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  1. I mean, it's not like hunter's claw was pristine coded to begin with . Notably the save/load shenanigans that still happen. In other news: I don't know if that has already been reported at some point, but apparently only the second hit of sun and moon benefits from the +12 acc from one handed...
  2. Did a bit more testing and my conclusion is it's completely inconsistent. With a fine blunderbuss I got one stack from 3 hits 1 graze, and on the next try 2 stacks from 2 grazes 2 misses. Then with sun and moon I sometimes get 1 stack, sometimes 2, regardless if I hit, graze or crit...
  3. Update: It apears hunter's claw cannot generate more than 1 stack anymore, even with a blunderbuss shot. Too bad.
  4. On paper yes, but both are very unlikely to actually happen in game given ennemy stats. Maybe a) has a bigger chance to happen, but the case would still call for 1-handed: When you are struggling to hit is most likely when you want this acc bonus
  5. Thanks for the remainder, I am too used to rapiers and flails lately Does it not ? My math is probably wrong then, my logic was : rolls are on a d100, therefore +1 acc in any given situation is +1% additive chance to hit and to crit. Say you have 50 acc and your target has 40 deflection, your natural crit chance is 10% (rolls between 91 and 100). If you use a 1 hander for +12 acc, your natural chance to crit becomes 22% (rolls between 79 and 100). What am I missing ? Like I said, I'm aware of that, I'm just curious to see if the difference is that massive in the end, given the pen and overpen opportunities, the +25% dmg (or 35% with the passive), and whatever on-crit effects factored in as a bonus.
  6. It does have to be a single class ranger, yes. First of all because I don't like multiclass for my watcher (and very rarely for other characters), and secondly because I want to go for whirling strikes with high int + crits, for what I assume should be a lot of raw damage with a fast ticking dot. Yeah, mostly melee, but I don't mind the ocasionnal pistol dip into some pistol play when the situation calls for it. I just did too many pistol using builds already. Single hand pistol+modal is not that different from dual wield pistol+melee, and has less reactivity if you go for a hybrid. I did a build back in the day focusing on pistol+sabre, easily the character I spent the most time on (I think it's still in the build lists, "the intelligent captain") I do agree, however on previous similar builds I found that using mail/scale/breastplate with cuthroat cosmo as a pet and mid range dex (I think I have 14) gave me acceptable responsiveness. I would be curious to do the DPS maths of using a 2 hander (more damage and pen, but longer action speed and recovery), as opposed to a 1 hander with faster recovery, +12% crit chance and 20% hit to crit. In anycase I'll always go for swag points over stats points. I play veteran with a non optimized party of story companions so it's forgiving.
  7. One handed (no off-hand) is considered mostly suboptimal, but it happens to be my favourite combat style rp wise. For my next character I want to try to make the most out of it. My idea is to put the emphasis on the high accuracy, therefore my watcher is going to be a single class ranger (ghost heart for rp reasons). With passives, a bit of hunter's claw metagaming (does the blunderbuss trick still work ?), high per, and of course 1 handed style, my hope is to crit a lot, but since nothing in the ranger kit emphasizes crits until pl9, I am looking for suggestions of weapons with good on crit effects. So far I'm thinking about ball and chain (before getting stunning shots), last word (making a great boss killer If you can land a crit every 6 sec+ your int bonus), and maybe scordeo's blade (with a lateral approach to the question: if you trigger the no-recovery and put a salvation of time on it, all of a sudden 1h is way superior to dual wield). Do you guys have any other idea ? General advice on the build ?
  8. Solving it peacefully doesn't involve any fighting, just diplomatic sense in dialogues. Edit: Ninja'd by @Boeroer
  9. Yeah I specifically wrote this with takedown combo in mind. The AC grazes quite often even with Mark and Stalker link. And I didn't want it to be a 4th/5th acc buff
  10. I don't think another dot would be so exciting, ranger have plenty. And I think the defensive applications should be maintained. I think it would work well as a multi purpose tool to turn a bad situation around: heal, repositioning, debuff reduction, and it's just missing an offensive incentive. Something cool for both characters, that may be combined with takedown combo and other ranger abilities if the player wants to. Maybe an empower refund like sasha's singing scimitar ? Graze to hit and hit to crit ? (but ranger acc is sky high). Or maybe keep it at 3 bond and refund 1 bond on crit (from ranger or pet so max 2 bonds) if you attack while invisible ?
  11. Ok so I've been thinking about this one a lot lately, because I really want to like Shadowed Hunters. I think there is much better to be done with a pl9 ability, and the only pl9 active melee rangers can use. The thing is, there isn't any real offensive use for invisibility in the ranger's kit, and sure it's good for repositionning and a little healing, but you can always use play dead and evasive roll, getting about the same "get to safety"result with extra damage on top. I think that to live up to it's name, "shadowed hunters" must have an offensive component, to get the feel of "we stalk, hunting our prey". And something more exciting than +acc, +%dmg or dots, the ranger has plenty in his kit. My suggestion: Drop cost to 2 bonds, keep the invisibility and healing, and add a 100% graze to hit on the next attack for both the character and the AC. Thoughts ?
  12. I think cooldowns work really fine. It's only wonky with long cd's because they don't reset per encounter, but there should never realistically be less than 20 sec between the beginning of one encounter and the beginning of another. And 20sec is enough to do the full rotation unless you get hard cc'ed.
  13. With cooldowns you don't really need to tie the actions to the resources. Put a 20 sec on everything with a time elapsed>20 sec / not, and every order will be executed only once from top to bottom, even after levelling up. Also, I don't remember the exact mechanics of reloads and full attacks but I know that under some conditions they can give you a free bullet. It might be possible to go attack>crippling strike without triggering a reload, effectively giving you 3 shots with no reload before swapping sets. Or maybe the free bullet thing only works when the off-hand gun is empty? EDIT: with your setting you also get the -35% damage from a full attack, so if the 3 shots thing is not working, it is better to use 2 regular attacks instead of crippling strike.
  14. It's not bad, you're just missing on some secret stashes but you can always revisit areas. Later you find a companion with 17 per (if memory serves) that can cover all your needs. I wouldn't worry too much about your per, especially if you play on normal/veteran. You're just going to hit/crit a bit less but that's not really a problem for a character using a mace. crit +%dmg is meh in this game, but +pen is good. A mace character usually won't need pen. Game is very well balanced and lets you roleplay in Normal/Veteran without having to optimise your stats. From what you described and what you expect from your character, your stats are good and you will enjoy your play through One final word of advice (with a very minor spoiler if you want to stop reading). Relatively early in the game you will stumble upon a quest about a feud. Either resolve it peacefully or side with the Bardatto family. Your character will very much enjoy the reward
  15. Yeah I remember when I was testing out all the incarnates after release, after the awesomeness of Eothas and Berath, Wael was puzzling. But none of it really matters now, unless there is a mod to bring back the control of the summons, incarnate is definitely not viable compared to other summons available to priests (even figurine ones). On the plus side, my biggest grief against (priest) Xoti was that her pl9 summon was very underwhelming. Now it feels amazing in comparison. Small victories.
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