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  1. Would anyone be willing to do a water color version of this dude? Pretty please?
  2. Had some fun with this in Poe1. Is this a viable option in Deadfire? Anyone from the beta has got experience with this?
  3. Did the devs at any point suggest if priests of Eothast will get any extra interactions and dialogues concerning The Shattered God? One thing that I didn't like about PoE1 is that there was so much stuff regarding to Eothas here and there yet no one cared about the fact that the protagonist was his priest. Hopefully this will not be as disappointing this time.
  4. HOMM VI has some good quality portraits that blend well with the art style of PoE
  5. I like my starting sword and I want to keep it till the end damn it! The idea to limit the power of enchanting a weapon is god-damn awfull and I hope they won't go this way. If I want to use late game gear I will just use it, if I want to keep basic early stuff then why limit my choice? Feels totaly not rpg-cool.
  6. I just really want to get to answers Hiravias' question: does Pellegina have a cloaca?
  7. Nah, the way I understand it these sort of interactions will take place between companions but also the Watcher
  8. I just spit my coffee thank you very much. As to romances, eh I am really on the fence with this one. I think that such plots and arcs can indeed enrich the story. At the same time I see some random scenes from DA:I and ugh
  9. Doesn't seem so. Thaos didn't have power over Woedica and he was Engwithian no?
  10. The same reasons many of our gods from ancient pantheons were jerks. Romans even made dead emperors 'gods' even though a lot of them were ****s. Aside from that if Thaos and his merry bunch created gods in order to bring order to the kith then these gods had to be somewhat inspired by what the kith already knew and from his description I take things that were worshiped earlier weren't ideals of justice and poetry etc.
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