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  1. Hi everyone, I know many threads already exits about soulblade but i wanted to know your opinions about berserk/SB vs ShatteredPillar/SB (melee obviously), i love both and i wonder which is the strongest between the two and what your prefered. I precise that i talk striclty about those subclass (not ascendant or whatever "better options") and have a weakness for woetp XD. Thank you *sorry for my english
  2. This is not a post mirror. im just adding here for other playes the cheats to change companion classes in order for it to be registered in the forum. Thanks to boerer for the help! EXAMPLES: comp classes setclasslevel companion<hit tab until Konstanten pops up> Barbarian 8 true player classes setclasslevel player<hit tab> paladin 8 true SetClasslevel <companion_name> <base_class_name> <level> true and then SetSubclass <companion_name> <base_class_name> <subclass_name> I think (?) you don't have to remove/add the lvl-0 abilites manually but maybe you have to. This is done with the AddAbility player<hit tab> <abilityname> and RemoveAbility commands.
  3. So, I wonder if I'd actually just shoot myself in the foot focusing my build decision partially around the amount of dialogue options the game offers. I am quite fixated on Ciphers and Priests for that reason, but normally I would prefer to go for a martial class in games (Ranger or Paladin mostly, but here a Monk seems quite intriguing as well).
  4. I just finished a playthrough with a lot of single... Naturally I wasn't attracted by single. I know it was bad but I still tested it completely. I have understand a lot of thing. Ascertainement. 1) I am a single Priest. 2) I have 2 spells to cast (ressources) by spell level (1 to 9). 3) I have more spell to choose than multiclass each level up. 4) I have the same number of ressource (2) than multiclass. 4) But number of spell is opposite to number of possible uses. (If I have 999 differents spells and only 2 uses...) To conclude, there is absolutely no argument to take a single priest. Each level of spell don't changing the world. (was not the case with devotion for the faithful at 20 accuracy. Got sooner = G.G. = eventual interrest of single class) Few idea to improve single class : 1) Casting time / 2 for single. 6s of casting ? 3s of casting time ! You can buff far quicker ! Good ! 2) +1 spell ressource by spell level. (2 now = 3) 3) Reworking the level 8-9. Awful. 4) Two uses of Empower on encounter. With that : I buy it. A single priest worth it. If not : poop.
  5. Intro: I think it would be really cool if Obsidian added a 12th class to Deadfire and I think that class should be the Shaman. I know shaman right now is a multiclass between a Barbarian and Priest, but I think that should be changed to something else and Shaman should be its own single class. Why Shaman? I think shaman could be a really fun, unique class if it was added as a stand-alone class. Totems are cool and add a completely different play style. I gathered my thought and made up what I think would be a cool approach to making Shaman an official class. Below are class descriptions, abilities, and subclasses that I made up for this class. Obviously, there is no way for me to test any of this and maybe this class would be super overpowered the way I have thought of it. I also just described the abilities and didn't mention anything about what defenses they go against or anything that specific. This is just something I made up and would love to see added to the game with real values! I am very open to suggestions and ideas and even though this will probably never be added to the game, it is fun to think and dream about! Thanks for reading! Class: Shaman Roles: Striker, Support, Crowd Control Power Source: Ancestors (Shaman would use Ancestral spirits as a resource like paladins use Zeal instead of having spell slots like a wizard.) Subclasses: (names pending) Double number of allowable active totems. 25% chance to regain resources when totem unsummoned/destroyed. Totems are weaker and have a lower duration Totems no longer consume resources and are have a 0.5 sec cast time. Can only cast each totem once per combat. Total resources cut in half. Gain ability “Extract Spirit” – consume the spirits of fallen kith, wilder, and beasts to regain resources. Can also target low level/near death spirits. Successful use also grants Strong and Smart for 5 sec. Can no longer use empower. -10 all defenses All totems are more powerful, have longer duration, higher defenses, and more health. Having a totem active gives +1 all PL. Can only have 1 totem active at a time. Totems destroyed by enemies inflict damage to the shaman. Not having a totem active gives shaken. Abilities by Power Level PL Active Abilities Passive Abilities 0 Shaman use spirits to summon Totems in combat. Shaman use spirits to infuse their weapons with special abilities Can only have 1 Totem active at a time. Totems Count as summoned creature Totems are immune to Intellect