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  1. @Verde Stacking? I usually take it on classes and characters that I don't typically have a similar bonus. Characters that aren't using shield modals, mostly. I take the passive on... Barbarian Chanter Cipher Cleric Ranger Wizard Usually at the tail end of the PL or during the next PL in the case of Barbarian. @Phenomenum That's a weird exception for 1/encounter. Granting all body or mind tier 1 inspirations sounds crazy over-tuned. I'd use it every battle at that point. If I may suggest, you could make it so the spell periodically buffs you with the relevant tier 1 inspiration at certain intervals. If the inspiration is countered, it will return at the next interval unless the spell's duration runs out and the next interval doesn't occur. Not sure exactly what the code would look like, but this would make the spell a really powerful counter to certain effects but otherwise no stronger than a tier 1 inspiration.
  2. I feel the same way as Boeroer on Deep Pockets but I also thought the idea of a "Lesser" Deep Pockets for all other classes was pretty cool. Voted for that.
  3. There might be a misunderstanding on my wording. The only reason I brought up Uncanny Luck was to state my bias. I'm well aware I'm biased towards the talent since I run it all the time, but people were making posts under the assumption no one in the world took the talent. I just wanted to point out when and where I take the talent. As for my comment to Verde, I was under the impression Verde was talking about the resistance as well as the crit chance. I don't use it purely for the DPS aspect, either, and many of you have already stated that it's not too bad defensively. Please do not take my claims of the log as anything but me making sure you all know of my confirmation bias and not to take me seriously. I just feel a little bad since I didn't consider the log could be bugged at all. I really liked seeing it come up and thought I was one lucky player. As for buffing Uncanny Luck, in my own posts I even state that the votes on the poll will favor a buff to the talent. I never advocated otherwise.
  4. At that point it would be supremely flexible. Barely a combat situation that one talent wouldn't apply to. I'd take it even on my multiclass characters. Speaking of bugs, did anything happen to the field boots + platinated rebound interaction? I haven't checked it in a good while.
  5. 5% not accounting for multiplicative stacking, is the standard for a D&D player. That's 1 in 20. For a solo class, which usually has access to fewer resources, this just works. Not every solo class is a Rogue, man. But it's understandable that anyone who does not regularly play D&D, particularly 4th edition, would be highly uncomfortable with 1 in 20. I swear by it just because I've seen it proc so many times in my log. It even tells you when something happens as a direct result of that talent in the log. It's hard for me to miss since I do as much as I can in most of my runs through the game. I don't know how the devs see the talent or if they will listen to the feedback from the poll, but I'm sure the majority of votes are with you, Verde.
  6. On the topic of Uncanny Luck, I'm one of the guys who always takes that talent on solo class builds. I'm not usually speedrunning, so all the times it procs to help me resist enemy attacks just stack up and astound me. The hits to crits comes up way too often on a solo Barbarian, it's kind of funny. That said, I find myself taking it on dual classes far less of late. I'll still take it on bruiser types that I don't put shields on. Barbarian - Mage Slayer I've messed around with Mage Slayer for 2 whole playthroughs, both turn based (solo) and real time. The benefits really shine with the DLC content because of all the non-standard casters that can be disrupted but who are otherwise immune to interrupts. The problem is getting the Barbarian to survive long enough to continue disrupting targets. Funny thing is, Barbarian is so tightly balanced that just one additional survival feature modded into the game was enough to significantly boost the speed and success rate of a solo run. I would propose a modest damage shield that activates when the Barbarian successfully resists any attack. Something like a 5pt all damage shield that scales with PL and lasts for 15s. Boerer also suggested raising the SR, which wouldn't hurt. Barbarian - Corpse Eater I would make Frenzy and Yell abilities immune to the Rage cost increase. Leave them at 1. I've already taken the poll by MaxQuest. It looks like you guys have most things covered. I won't be able to contribute that much to discussion since my game knowledge is child-like compared to the giants on this thread, so I'd just like to say thanks to everyone who responded. It's been fun looking at where people stand on game design, particularly Thelee. I hope Obsidian is able to look at the survey results in some capacity.
