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  1. Hello, I've recently got PoE II on ps4, and I need your help getting started, because this game is so complex, it took me a long time figuring out things in PoE 1, and now a lot has changed; I don't have a lot of time to play(mostrly about 3-5 hours on weekends), so I don't want to start the game with multiple builds before I figure out what I like, as I did in PoE 1 I've played PoE I with the following setup: 2 handed goldpact paladin moon godlike(watcher), Pallegina as main tank and Durace, Aloth, Hiravias as casters for AoE, CC and buffing/debuffing; I played on hard difficulty most of the time, never tried POTD; Most fights went on like this: I would get as close as possible to enemies in stealth, and then take out (all party members equipped arquebuses) the guys that could seriously debuff or hurt my party (things like dominate, stun, AoE spells, etc.) then I would use the priest to buff the crap out of my party, use sacred immolation on myself and pallegina, and use AoE spells with the wizard and the druid to take out the rest, use lay on hands on the wounded and liberating exhortation on debuffed allies; and usually win most fights like this without any problems, and most boss fights were pretty easy too Now, I see that things have changed a lot, and, as I've said I don't really have time to test out different builds and party setups, so here I am, asking for your help: I intend to play on classic difficulty at first, and change to veteran once I understand the game better; 1. I would like a build for my watcher that: - uses 2 handed weapons (I really dislike the notion of "dual wielding" and other silly shenanigans), fullplate or breastplate armor(natural /historically accurate looking arms and armor) - has good single target damage, good penetration - helpful to the party - not be squishy - is good all the way through, not only after lvl x, or after acquiring specific gear or set of abilities I started the game with a templar (goldpact/berath) for RP reasons, but playing through I've found that it might not be such a good combination for this build because using priest spells and paladin abilities like lay on hands and exhortations, you don’t really have time to swing your 2 handed sword that much during a fight; also to be a good paladin and priest you need good intellect and might, and don’t have enough points to also put into dexterity and perception, so even if you do swing your sword you would be slow and miss a lot; if there is any way to make this build effective please let me know, because for RP purposes I would really enjoy it; Next I thought of a crusader (goldpact/devoted) with either a estoc, greatsword or polleaxe; I think I would enjoy this build; Also, in PoE I kind of sacrificed esthetics and RP for boosting stats, and I would not like to repeat that mistake, so for races its either aumaua, godlike or human, and as for arms and armor, as I’ve said they must look natural and historically accurate (I really hate it when I end up looking like a pokemon wielding a christmas tree as a weapon ) So, preferred classes are: 1. templar( goldpact/berath) for RP 2. cleric(berath) RP 3. crusader (goldpact/devoded) 4. swashbuckler 5. brawler maybe? These I think would be good for what I’m trying to build here; but if you have nay other ideas please let me know; So given these classes, what abilities and ability combos are good, and what are crap?: As for party setup, I would like: - pallegina as main tank(paladin, crusader, herald?) - Aloth as wizard for AoE and CC(single class?) - Maia Rua as ranged DPS(ranger/rogue?) - and either eder as second ranged DPS(but his stats kinda suck for this role), or Tekehu(single class, or multi?) as second AoE and CC; I don’t know about PoE II, but in PoE 1 pure casters (prist, wizard and druid) were in a league of their own, specially in though fights, and a preist was a must have in the party, but I’ve read that’s not the case anymore as priests were nerfed bad in this one (a shame, given the game being revolved around the Gods and all), so is a priest a must or can the party go without one here? Thank you, and sorry for the bad english And please no spoilers, I've only played like 2-3 hours of the game
  2. Hey man, just a few day ago I made a similar post, it's called help making DPS melee as main character + mini rant; I wanted kind of the same thing as you want, only I wanted a 2 handed build; the comment have really helped, also there is a build called the lady of pain, you can search it on the forum, that really helped too; I've played till lvl 4 with my 2 handed fighter and its pretty damn decent(compared to most modern rpgs at least); I strongly suggest doing 2 handed dough; if you want to mix offence and defense, it's not going to go so well, simply because you will have to chose offensive and defensive talents and you don't get that many of them; the defense part will be covered by the many abilities the fighter has so don't worry too much about that; and think about it, the game is based on 15-16 century renascence(visually and weapons wise)period so just go for 2 handed; as armor got better and better, the shield became more and more obsolete; so for this time period, 2 handed would actually be more tactical and realistic; but if you like sword and board style, do your thing man, the game is not that hard anyway, I just don't want to be the suckiest in the party, so I try and make the strongest character possible, without making a caricature silly looking feather armor, dual wielding 2 christmas tree swords kinda guy; hope that helps