Afflictions but have low reflex 1 Purge Totem – Removes 1 negative affect from nearby allies every 5 sec Fire Totem – Shots small fire balls at enemy targets Taunt Totem – Forces nearest 2 enemies to attack. Enemies are distracted Earth Weapon – Full attack, Deals additional Crush Damage Poison Weapon - Primary attack, Applies poison Hex that sickens the target Arms Bearer Monastic Unarmed Training Will of the Spirits - +5 Will, +5 defense against spirits 2 Water Totem – Regen health in area Earth Totem – Damage enemies in area, enemies are hobbled and shaken Totem of Atrophy - Applies Curse of Atrophy in AOE Shaman Modal – Earth (-5% damage taken), Water (Gain Concentration every 5 sec), Air (charges up, pushes back enemies tat attack in melee), Lightning (+5% Crit Chance), Shadow (increase duration of will targeting attacks) Lightning Weapon – Primary Attack, deals additional lightning damage in small AOE around target Shadow Weapon - Full attack, applies a Hex that lowers accuracy of target Weapon and Shield Style Two Weapon Style One-Handed Style Two Handed Style 3 Pull Totem – Pulls farthest enemy in range to totem Stone Totem – Throws rocks for crush damage at enemies Totem of Nightmares - Applies Curse of Nightmares in AOE Taunt Totem 2A – Increases health, defenses, duration Taunt Totem 2B – when destroyed or unsummoned, deals fire damage and staggers and sickens enemies Earth Weapon 2 – Successful hits also bleed the target over time Poison Weapon 2 - adds poison damage to weapons attacks while hex persist Can have 2 active Totems Bear’s Fortitude Snake’s Reflexes Bull’s Will 4 Water Totem 2 – Activate again for instant heal. Destroyed when activated. Heal amount determined by time remaining Spirit Totem – Frighten nearby enemies Shadow Totem - Applies Curse of Darkness in AOE Modal 2 – Earth (increase AR by 2), Water (Gain Acute at the beginning of combat), Air (recharges faster), Lightning (crits have 50% to set off lesser chain lightning), Shadow (Will targeting attacks also lower will by 5) Water Weapon – Full Attack, target ally instead of enemy, heals instead of dealing damage Lightning Weapon 2 – Full Attack, increased AOE damage Weapon of Rot - Primary Attack, Applies hex deals poison damage over time +1 Penetration with Fire Attacks +1 Penetration with Earth Attacks +1 Penetration with Electricity Attacks Spell Shaping Tumbling 5 Pull Totem 2 – Immobilize Pulled targets Stone Totem 2A – Has a chance to knock down Stone Totem 2B – Stone explodes and deals pierce damage in AOE Defense Totem - +5 all defenses, stacks with other defensive abilities Totem of Obedience - Dominates targets in small AOE Lava Weapon – Primary Attack, increase the time of beneficial effects on allies in a small AOE around the enemy hit Plague Weapon - Primary Attack, Applies a hex that adds damage each time the target is hit in melee Shadow Weapon 2 - The hex also deals damage each time the target misses an attack Tough Uncanny Luck Practiced Healer Far Casting (Totems Only) Strong Totems – Increase Totem defenses and AR 6 Air Totem – Blinds in AOE Lightning Totem – Deals damage in AOE Spirt Weapon – Primary attack, terrify enemy Water Weapon 2 – if ally is below 50% health, leaves a small heal over time Weapon of Rot 2 - Target explodes if killed while the Hex persists Spell Resistance Improved Crit Quick Summoning (Totems Only) Increase number of resources by 1. +1 Spirit 7 Speed Totem – Increase stride and lower recovery speed. Doesn’t stack Rez Totem – Revives ally Air Weapon – Recover Instantly on next weapon Crit Lava Weapon 2 – Crits cause the attack to be more benefical Plague Weapon 2 - the Hex spreads if the target is killed while still affected by the hex Killing blows have a 25% chance to recover 1 resource Lasting Empower Accurate Empower Penetrating Empower Potent Empower 8 Water Totem 3 – Using the active ability with 10+ seconds remaining restores the resource cost Lightning Totem 2A – chance to stun Lightning Totem 2B – increase AOE Spirit Weapon 2 – Hit enemies behind the initial target in a cone area Totem of Serpents Gaze - Petrifies targets in a cone in the direction the totem faces Great Soul Totems have increased Duration 9 Ancestral Totem – lashes out at enemies at range dealing Fire, Earth (crush), lightning damage Rez Totem 2A – Revives in area and gives robust and resolute Rez Totem 2B – Revives 1 ally with more health and brilliant Air Weapon 2 – Recover Instantly on next 3 weapon crits Prestige Totem Master – Can have 3 active totems EDIT - Added some totems and weapon attacks to go along with the theme of curses and hexes and made some minor wording changes
  6. I would like to make a full 5 man custom party where all of them have Devoted as the Fighter subclass. But I don't want to just to use one build for all five. I want to roleplay a bit with them. I already searched youtube and found some Fextralife builds but I was wondering if someone has an idea for a party that would fit well together. Cheers in advance my fellow gamers!
