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Found 14 results

  1. I'm not sure where to write my grounded idea sketches. Do I get an answer as to whether it is right here? Thank you so much for the great game and all the imagination you leave us! The File "Ideenskizzen_Grounded.docx" (35 kb) is in german, should I translate it with google translator, or would you do it yourself? I would appreciate a short message about the receipt of the file. Ideenskizzen_Grounded.docx
  2. I play turn based mode for the first time, but the tutorials show nothing turn based related so I ask here. - Are there global rounds? Can each char act once per round? Or do the chars act in the order of the duration of their actions, similar to Final Fantasy X or the Trials series? - Is initiative a roll or is it a fixed value? If it is rolled, is it done every round or only at the beginning of combat? - I was confused when looking at the numbers. Is stuff with high initiative or stuff that increases initiative good or bad? Low initiative would be the opposite. - Some act
  3. As the title is written. I had rejected a flaw earlier in my game because I was not confident in my familiarity with the game, and so any permanent negative modifier turned me off out of caution. But now that I have been playing for awhile I have been found myself wanting to receive that specific flaw prompt again to accept. I had searched online for the same question being asked, but I have read conflicting statements of "yes you can", and "no you cannot" on receiving another prompt for a previously rejected flaw. Hoping on the off chance a staff membe
  4. Hi. So I've been trying to find answers to a lot of questions regarding obscure or otherwise ambiguous/unclear mechanics in PoE. I hope someone from the ranks of experts can find the time to help me out in this. I couldn't find these answers on the internet, despite my efforts. Here are my questions: -1- Is spell accuracy directly derived from weapon accuracy? For example, if I have 50 accuracy with my current weapon, and the spell says (+10 acc vs will), does that translate to 60 accuracy vs will? If yes, does this mean I have a significant boost to spell acc if I have a 1H weapo
  5. Bringing out the big (testing guns) .. Made the first test run to make sure I have all the tools in place.. Hopefully during this weekend I will be able to Properly test various DOT/HOT abilities (amounts inflicted with maximum precision (float numbers) and timings (down to milliseconds) ).. Will be able me accurately measure multiple DOTs/HOTs running in parallel .. The timing down to millisecond part might might actually be more accurate for measuring attack speeds than frame by frame analysis (we'll see - another topic) .. Here a few test samples - actual testing to fallow l
  6. I'm specifically looking at the spell Infuse With Vital Essence, but it would also be nice to know the answer generally speaking. Infuse provides 50 bonus health and 50 bonus endurance for a reasonable duration, and my hope is that it'd be a useful sort of panic button for keeping my party's wizard alive in case he happens to get engaged by troublesome enemies like Shades and Phantoms. But I'm playing on Hard and often find myself running my party to the limits of their health pool, and unfortunately the game seems to offer no explanation for what happens after that temporary health or end
  7. We need to count the number of swings made the test character attacking un-interrupted for a long time interval (10 / 20 minutes).. (game log doesn't store 10 minutes worth of slow attacks so we'll also need to record the test and read the number of hits from the video after the test) .. Hit resolution (mis..crit //damage rolls irrelevant at this stage) Simplest way to achieve this that I could think of, is attacking party member that doesn't retaliate and using console cheat - "god" to make sure he/she can take 10/20/30 minutes worth of beating .. Manual Test -prepare test c
  8. I don't expect this game to be balanced league of legends style. I know there has always been unbalanced spells / abilities in IE games yet since they did so many good changes I wonder why was there no further insight into this mechanic. Just take a look at first level wizard spells. Fan of flames (40 -55) vs Reflex (+ 10 acc) [most of the time you can target a large group] Kalakoth's Sunless Grasp (19-28) and a -10 acc debuff. vs delfection ( + 10 acc) [ 1 target ] Minoletta Minor Missiles (30 -54) [1 target] vs deflection Discarding the -10 acc de buff which is minor
  9. What changes in game mechanics do you like the most in comparison to other IE titles ? In my opinion they made some really good design choices and major improvements. I don't wish to discuss the story or graphics or anything like that just the core beef of the game. Here are mine: Chanters The new bards are cool. In old IE games I always liked bards as characters but they weren't fun to play. Instead of fighting they would just stand and play with their flutes. Boring. Moving chanting into background sort of aura thing made them fun to manage in combat and they k
  10. Not sure if I am supposed to post this here. I just feel like this kind of spell(and any other spells that do something like a confusion effect) are simply not as good as they should be because they make enemies literally friendlies during the duration of the spell. If you cast heal, you heal them. If you cast a "Enemy Only" spell, it doesn't affect them. Not sure if this was intended. A very small gripe. However, it was one of my favorite spells in BG.
  11. Maybe this would be a better question to ask the game designers about why we have a health (HP) and endurance. I find it rather confusing in battle when I am pausing and making choices how to advance through each in counter. Does anyone else feel the same way? Can someone explain to me why they made this choice, was it because of the people at WOTC and PAIZO Publishing not allowing them to simply use HP instead of this mixed system. Can this feature be removed if enough people complain about it?
  12. Lying is important. In Planescape, it was common that two or three of the dialogue options one had was marked with [Lie]. You could lie about many things, not simply quest things like "Did Leandro steal my things?" but lying about personal beliefs, intentions, etc. I've seen other RPGs incorporate lying, but only P:T would have the same identical lines available, one marked with [Lie] and the other without. I also understand it would be hard work to incorporate it into the game world, but the ability to spread false rumours, create arbitrary conflicts, and in general get factions, orga
  13. Hi there, I've put my TLDR in the Cooldown 2.0 thread but i really want to expand a bit. Seeing as there is much discussion around this cooldown thing i would like to propose a mechanic that seems pretty good to me (or course it does, duh!, i'm proposing it lol). Ok, let's get to the point. 1. Basics Each ability or spell has two components: Proficiency and Efficiency. Proficiency is gained (points) through the use of abilities/spells or combos, and starts to decay naturally (percentage of the current number of points) after a fixed amount or time. It stops decaying onc
  14. Passage of time in RPGs Quite some time have passed since the birth of RP video games, and we have seen innovation after innovation deepen the immersion and revitalize not just a game genre but also a culture. The introduction of 3D did a lot to the first-person branch of RPGs for example, and the obvious demonstration would be the Elder Scrolls series. The advancement of internet also did a lot to RPGs which by nature is based on gameplay including several players, if you consider their origins, and today we have a genre called MMORPG. I have always thought of the element and mechanics o
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