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  1. Steam install, file integrity checks out. When I try to enable cheats with "iroll20s" it says cannot find "BindDefaultDebugkeys.txt" in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Pillars of Eternity II\PillarsOfEternityII_Data/data/batchfiles. I don't even have a data folder within poe2_data let alone these batchfiles. There is another listed folder at Users/Documents, which is a protected folder for me, but that folder doesn't exist. I have had to allow permissions for games to save games there before. but never for an admin approved install. Totally lost as what to do.
  2. So i cured all 3 Pwga with the staff and healed the tree with it as well. As a reward the Lady gives me a mark, i get some dialog about feeling better, but I see no buff or ability gained. bug?
  3. WOOOOOOT very nice changes!! Keep up the good work Josh and Co. I like bold changes CASTERS NEXT YOU CAN DO ITTT
  4. Wanted to ask what your thoughts on multi classing Priest/Chanter was for maximum buffage. Chanters might be worth it if you can add other classes abilities to them lol
  5. Game sorely needs auras. The constant rebuffing and no out of combat buffing ..... i mean its not the trash heap of a system that Tyranny had but its still pretty awful. Either auras or buff durations need increased by 10x. Will never happen though
  6. I remember thinking the same thing, until I actually used a chanter and found that most of those phrases were actually pretty dang useful. There's not a single phrase on that list that I haven't found useful at some point. A chanter is a swiss army knife. It has a lot of fussy parts, and every part is really situational, but if you get to know how all the parts work, you'll find it's really useful. And it's especially useful when you find that you can produce three buffs simultaneously for your entire party, no matter how spread out they are on the battlefield. No other class comes close to that. Chanters can do all that, and at the same time they're smacking your enemies in the face with a big sword. Chanters are sweet. They have a lot of build options, especially in PoE2. They're weird, and they're not for everybody. They're fussy and confusing at first, but they really reward a player who gets to know them. Chanters are a dull butter knife. Also most of your post is completely false which makes me wonder if you have played a chanter. Chants have a range and its pretty short (by design to not clip mobs over walls), Invocations are usually cones, their melee is usually garbage because they are pumping Int and Resolve and have no multipliers w/ low base accuracy
  7. This is Chanters. Just change Maelstrom to Invocations/Chants and Ele shamans to Chanters
  8. I... don't like the sound of the EQ system. If all the buffs get stacked together, there's no interesting choices about how to mix your songs together. I agree with the others that Chanters were great in PoE. They're largely the same as they were. You can still stack three buffs at once with one active phrase, one lingering phrase, and one support invocation all at the same time. You don't have a choice at all now. Its just Dragon Thrashed/ Aeth uth Mythr or whatever/ Reload Speed. Been awhile since I looked at it but I remember the 12+ chants being pretty useless looking. A priest doesn't not buff someone stats at higher levels, his buffs just get better. Chanters lose buffs.
  9. Sounds like they fixed the fundamental issue, not being able to do anything at the start of combat. 6 Skeletons sounds insane and a little OP as an opener as the AI used to target the weakest things first, giving you a massive advantage at the opener. Now they need to work on chants as they are pretty weak for the most part IMO and not a substitute for a priest at all (which by the spells looks to be similar). They also need to work on the linger system and the chants actually falling off. It is heavily inspired by the Everquest 1 Bard (the linger system) and EQ bards had amazingly good songs that buffed the party so much it warranted taking a Bard over another DPS. Something the current Chanter would not bring to a 6 man party. They also could stack up to 4 buffs at the same time. And later on their spells began to merge together at higher levels so you didn't have as many trade-offs running your new chants. All these things the current Chanter in PoE1 is missing.
  10. Just wanting to see if old Fergus has followed through with his statement that chanters were going to be so awesome. They sucked bad in PoE unless you were doing a solo playthrough. Just a really really really bad priest with summons and abilities that could only be used as the final monster of the pack you were fighting dies. Anything new?
  11. You shouldnt do a Chanter playthrough until WM:P2 comes out next month. There is going to be an overhaul of the whole class and might mess everything up.
  12. 1. Any time you talk to an ogre, you can make a deal and then kill them. Then reap the rewards for not killing them. 2. Deprive the Unworthy has no save. Not even Thaos is immune to an instant cast, 15m range dispel that lasts 30 seconds 3. You CAN stack Scroll of Accuracy and Devotions of the Faithful (total +35 accuracy even on spells) 4. You CANNOT stack Circle of Protection and Scroll of Defense 5. Put "use" items on characters like Rogues or Fighters for high Accuracy 6. Thanks to the new AI seeking out weak opponents you can use this to your advantage. Dragon/Fampyrs targeting casters/Tank about to die? Not if you throw down some widowlings next to them. 7. Almost everyone in Stalwart is a crook except dwarves. Dwarves are always good. If you want good endings trust dwarves and ogres not your own kind.
  13. Don't you dare drop Kograk. You made a deal, that if he left that town alone he could stay with you. "Break a deal, spin the wheel." - Sking O as a Dev you should know this: you can make the deal and then kill him. He wiil still be in your stronghold and you can still turn in his head to the farmer for a positive result. There is also another instance where you can do this but I cant remember atm O ya its the ogres in WM. Make the deal, kill them, and then everyone acts like you didn't.
  14. It sounds to me that you're simply not playing very well.
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