  7. Part I: The Umbral Mystic Knights Overview: The Umbral Mystic Knight is a lonely inquisitor with the power to manipulate shadows. Umbral Mystic Knights lose access to many paladin abilities but gain a list of abilities when they reach specific power levels Description: The Umbral Mystics are a branch of the Mystic Knights paladin order that rose to prominence in tandem with Animancy in the Aedyr empire. The Umbral Mystics wear black clothing and armor. They are involved in covert operations against rogue animancers and dark creatures that result from their art. Shadows rise in servitude to their willpower and zeal, they coalesce to form their shrouded weaponry and armors Dispositions: +Deceptive and Rational -Honest and Aggressive Ability gained per power level: Shadow Strike: Adds more damage and accuracy to next attack Shrouded Blade of the Mystic Knights: Summoned weapon Shadow Walk: Invisibility Umbral Strike: Shadow Strike also blinds Rymgrin's Repulsive Visage Shadowing Beyond Rymgrin's Enervating Terror Summon Shadow: Summons a shade Form of the Umbral Knight: Ultimate Transformation (Two Umbral Swords and Umbral Plate Armor) Drawback: Loses access to Fire, Heal and Light Paladin abilities Download my mod here: https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity2/mods/169
  8. Why Test (Version Mmmm, Carnage. I've been a long time fan of Barbarian and have been seeking information on how the Carnage mechanic works in Deadfire since release. Unfortunately, things were slow both here and on Reddit with limited interest (people consider Carnage a worthless ability, especially in light of Mob Stance prior to its nerf) and poor accessibility (limited HUD tooltip info). The only question that really got answered was whether the secondary Carnage attacks applied on-hit effects, and the answer was a resounding, "No, but Spirit and Blood Frenzy on-hit effect buff does." That, and the fact that the resulting Raw damage does not care for Penetration, Graze, or Crit modifiers. Fast forward to present day. With the help of the mod guide video kind of showing where to look, I've been able to look at the various status effect and attack object structures. So here's some general observations from what's been tucked away in the GameDataBundle files: Carnage damage does scale with Power Level. It's a meager +5% per PL, but it's better than nothing. Amusingly, since Carnage is itself PL 0, and you start at PL 1, you actually start with the bonus +5% to Carnage damage. Don't get excited, though, because this scaling value is applied after the 0.33 modifier.The 33% damage effect will check the weapon in your primary or off-hand as appropriate. It does not care about anything other than the weapon's Base Damage range. You don't get the accuracy bonus from weapon quality. There is a hidden PL accuracy bonus that can't be observed in the game's tooltips, as noted in the Power Level Compilation Thread. The AoE Carnage attacks (main and off-hand) that apply the 33% damage effect seem to use a static 0.33 value for damage that overrides the default ability damage scaling for effects (+10% per PL). This just means you can only rely on the +5% damage per PL after the 0.33 reduction. Damage So the question I had at this point was what influenced Base Weapon Damage? Does weapon quality factor at all? What about active abilities proc from passives, like One Stands Alone, or conditional passive bonuses like Wilder Hunter? Thanks to a wonderful group of Assassin Vines, I've been able to get started on testing. Here are my observations thus far. Damage range for Carnage appears to use the following formula: (([base Weapon Damage] * [Might Damage Bonus]) * 0.33)(1 + (.05 * PL)). This was tested with a mod I made which increased the scaling damage bonus from PL so I could observe any small change to other values. Weapons used were of the same type, but different quality between them. Of course, quality had no effect on the damage result, and neither did One Stands Alone. I still have not tested sabre's Sharp weapon property or Wilder Hunter talent, though