  3. No offence mate, but knights weren't average soldiers by any means, they were professional soldiers, the elite of the elite; second, dueling isn't the same as fighting for your life on the battlefield were there are no rules; on the battlefield samurai used the bow (arquebus in the sengoku period) and some kind of poleaxe or spear (yari) as main weapons, and the katana as a back-up; see a pattern here? polearms>swords, sword aren't effective at all against armor, especially plate mail, you know the stuff that a 15-16 century knight would wear; dual wielding 2 katanas would be laughable against a knight in full plate wielding a poleaxe or something similar, simply because first katanas don't cut plate(contrary to popular belief :D )and second greater reach...nuff said
  4. Keep in mind that the world of POE isn't medieval Europe. Dual wielding was more common in other parts of the world in medieval times, such as in the martial arts traditions of East Asia. I think that the fondness for dual wielding in D&D and video games (such as Baldur's Gate) goes back to fascination of Japanese samurai, who commonly wielded both a katana and wakazashi, although they didn't necessarily dual wield; these swords were more typically used for different purposes. As Madscientist wrote, POE gives you the flexibility to build whatever sort of character you'd like. POE might be criticized as being unrealistic in not giving you an accuracy penalty for dual wielding, as in older games such as BG. [edited for grammar] The katana was used as a 2 handed sword, and the wakizashi or other short swords were used as a back-up sword(also used for beheading defeated opponents, seppuku, etc) similar to medieval knights using a poleaxe or longsword as main weapons and an arming short sword as a back-up weapon; in all cultures, in medieval (not only) times, there weren't a lot of warriors using dual wielding, precisely because it wasn't very effective; I understand that PoE is not medieval europe, but the weapons and armor that you see in PoE is largely based on weapons and armor from late medieval europe, early renaissance, so you would expect that the way you use them would also be similar, right?
  5. Ok guys, thank for all the replies, I'm just glad that I can actually make the kind of character I want in this game, so 2 handed fighter it is; that being established could you give me some advice for party setup?; I want to use the game's own companions as much as possible, so my idea for the party would be: main 2 handed dps fighter, Pallegina as main tank, Durance, Eder build for ranged with arquebus, Sagani as well ranged with arquebus, and a custom build barbarian with a pike; So 2 questions, first, do I really need a tank or should I just equip Pallegina with 2 handed and build her for some dps and support, or are her attributes not very good for that (low might, low dex)?; second question: is Durance enough for casters, for buffing/debuffing and healing, or should I ditch the barbarian, and replace him with another caster like Aloth(12 might kinda sucks for wizz though), Hiravias, or Grieving Mother?
  6. I would like a 2 handed build, I don't like dual wielding at all; I mean thing about it, pretty much no one used it in medieval or any other period, why is it so successful in rpgs I don't get
  7. sorry for that, I didn't realize there were any replies to my post yet, so I remembered that little detail; I looked up the weapons and armor you suggested, they look good, thank you for the time spent to reply Well I just searched for sanguine plate, no offence to anybody, I would like to use the most natural looking armors out there, and sanguine I personally don't like :| white crest armor seems to look pretty decent; would it work with the lady of pain build or is sanguine mandatory?
  8. sorry for that, I didn't realize there were any replies to my post yet, so I remembered that little detail; I looked up the weapons and armor you suggested, they look good, thank you for the time spent to reply
  9. Hey, guys, thank you so much for replying so quickly, din't expect it, most grateful; one thing I forgot to mention is, if possible, I would like weapons not to look like Christmas trees, and armor made of tree bark and strange things like that, you know what I mean
  10. One thing that I forgot, if at all possible, I would also like the damn thing not to wear weapons that look like Christmas trees, or armor made of tree bark or weird stuff like that; why do they always make the better swords look like Christmas trees as you progress more throughout the game is beyond my undestanding...
