickstarter. The amount of detail in the environment is simply not the same as what you get with 3D. Maybe the isometric was a selling point not because they wanted to make it isometric, but because they had no choice. Think about it, given the amount of logical cut scenes you would have. The riots in the city, the wagons at the beginning of the game, the biawic, even Grieving Mother's story line. Is there any possible way that they could have created those cut scenes, plus the voice acti
  3. To be honest I thought the same about Isometric graphics. They were just fine for the time it came, back in the days in Fallout 1 and Baldur's Gate. But that was 17 years ago, now they seem to lack any detail at all especially when it comes to characters. The text was also okay back then, but it completley lacks the emotional depth of modern day voice acting. As a result of this lack of detail and connection I have a harder time getting into it.
  4. This is a fantastic game. I wish it had a higher budget, can you imagine what this game would be like if it was like Dragon Age: Origins. By this I mean: Scrap the isometric look and go for 3D. Have full blown cut scenes, including the scripted ones. Either in game or pre rendered. Fully voiced characters (with better voice actors). [ Yes, I know DA:O had a silent protaganist, but still] The ability to customize your character's looks better. And most importantly, tactics. Imagine how powerful Grieiving Mother would be if you could tell her that if x enemies are between her a
  5. Wouldn't mininimizing con have large problems, after all the fighters at the front won't protect you from archers. In which case you could be down in one shot. Although resolution is important because of interrupts, I can understand that.
  6. Cool, thanks. Assuming I want to play a cypher, what stats would be good for my build?
  7. The cypher, Grieving Mother is it? Can you not just adventure over to the village she is in and pick her up earlier? Or would that be suicide because of high level battles? I remember getting all the way to the ranger once and there were three left to get. A druid, a paladin and the cypher. I could have sworn the way it was going the Paladin would have been last because you have to do a quest before she shows up. Anyways, that cypher looks like an infinite way of awesome. I think I'll try it out. Also, I was wondering, out of the main companions (I also like the banter) which
  8. Okay, my concept is to go for a ranged dps with guns or bows, whichever works best. I like the high damage of the arquebus and I am hoping that the reload perk will make it faster so I won't have problems with "down time" so to speak. However, as I said, I want to make certain I have some AOEs too. Although they might not be a problem if the guns work fast enough. As Malveaux said, they can take down single targets fast. However, what happens if I am faced with half a dozen guys. I have found that if I focus too much on "weapon only" abilities then I will have problems with larger num
  9. I don't like the paladin because I think most of their auras best suit front line fighters. I also played the game up to the poin that you get a chanter, and to be honest, he does not seem particularly great. What I want is a char that would be great with a big ranged weapon, but also have some decent abilities that can help against mobs. I noticed as a rogue that I was powerful against one or two foes. However, against a mob I was getting whiped out becuase of my lack of AOEs, and Aloth's were not enough. A cipher might do, I know little about that class. In fact it is about the
  10. I was thinking of playing a ranged DPS, a character that would sit in the back lines with an arbalest or aquabus. However I was also wanting a character with some interesting abilities so, after trying the Rogue on for size I decided that their abilities are not all that great. I was thinking of the Wizard, but I want a weapon with a bit more bang than an implement. Also there is the whole problem with the grimoire and needing to either switch them or copy them. I was also thinking about the Druid, and while the shapeshifting thing is cool, since I want to stay away from the front
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