I suspect that Carnage damage will not check for creature type before applying itself. If anyone tests these before I do, that would be nice. Surprise! Might influences your Base Weapon Damage before it is shoved into Carnage's % damage calculation! This was tested by observing the damage range with and without Frenzy. Whether it's worth having high Might to maximize Carnage damage is another thing. Assuming you max it out, you're still looking at 10-15 Raw damage from 30 Might and 10 PL delivered via a Sword swing (Base 13-19). Finding the minimum and maximum damage possible is just a matter of using the minimum and maximum values under Base Weapon Damage range for the relevant weapon. For the most part, numbers stayed within the correct range, but was a little tricky to parse because damage values are not integers. Your damage range will include decimal values, but the hit point damage flying out of enemies on screen will round the value up. Testing Error In the GameDataBundle files, it appears that your off-hand weapon is ignored for base weapon damage and your main weapon is used instead. This isn't because they didn't put in an entry for your off-hand weapon. They did. It just doesn't get referenced at all, and thus the AoE attack and subsequent 33% damage status effect it would reference are also unused. It may be a mistake that the main weapon got referenced for both the main weapon on-hit event and the off-hand weapon on-hit event, or it could be a measure to prevent the game from breaking on something. Area of Effect As for Carnage AoE size, even with 21 Int, I struggled to hit more than 3 additional Assassin Vines at a time. Barbaric Blow's 50% increased Carnage AoE did not make a noticeable difference, though I guess that's fitting given the size of the base AoE (360 degrees; "Small"; 1.5 blast radius override). At the very least, if you get 3+ enemies clustered, Heart of Fury can apply a lot of extra damage via main and off-hand Carnage AoE. Closing There's nothing to really close this OP on. The goal wasn't to show whether Carnage was a viable mechanic or not but to clear up some of the mystery behind how it works. I'll leave some closing thoughts: Abilities like Barbaric Blow and Heart of Fury do not influence Carnage damage whatsoever. This, despite Barbaric Blow claiming it also increases the crit rate of Carnage. There's no benefit to doing so even if it worked that way. You ultimately use the abilities for the Full Attack abuse and maybe the increased Carnage AoE. For consistent, powerful basic attack applications, dual wielding wielding a spear, sword, or battle axe in your main hand will offer the best results (Base 13-19 damage). Might becomes slightly more relevant with big 2h weapons since it will modify a bigger value. Great sword, pike, and quarterstaff (Base 18-24 damage) will lead to a maximum Carnage damage range of 14-19 at 30 Might and 10 PL. From my testing, 2h Weapon talent doesn't modify Carnage damage and neither does the great sword modal. Two-weapon Full Attacks will apply a big sum-total Carnage damage with endgame abilities, such as Heart of Fury, but a max level Barbarian can swing Sanguine/Voidwheel with amazing impunity once the first enemy falls. This can result in a solid Carnage damage spike over the course of a combat encounter. The benefit of instant primary weapon recovery via Blood Thirst should not be underestimated. As of the recent testing in patch ( even the attack animation is canceled. It's seriously FAST. Completely unrelated to Carnage. You could forgo melee entirely if your goal is to dual Pistol/Blunderbuss Heart of Fury. Heart of Fury will fire at all enemies within range AND has the bonus of bypassing primary weapon reload (unlike Barbaric Blow). The downside is the ability cooldown, but you will still ultimately pump damage faster by just rushing the second Heart of Fury. Whether it's worth the 8 Rage is another matter. EDIT: I saw an enemy get hit by the Carnage AoE triggered on them. They were moving fairly quickly (Terrified) and just ran into their own AoE. It was HILARIOUS.
