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  1. I quit playing the game in April because load time were at about 20 seconds. It doesn't sound like a long time but this game has an absolutely enormous amount of transitions. I came back for 2.0 and bought The White March. I am sorely disappointed to discover the loading issue hasn't been fixed. What's worse is it doesn't seem to be getting fixed ((
  2. Funny you should say that.....i just celebrated my birthday early and was worried that i'd be broke on the 25th,so i put $25into steam wallet. Great idea! I think I may do that, because: ... which I don't have (at all)! Then again, in my opinion moral introspection is the greatest virtue, while snobbery is among my least favorite vices Thanks for the tip, qwert! LOL yeah i thought it was a good idea and it turned out to be really easy. Technically, from a purely economic point of view, it's a bad idea. You've basically paid steam for credit, with no real benefit to you. That money sitting in a savings account has the potential to earn you a (small) return on investment. Given that it's only $25 and you have difficulty saving, it's not a big deal, but realistically all you've done is given Valve a 0% interest loan and cost yourself the opportunity to accrue interest.
  3. Hi, In Raedric's hold (where I also have the zoning bug), I got a "Concelhaut's Parasitic Quarterstaff" as a drop and equipped it to my main character's first weapon set (Druid). I've saved a bunch of times since and I noticed that it's missing from the slot and not in my inventory or stash. I may have used the flaming sword skill in the intervening time but I really don't know when it disappeared for sure. On top of all the other bugs (of which I've encounter 3 of the big ones), this is just killing my confidence in playing the game. I can't leave the hold without resetting the exterior areas in the save file (again!) and now my weapons are disappearing!
  4. But now we don't know WHEN! Will it be in the next 5 minutes? The next 10 minutes?! Every second that goes by, I'm forced to wonder, "Could this be the second that the patch arrives?! WHAT IF I MISSED IT ALREADY ZOMG!!!11!11!1oneonewonwon11!" Ok, so for some reason, as this topic has gone on, a narrative is starting to develop of anyone asking for better communication as being hyper impatient, totally unreasonable and demanding. I think I was pretty reasonable and I find it incredible that we went from a civil discussion of communication issues to "freaking out". Let's all put down out internet snarkyness for a moment and try and be civil ok? Thanks to the dev for the update, confirming it's still planned for this week; for taking on board the suggestions and that you to the poster who provided the link to the dev tracker, which was something I asked about in my first post. If I could add the following; it would be good if updates were through the main forum instead of the bug forum, for spoiler reasons. Cheers.
  5. I would be surprised it that was the case. Not because I know Obsidian better than you (I wasn't in the Backer Beta), but because release is a critical time for being "switched on", regarding bug squashing. If you don't get people picking the game up when it's brand new, you (anecdotally) don't pick them up until the sales start happening. I'll certainly be hoping that Obsidian can kick on from here and release more of these great cRPGs, so the bigger the success, the better.
  6. Sure, there was some hyperbola in there when I mentioned constantly checking for a patch, I just really want to play, but it's the not knowing that's the killer. I guess I'm just used to the flurry of communication that usually accompanies a new release. Usually you have to cry out for information a few weeks down the line, not a few days. Doubly so with launch bugs, when the best impression needs to be made. I take your points on board. Some more communication would be nice is all I'm saying.
  7. Firstly, I love the game, it's superb. Onto the topic; with serious bugs affecting a lot of the player base and the impact they have (often game breaking), I've been keeping a keen eye out for news of a patch. Besides 3 days ago, when we heard about 1.03 coming out 'sometime' this week, I haven't seen any communication. Where should one look for communication on patches? Is it here, Reddit, Steam, Twitter, or all of the above? I would have thought that with several major sites like RPS, Polygon, Kotaku, etc, putting out articles about the bugs and with Obsidian's reputation vis-a-vis buggy releases, that they would have been all over this, but it's been very quiet. For the record; I've had the double click equipment bug and the Raedric's Hold bug. It's fairly depressing to be SO EXCITED about a game (I genuinely giggled through the first day I was playing, until I got the Raedric bug) and then have to totally shelve it because it's become utterly broken for you. I don't even know if I have the stat stacking bug, I've just heard about it now. TL;DR: Where are patch announcements made and can we please get some info about progress? If it's going to be in a couple of days then let us know so I can stop checking steam everytime I wake up/get home/make a sandwich.
  8. Having t5he same problem. Trying to re-enter the castle from the roof (seige area) area is causing a crash.
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