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  1. Hi, is iemod able to recustomize the character model and/or class and/or background? I dont mean swapping new textures, I mean switching to those already existing assets. If it's possible, will saving after switching cause any save corruption?
  2. Example you hit twice with Tidefall, will there be 2 wounding dots on target assuming you hit twice within 5 seconds? or does the dot just get refreshed by the more recent hit?
  3. I've seen this happen in the dungeon before Cilant Lis. I finished prologue part (with Heodan and Calisca), then went back to collect the traps that I couldn't disarm. Eder magically loses his chest armor. Loading to the entrance doesnt restore it. Have to load before entering the dungeon.
  4. i agree with this thread. Only easy fix I can see is add all those rng items as fixed items in shops.
  5. This random makes me sad. on first playthrough i found good gloves rings amulets with +3 to good stats. on 2nd playthrough +3 constitution/perception, other craps
  6. Container loot seems to be randomized somehow but how can I save/load to change what's in the chest? Save/load before entering the area or what?
  7. The 2nd link is broken not sure how to edit the post. But basically it's +5 accuracy vs +.3 crit dmg modifier (i guess +100% dmg becomes 130% dmg on crits is what it means). So which one would be better?
  8. Dozens: http://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Mob_Justice Doemenel: http://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/The_Merciless_Hand
  9. So for tank obviously the Knights talent is best. But for dps, Dozens (condition easy to meet) vs Doemenel talent which one is better?
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