  9. Basically, Swords: - Whispers of Yenwood - Hel Beckoning - Duskfall - Modwyr Vs. Sabres: - Aldris Blade - Grave Calling - Tarn's Respite - Scordeo's Edge
  10. So I've started my first REAL (started a cipher and didn't enjoy it) character to play and I decided on a rogue since I've heard they do the highest single target damage and look appealing to me. Here's my build, any pointers or tips to improve it would be much appreciated: Race: Moon Godlike (I like the passive, the stats and they look cool) Attributes: MIG: 12 CON: 8 DEX: 18 PER: 18 INT: 12 RES: 10 I want to use dual sabres because they look cool and I like pirates. I've also heard they are very good on the rogue.
  11. How viable this class would be? Rogue is a damage-focused class and Paladin is a tank or a supporter, but the ability to buff myself, therefore increasing DPS looks promising. What attributes and abilities are recommended? Is there a soulbound greatsword?
  12. Hi Obsidian, I know that you can always quick save before recruitment of companions so if you're not satisfied with your choice of class for them you could always go back and choose a different class. but it would be great to have a class abilities preview button in the class choice window especially for the companions with unique sub classes. thank you for reading this.
  13. It's been a while since I was on forums and played the game. I currently own poe, white march i and ii, 3.04 edition. I played this game way back, before the expansion came out (white march i, I believe). What did change? Is druid still the best class? Are damage spells still useless? What is most op and underpowered class?
  14. Right, I've been wondering which classes are the least and the most popular. Few explanations are in order I think: I didn't put Cipher in the least popular because let's face it, that's like putting Eder in the least popular comp poll. All it will achieve is gather sub 2,5% votes which could be interesting if they are put elsewhere. I didn't have enough space in the favourite class poll, so I comboed Ranger and Rogue. Please specify which you've chosen and why. I'll cast my vote at a later date so I don't muddle the sample(I most certainly won't talk about it for at least a fortnight). Thank you for your cooperation.
  15. Hello there. I have a YouTube channel on which I upload many different types of gameplay videos. I have begun my Pillars of Eternity series, whereby I will be playing a Dwarven Priest on easy. No footage will be cut out, unless it is extremely boring (e.t.c. loading screens, random things I do). Playlist: https://youtu.be/2_HluexIFg8?list=PLMADF6oHdMjd07Demzh3UANbeLXHdc-yI Chapter 1 - Escaping the Attack: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_HluexIFg8&list=PLMADF6oHdMjd07Demzh3UANbeLXHdc-yI Chapter 2 - Day 1 in Gilded Vale: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=72GC5dUptdw&list=PLMADF6oHdMjd07Demzh3UANbeLXHdc-yI&index=2 Chapter 3 - Day 2 in Gilded Vale: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T907_ZKmme4&index=3&list=PLMADF6oHdMjd07Demzh3UANbeLXHdc-yI Chapter 4 - Temple of Eothas: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZrZiqau1Uhw&index=4&list=PLMADF6oHdMjd07Demzh3UANbeLXHdc-yI Expect more soon, and remember to share if you enjoyed! Feedback highly appreciated, including tips on how to improve, as I am very new to this game (: Thank You!
  16. Hi everyone, I was considering making my character a witch hunter since I was a fan of it in D&D, however I'm not too sure on how to start off, like what starting class to pick. Any advice would be great, thank you.
  17. Hey hey! I just found out about Pillars of Eternity, kicking myself for not doing that earlier but very happy nw, trying to figure out how the classes play. Been through all of the Infinity engine games and Neverwinter Nights. I'm looking for a class that's interesting to play. Halp plx. Not the "best" class or the "best" build or whatevs. Im perfectly happy with sticking to normal/hard difficulty and skipping ironman and ultraviolencechallenge thing. Things I like: - A decent number of active abilities to choose from - Being able to adapt to changes in the flow of combat - Having lots of open choices in conversations - Cake Things I dislike: - Perfect execution of a plan (and subsequent reload when the plan fails) - Niche builds based on repeating a single skill or combo - Not having any brains In Neverwinter Nights, the Bard class was perfect for me. A fair selection of spells that are useful when you know when to use them, but still decent with a sword. And great rp options because Charisma. Paladin and Cleric come second, because again with the tactical choices and decent combat as a fallback. Fighters were dumb, and if I really had to play one, I had to make a smart fighter with many active feats like disarm and knockdown so I wasn't reduced to just hitting stuff until it sticks. Monks were okay though. In Shadowrun I liked a mix of combat skills with either Shaman or Decker, because they gave some extra options in combat, and unlocked interesting conversation options outside. Been reading up on Pillars a bit. Fighter seems like a specialised meat sack so probably not picking that. Chanter looks like a Bard but isn't a Bard? Hum. And really having hard time with how attributes should be divided and which ones are important for RP options... would appreciate pointers!