  11. Hello guys, I have recently purchased Pillars of eternity complete edition for ps4; I have played the game before on pc, got to about level 6 with a paladin(using a bit of cheats to make him better, I was playing the game when the paladin was rubbish) but I didn't like the fact that, even if I boosted the stats and gave him more abilities/talents, he was just meh compared to other more potent classes like druid, priest, wizard and ciphers; So my question for those of you that have more experience with this game: Is there any possibility of making a melee character, that can do substantial damage, AND tank decently well at the same time? So the idea behind this character is to be as close to a late medieval knight as possible (heavy full plate armor, 2 handed weapon - poleaxe, or greatsword) hit hard, and also take a lot of punishment; So I was thinking class(in order of preference):1 fighter,2 paladin,3 cipher ,4 wizard(I would really like a fighter, but from what i've heard they are quite bad for dps sadly...). Just to make some clarifications, I am planing on playing on normal(maybe hard, if I find normal too easy), I can only afford to play during the weekend, so I really need to start a character and finish with it ( the main problem I have with this game, and games in general, is I keep starting over because I mess up the character, or I just don't like playing with it). also, i want the guy to be aumaua, human, maybe moon godlike, the idea of having a orlan or elf in full plate and a greatsword is just silly to me. So if you guys could give me breakthrough of race,class, attributes, abilities, talents, weapons etc I would be most grateful; I just don't have the know how, and I can't afford the time to start over again and again until I get it right; also I want the guy to be good from start to finish, not when I get certain ability and gear, 30-40 hours into the game Now for the rant part(tryed to make it as quick as possible): First I just want to say, I really like PoE, i think it is a well made game, given the budget, I am not trying to trash the developers or anything like that,I can imagine the work that was put in to this project, and I also know there wasn't much money made out of it ,so that being said... When did all rpg games start adopting this silly, childish, mmo-ish roles for the different classes; who invented this idea that the fighter/warrior (the name itself should be enough to tell you what it should do, it should FIGHT!!!) is a "tank", it is good for taking hits but not doing damage;instead that role is given to a skinny, unarmored, "dual-wielding" "rogue" type of character; I mean think about it, how in the world would a skinny elf, with "leather" armor", "dual-wielding" 2 knifes "ninja style" could possibly do more damage that a knight type character with FULLPLATE armor and a freaking GIANT greatsword??? it just make no sence pleople, I mean i get it for mmo's, because there you want a nice mix of diferent roles, and mmo's are childish cartoonish in nature, so I can understand that; but in ALL rpg games that I have recenlty played i see this trend with is really sad, because I really really like knights and I alway like to play as some sort of fighter in most rpg, only to find, for my frustration, well they are good at "tanking" and thats about it :| In my humble opinion (not that it is going to make any difference, dota 2 is the most popular game, and despacito has the most youtube views, what am I expecting) this is what the roles of classes should be in this types of rpgs (not MMO, dotas): fighters (highly armored and armed, highly trained in martial arts from a young age) should be the MAIN guys you want to have for fighting!!! rogue type character should get the role of support, get doors unlocked, disable traps/mechanism, scout ahead, etc; as for combat, they should take out guards quietly(that should be the use of sneak attack..), things like this, but when the real fighting begins, let the fighter fight for God sake...I mean thats the single thing they'r good at right?; As for casters...lets just get something clear here, if you live in a universe were you can throw fireballs and icebolt and the like, there really is no sense for swords, bows, and armor, so clearly you wouldn't want to be anything other that a wizard or druid; but, if you want to build a world in which there are swords and such along side magic, there should be a different kind of magic; this is what I am thinking of, spells like, slow, blind, haste, mind control stuff, etc, you get it stuff like buffing/debuffing, crowd control, etc; as for non-combat, they should read ancient texts, know arcane stuff, etc. Now before there will be any comments, I just want to say something because, I can anticipate some of the comments: "But wait, this is fantasy, so anything is possible;" well, yes this is fantasy, but still if the laws of physics of this fantasy world are similar to ours, similar things should remain the same; how can you possibly justify a "dual-wielding" ninja rogue with 2 knifes, or a half-naked "dual-wielding" axes "barbarian" ever to be better at combat than a guy that's in full plate armor, with a freaking poleaxe, or longsword??? there is just no way, thats how, and it just looks silly...and again for casters, well if you can make a "fireball" out of thin air, doing massive amounts of damage, something like a grenade explosion, well, then its game over for swords and armor, as these would become obsolete; I know its fantasy, I like fantasy a lot in movies and games, but what I don't like is silly stuff that makes no sense at all, in games that present themselves as more mature; I can totally understand things like dual wielding ninja rogues and fireball trowing mages in games for 12 year olds, but I am pretty disappointed seeing stuff like that in games that I expected more from. PS: First, I just want to say that I din't intend on insulting anybody with my rant here, so if you felt insulted in any way I apologize, it wasn't the intent Second, english is not my native language, so I also apologize for the grammar and such Third, if I posted in the wrong section here, I also apologize, I a complete noob when it comes to forums and computers in general
  12. Hey guys, I just bought the pillars of eternity complete edition for ps4; do you know if the console commands work for consoles?; if not, are there any other way to cheat?; I'm planing on rolling a paladin, only problem is, from what i've played on the pc they are kind of weak compared to other classes, so I always buffed them up a bit, gave them better attributes and some extra abilities/talents; thanks!
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