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  1. Sometimes it is really funny. It can save you some per encouter spells, potions, scrols and camping suplies. During such fight, I usuely face only few enemies and as soon as I deal with them, I start to attack both fighting parties from distance. When one party is wiped out, the other party is often very weakened and it is easy job to finish them. I discovered this feature accidentally, but later I used it intentionally several times.
  2. Hi, I'm playing on PotD difficulty level. I have noticed, in some locations it can be very helpful if you lure two groups of enemies to fight each other . The fights are sometimes much easier with this strategy. It usually works betwen hostile NPCs and beasts or animals, for example bandits and forest trolls, spiders and looters. Do you also use this strategy to your advantage?
  3. Really? That's interesting. I thought all the loot are fixed. Still i kinda miss weapons like Celestial Fury and Holy Avenger. I have the same feeling. I found many good weapons during the game (some of them have unique names), but none of them has realy extraordinary properties. I miss the feeling from BG II, when I have first time seen items like Carsomyr, Crom Fayer, Celestial Fury, Robe of Vecna, Lillarcor atc.. The best weapons in PoE usually has bonus to accuracy, damage, and some other property, which are usefull in some situation. Unfortunatelly none of the weapons looks realy epic. I thing, epic items brings additionl dimension to RPGs.
  4. During this combact, some of my characters stucked and they weren't able to walk or take any other action. When I checked their status effect, they weren't affected by any hodtile efect. The characters remained stucked even after finishing the combat. I saved the gama and loaded and after load, they were able to walk again.
  5. I have noticed this problem can hapen in other locations too. Kana's sword also disappeared while entering different level in Endless Paths. Maybe this problem is related to all characters with more than two weapon slots? I can't test it, because in my party only Kana has three weapon slots so far.
  6. Hallo, I have encountered a strange bug (GOG version). When I left Readric's Hold Dungeon and Entered Readrick' Keep, I noticed one of weapons Kana had in quick weapon slot (Fine Estoc with Burinin Lash) dissapeared. I checked the save at the end of Readric's Hold Dungeon and the weapon was in the slot. I tried to enter Readrick' Keep again and the weapon again disappeared. After that I loaded the save again, switched the weapons and entered Readrick' Keep. Everything was OK now.
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