  18. If you've done multiple playthroughs, choose all that apply! Interested to see which races and classes people gravitated to the most. (I had to split the classes into 2 questions, since their polling only allows 10 options per question and there are 11 classes total)
  19. I'm thinking about my first character and from the RP point of view I like both Wizards and Ciphers, but can't decide between them, so can anyone help me decide ? For Cipher I'd go with guns and as far as I know Arquebus is the best option right now, for wizard I guess I should go with staff and rely on spells/blast. Arguments for taking Cipher over Wizard: almost unlimited spells when compared to Wizard's per rest spells better accuracy damage bonuses and very good weapon damage unique dialogue options Arguments for taking Wizard over Cipher: spells seems to be stronger than Cipher's powers lore bonus Which one do you find to be a better ranged DPS/crowd control class? Also, it would be great if anyone could suggest a good builds for these classes.
  20. So there is a big nerf to Defender Fighter coming, but it is not topic about it. Lets asume that devs want to push Fighters to be more than meatshields, and be usefull in combat. However, there is little builds of DPS fighters, and i hardly see reason to build one, since for bruiser there is Barbarian and Mon, for DPS Rogue, for utylity Paladin/Chanter. And if we want it all there is always Druid/Cipher/Wizard. Being tought is nice, but dosnt help much if you dont do much. So far the best things to say about Fighters is that hey offer "blunt and passive gameplay" (quote), and they always "can pick neutral talents and learn Lore skill" (also quote). So the question is: what need to happen to DPS Fighter be a viable party member? What new items, abilities, talents should aprear? Which existing talents, abilities need to be changed? Of course there is a big challenge how to even balance with 4 time per encounter slicken bunch of enemies prone. But the hope is that fighters could combine some tactical debuffs, and normal attack dmg in one ability, and have it avaiable 2 times per encounter. Existing talents/abilities: Disciplined Barrage - Is just soo weak. Accuracy is not big problem for FIghters, and if is, there is more than enought ways to buff accuracy or debuff enemies deflection, all this in longer duracion and as aoe. Could be +20 Acc, +30% attack speed, 20 sec, 1/encounter. It is barrage after all. New talents, abilities: Shatter - Powerful Strike which tears enemy armor into pieces. Reduce DT for -10 for 30 sec. 2/encounter. Also deals normal dmg. Pommel Strike - You forgot to stick them with pointy end, but they are stunned now so its ok. Normal attack.Stuns for 10 sec, 2/encounter. Under the plate - Fighter is master of armors and knows every weakness. Gain passive 3 DT reduction with all attacks. Higher Ground - What falls down shall never raise again. Against prone targets fighter gets +50% dmg bonus. Passive. For synergy with knock out, and also some weapons, and other classes. Synergy builds are fun. Shake it Off - Could be used always as long as fighter is alive. Instantly ends all negative status. Like stuns, paralyze, blidness. 2/encounter. Neutral Talents (all classes) Weapon Precision: WeaponType - You learn how to use your favorite weapon type in most deadly way. Gan +0,25 critical multiplier in your favorite weapon type. That could be better as neutral talent since we can't exacly say that critcals fit better fighters than barbarians, or rogues, or rangers. End there could be much more. Much more is needed. So this topic is often for other suggestions. Some may look like overpowered from level 1 perspective, but in comparison to end game caster it is just what needs to be done to bring some fun, and at least click something. EDIT: Disciplined Barrage is more widely viewed as lucklaster. There is more need for offensive Fighter class abilities than talents, since as talents you can always pick neutrals, and for abilities you do not have choice.