  7. Without the restrictions you can do as heldred suggests thanks to the flexibility and power their team provides.
  8. Off the top of my head with your restrictions in mind. Other people will do you better, tbh. Tank: Paladin/Chanter. You can go goldpact and a troubadour just to continue applying various buffs, but it's whatever because this multiclass is pretty strong in a party. It's got armor, auras, sustain, damage, and possibly bonus engagement. Just remember that auras count as active abilities, so certain bonuses will not stack with things like modals, spells, or potions. You can still stack equipment, though, and if you stack every available regeneration accessory... DPS off-tank: Fighter/Monk. You can do a devoted helwalker for some funny damage. Access to tier 3 might inspiration and stacking +2 pen on PotD is really good. Choose mob stance for dumb results. Tactician is also really powerful in a party. Consider the benefits. If you don't go devoted, consider using the ability, clear out, w/ weapon modals to debuff secondary defenses by 25. You'll want to look at club, flail, and morningstar. This significantly bolsters your allied Magic DPS. Ranged DPS: Cipher/Rogue. You can kind of wing it here in subclass. Rogue abilities are powerful and you only ever need hobbling strike for damage in most scenarios. Fire off Cipher abilities for phantom foes or something. Don't forget to take Cipher's talent for +1 pen on weapon attacks. This multiclass will work well with whatever firearm you want them to have, pretty much, but works best with dual pistols. Just don't forget to take Maia's sharpshooter's garb for the extra reload reduction on arquebuss since that's what you desire. Magic DPS: Wizard/Barbarian. Just do bloodmage. The barbarian should be either vanilla, berserker, or fury shaper. Berserker might do too much raw damage to you but with proper party support you'll be groovy thanks to bonus pen and armor. Frenzy for bonus action speed. Hilarious. Also, this multiclass is flexible enough to use a conjured weapon if you're so inclined. Healer/Buffer: Unfortunately with the conditions you've set, the last option is Cleric/Druid. This is not recommended, but I guess if you're just looking for healing and buffs, this will have you covered. Combined with the Tank's auras, you'll pretty much have healing as good as it gets in Deadfire aside from what a certain user on here would do (team of 5 paladin chanters). In fact, you'll probably end encounters before you'll need this multiclass... and when you do need it, it'll be for barring death's door.
  9. Well, a slog zone gets created. This could be an issue but by this point most of your team has access to some kind of teleport ability via class or boots. The boss also tends to periodically get stunned, which can be handy but is not mandatory considering you could just DPS the boss the entire time. Only way to make it worth is to take out things before starting the fight yourself, usually by abusing something with big damage and range, but slow-ish projectile speed, while luring the oracle elsewhere on the map. There's enough space that you can do so and safely re-enter stealth before combat can be initiated. Of course, me being me, I used a single class Barbarian's Leap and Instrument of Boundless Rage and that was that.
  10. You can also consume potions of arcane reflection for an extra chance to survive nukes from the adds.
  11. It might not be you. The whole thing was very strange. I'm using unarmed strikes (w/ training) and was wearing Platinated Plate at the time, so I should have gotten stunned at some point with all those attacks flying around. Anyway, let me break down what I can. First, I was playing in Turn Based Mode, but I executed the attack out of combat. I was also running Eothas and Berath's challenge, but that shouldn't affect anything either. The type of Barbarian was Mage Slayer so I could test it for once (ugh, softlocks all over in the 2nd half of the playthrough), but this shouldn't affect No Quarter. My gear consisted of Platinated Plate, anything I could grab to increase Perception, Upright Captain's Belt, armband of accuracy, unarmed fists, a ring of prosperity that increased my hit to crit conversion, the ring with time dilation from Beast of Winter, and the Rakhan Field Boots to use No Quarter on myself. The food I was benefiting from at the time was Hot Razor Skewers. I had the luminous bath bonus. There was also the mysterious bog water bonus granting +2 Might and Constitution. None of these should matter. Talents (that might matter aside from Barbaric Retaliation) Blooded Monastic Training Bloody Slaughter Uncanny Luck Improved Critical Spell Resistance (Maybe? I mean Mage Slayer has inherent 25% vs spells but No Quarter *can't* be a spell. Unpossible.) Platinated Plate was upgraded for 30% stun rate on being hit in melee and +2 Armor vs Melee attacks w/ increased recovery penalty. No weapon modal was active.
  12. I always love testing things on solo Barbarian, so here I am. Level 20 solo Barbarian on my current playthrough and I just hit myself with No Quarter and Barbaric Retaliation. The game had to stop and think about what was going on. It looped into overdrive in a chain of critical hits and retaliations, resulting in over 2000 damage to my character and an explosion of red shock waves and blood. You could abuse this in a party suicide build between Barbaric Retaliation and Vengeful Defeat or use Barring Death's Door. The resulting Carnage damage radiating off of you alone would probably kill most mobs within close range, not to say the least of what you could do with max Intelligence, two rings of overseeing, and Aloth's armor.
  13. While fighting Jungle Lurkers in the Hohina Ravine on Tehiwai Islands I encountered a soft lock. My best guess is that Mage Slayer is successfully interrupting a spellcast but this is causing turn based combat to break. Unfortunately the combat log does not offer an indication of a spell being interrupted here, though it would if I was using the pet boar and still it would soft lock so long as there are spell disruption stacks. I have not encountered this problem before this point due to either luck or bursting down an enemy before or after their spells had been cast. This is on Veteran difficulty (solo, Eothas and Berath challenge) and can happen even with the pwgra if they attempt to cast something while there are spell disruption stacks. A screenshot
  14. When clearing a Pool of Memory trial on Kazuwari (for me it was Trial of the Changeling) characters that end combat flanked will still be considered flanked after exiting the challenge. This flanked condition doesn't clear on restart or rest. The only way to clear the condition is by entering combat, getting flanked, and then getting "un-flanked", so to speak. As proof of this condition here's a google drive link to a zip file containing two saves: one from before the glitch, and one from after the Trail of the Changeling. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mh45jsS6shNPxrn6X_8zhumh8ZSyOyev/view?usp=sharing
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