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  1. I had reputation 2 with Serafen for a while now, his quest is completed (with knowledge of the Sorcerer slaving), but the dialogue where he gifts us Fair Favor hasn't triggered. Anything I could be missing ? I want my fancy hat on my current watcher
  2. I am not really a build specialist, as I have a tendancy to pick the stats I like for RP purposes and make the build work with it, but I'd say Per++ Int++ Might+ Dex+ Con= Res- Active abilities pick whatever you feel like, it will not affect the build (except alchemy that gives you better consumables). Dual wielding will give you more damage overall, but it will not make or break the build. Try both during the first couple of levels and you can decide what you like best. And you can always respec I invite you to read the great answers I got from forum regulars when I was myself trying to figure out what to do with my bellower Have fun! https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/109064-a-few-chanter-bellower-related-questions/
  3. I wouldn't call a +PL a waste of a phrase, especially on the ones that have bounces. In the case of Thrice it is very ok to hoard phrases a bit and wait for a more favorable timing with 2 or 3 more phrases than the minimum required for that +6PL. It is true however that you loose some flexibility. That's the premise of Bellower, you will cast less but much more powerful invocations, and can auto-attack and chant in the downtime. I would argue that Skald has an indirect side effect chant penalty though. Since you end up casting more of your cheap offensive invocations (and even more due to crit generated phrases), you spend (much) more time in invocation recovery, and therefore not chanting. Bellower diminushed radius is really not that punishing, especially when you go melee.
  4. Not a chore per say, you can just spam Thrice... whenever you get the phrases for it. It is not as encounter-wiping as Eld Nary, but it is definitely on par with the damage output of the rest of the party at that level. Especially if you account that chanter has the only non-conditionally regenerating ressource, which is a huge deal early game. And you still have the chants that are, due to their mostly non-scaling nature, relatively better early game.
  5. As others have stated, in veteran pretty much anything (that isn't completely stupid) can work decently well. From the playstyle you describe, I would suggest a single class bellower and gear him/her for melee. Being melee, the smaller chant radius is less punishing. Your invocations will be doing heavy damage (due to the huge increase in power level from bellower), and you have long lasting powerful self buff. Cast Far From Defeated, just do (Energized) auto-attacks for 12 seconds to have 5 phrases, cast (empowered) Eld Nary. This will wipe 2/3 of encounters in Veteran. Then you can use your (still Energized) autoattacks on whatever ennemy is still standing while you replenish phrases for a final heavy nuke (can be thrice/boil their felsh for variety etc.) In short, you constantly alternate between autoattacks in Energized state (so +5 might+2pen, interrupts on crit), and extremely strong invocations (+PL from bellower and energized).
  6. So after playing with the character, I can confirm that swift flurry doesn't generate wounds, and that it takes more than 20 damage dealt to generate a wound, even with lesser wounds (My guess is 25 but it's hard to know for sure). Disappointing I will still give the character a go and see if it feels balanced, I am still low lvl (6)
  7. I am aware that other monk subclasses might be stronger but I cannot stand the idea of being rewarded for taking damage or relying on consumables. As a central class feature. Plus as I wanted to play single handed no offhand it felt natural that the increased autoattacks from crit procs would synergize with Shattered Pillar and generate adequate resources. I gave a shot at forbidden fist but unfortunately the animation of the active is silly with a weapon in hand and that's a deal breaker for me. Plus I can't wrap my head around the idea that my intelligence score will be hurting my character by increasing the duration of the self inflicted debuff. I was really hoping that it would be changed in 5.0 However if heartbeat / swift procs do not generate wounds it is very disappointing and kind of defeats my purpose. But ultimately if I can cap wounds fast enough I will still be happy. That's 80 damage inflicted. By mid game I should have that with a couple of crits, right ? And that's not factoring Dance of death wounds.
  8. With 5.0 freshly downloaded, I decided to restart for a "complete" playthrough (I haven't done Forgotten Sanctum yet), and after a lot of hesitation I decided to go with a Shattered-Pillar monk. The funny thing is that, even though I have finished multiple playthroughs, I realize that I never had a monk in my party, not a single time . (This is due to my Xoti always being a Priestess, and Mirke not really appealing to me at all) Indicators: I usually play on veteran with level scaling upwards on critical path, no god challenges, and use non-optimised (and single class, with the exception of a witch Serafen) story companions/sideckicks. I am more about how a character/party feels both gameplay-wise and rp-wise rather than min-maxing. Say, my choices are 70%rp/30% theorycraft. I will pick an ability that does 25% less damage if the animation is cooler. By personal preference I play single classes (although I know it is not really an issue with Monks), and favor mental attributes (with Berath Blessings, my char has Str12 Con10 Dex14 Per18 Int18 Res16). I know it is not optimal, but I intend to play single handed with no offhand, just because it pleases me (and if it is relevant I will most likely use a sword or a saber, although it will vary depending on my mood in a given game session). The idea is that the greatly increased amount of crits (+12% from the no-offhand, and +20%HitToCrit) will proc Swift Flurry and Heartbeat Drumming a lot, hopefully outdamaging (or being close to) dual wielding in the auto-attack department due to the crit+overpen damage and the multiple zero recovery attacks. And more auto-attack damage = more shattered-pillar wounds. So I have a few questions: Is the premise realistic or delusional ? Can Swift Flurry and Heartbeat Drumming proc of themselves and of each other ? (In theory with both active every crit has nearly 50% chance of trigerring an additional attack, I have wild dreams of my character wearing Scordeo's blade with the Tempest upgrade hitting 3+ times with zero recovery). And since I am a monk noob, the big question: What do I do with my freshly generated wounds? I am looking at Skyward Kick (as primary attacks have increased relative value for single handed builds, and that +50%damage +3pen and short hard CC looks really nice), and maybe Whispers of the Wind to clear trash mobs (with maybe a swap to the second weapon set fist+fist to maximize damage then swap back). But I am very open to suggestions. Is blade turning any good when in a pinch ? I know that turning wheel has limited impact on a shattered pillar due to the low wound limit, but is it still worth taking for that 10% fire lash when at max wounds ? Is there any weapon you would see efficient in the context of the build ? (especially of soulbound, because I like the concept). Any other insight ? Thanks!
  9. Yeah, right now I'm lvl 12 and even without Eld Nary's upgrade, if the ennemies are spaced out I run out of bellower buff before the last jump. Oh well, by then two or three baddies have already slow-mo exploded so I can live with that. I remember in PoE1, Kana Rua was obliterating dragons with seven nights... I never used Two Fingers, but if I understand it properly, it perform best with these conditions: - Closed environnements - Vessels and Spirits - Resolve afflictions - Weak to fire (and cold resistant so Eld Nary is less potent) And these conditions often happen together in the various crypts. I might give two fingers a shot, and it's good to have a panic heal at hand. Is the number of wall bounces affected by power level ?
  10. I see. And being permanently energized with invocations being "artificially empowered" as a bellower, very high AR targets might almost never be a thing. I guess it is hard to even remotely approach Eld Nary's efficiency....
  11. Wait, so the max phrases isn't unlocked with the PL tier but when you actually pick an invocation ? That's odd. Otherwise, thanks for the tips, I'll give Wihite Worms a go. Do you know about the Boil their Flesh mechanics ? As for the chants, he is still at the point where I feel he needs a bit of defensive ones, but I will include Myth Fyr at some point. No need for the long night as my witch seraphen takes care of the sickening
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