  21. Hi. I have just bought with Pillars of Eternity and seeing how main menu is enough to make me cry of epicness I guess it will be cool adventure. Anyway, obviously I am new player here. I have played BG2 (finished once) as well as many more or less sophisticated RPGs, anyway I am new in PoE. This is a bit problematic because I really, really wanna to play as Monk class which as far as I know is the weirdest class possible. <if this is wrong thread I'm sorry, please put it in more appropriate subforum> Usually I tend to create boring vanilla characters for RPG similar to me from real life, brown hair horrible dexterity wizard nerd guy but I have decided it's lame and I need to do something different. And my new fantasy alter ego will be crazy. My character is going to be a young cheerful tall muscular girl from Ixamilt Plains, monk class, Philosopher background and hidden genius level intellect, absurd Might and Intellect, barefist combat, badass cowboy one liners, problems with alcohol, anger managment and self acceptation, explosive character, crazy ass sense of humor, obsession over prime numbers, rampant bisexuality but mainly heart of gold and great love for all living beings and deep will to improve the world. Half of those characteristics are impossible to reflect in this computer game but whatever, I really care about roleplay :D My point is, this insane character needs to be Monk and it will be damn unorthodox Monk despite it being difficult class and me not knowing anything about game's mechanics. Anyway, besides the facts it HAS to be a monk, crazy girl and philosopher background (despite other proffesions would profit more - it needs to be intellectual at heart. As I said, this girl is crazy.) I am open at advices from (wiser) people about how exactly to build DPS monk because I am completely lost at nuances of PoE mechanics - from what I see there are really many ways to build characters and even main attributes are pretty flexible. 1) What attributes are the most important for monk? Like, really the most important, not what the character creation screen suggests (I am suspicious about that ). 2) Any crucial advices at how to manage monk class, for a complele newbie like me? 3) I don't know anything about the game's mechanics besides some overview of classes and NPC companions (party is very important for me in RPGs I play and I always try to plan it before beginning new game). What team would fit the monk main character the best? I am asking about premade characters because I want to play with NPCs having their story and dialogue, not some silent companions made by me. I think my dream team would have *My little beloved girl monk being main DPS *Ered fighter as tank *Sagani ranger as ranged DPS and stealth *Durance priest as support healer but I am not sure about last two companions (I aim at 6 guy team). Who would fit this composition the best: Grieving Mother/Kana Rua/Aloth/Hiravias? From what I know all these characters use magic to CC enemies/buff team and I am completely lost as what are the difference between them. My Monk Badass Girl character thanks in advance for all advices. http://goo.gl/DBWuLA
  22. So think about this - in PoE you can transfer your souls and all that kind of things ... why not being able to, in some point, transfer your soul to someone that will make u keep your previous knowledge, but will be able to advance your knowledge in other areas, other known as multi-class! In another words - you lived your life fully as level 4 thief, then you transfer your soul to a level 1 mage! This could work I think, lore-wise at least :D
  23. Hi All, Not sure if everyone has created this yet, but I thought it'd be fun to see what people believe are some of the best spells/abilities per class, for the first let's say 6 levels. I'm still too low level to venture an opinion to be honest, but want to see what the more experienced have to say about it. ok............... GO!
  24. Hey So let's think about what would be the best DPS class in this game in your opinions, PotD wise. I've been playing with a paladin as a tank and a rogue as a DPS dealer. And da**, I must say when properly positioned, the rogue can do insane amount of damage. But he is so squishy though. One mistake and he's gone. I tried Cipher DPS wise. It's really good too. If the cipher pulls off his spells, he can do insane amount of AoE damage. But is it stronger than the rogue? I haven't played that much with ciphers, so i couldn't say. What's your opinions on the best DPS class guys?
  25. I was wondering if anyone knows if it will be possible to change the class of a companion using mods or commands? I noticed a very extensive list of console commands over in the Backer Beta Discussion Thread, but nothing about changing a character's class. I was really hoping to use the original Eder as a Rogue so my PC can play the fighter role. Thanks in advance for any help!
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