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  1. Hey guys, where did you pre-order from? Feel free to contact me over at support@obsidian.net, include your username here on the forums, and where you pre-ordered from and we can get you set up. Thanks!
  2. Hey folks, if any of you haven't yet gotten your Captain's Footlocker pre-order bonus (only for folks who pre-ordered ), hit us up again at support@obsidian.net and let us know what retailer you got the game at. Thanks!
  3. Hey guys, Neo, it looks like you've been helped in support, but Dirty, I couldn't find an e-mail from you (at least based on your username and account e-mail address). If you haven't gotten your pre-order bonus yet, hit me up at support@obsidian.net again and we'll get you taken care of. Thanks!
  4. Hi guys, it's true - Eric no longer works at Obsidian, and it was completely amicable. He just had a baby and is going to be home with family. It's possible he may do some more writing in the future though, you never know. We wish him nothing but the best of luck. I personally enjoyed working with Eric over the years and wish him and his family nothing but the best! Darren
  5. I blame... hmmm. Yes, Badler's tests! The tag image should be fixed. Whooo!
  6. Hi everyone! We're pushing out a new build this evening for you! Please note, if you're playing the iOS version, it may take a few hours before you receive a message from TestFlight letting you know a new build is available. Generally, when we post new builds, Android versions become available quickly and iOS builds require some processing on Apple's side before they become available, which usually takes several hours. Thank you to all of you who have been posting your feedback here - we're sincerely appreciate it and the team has been discussing lots of different points that have been brought up, and some items mentioned have been addressed in this new build. Below are patch notes: Beta 2 Fixes Accounts and Store Account Creation and Login Passwords now properly masked Text being copied to other fields should be resolved You can now tell which field is in focus Facebook logins should now work properly Error messages more visible Store Flow and Purchases Store has been revamped Gold icons now look like gold iOS users can now purchase Adventure Decks Gameplay General You can no longer accidentally overwrite saves when progressing from tutorial directly into Brigandoom Character progression loss between scenarios should be resolved No more peaking at the top card of a location deck randomly When forced to bury a card from discard, you are no longer able to close the tray prematurely (affects Goblin Warrior, Goblin Raider, Bugbear and similar) Now able to recharge spells used on other characters Give Card now correctly only allows you to give a single card instead of two. Villains Villains now properly Monsters Erylium's If Undefeated check no longer breaks progression DifficultyRetaliation WildcardNo longer triggered when defeating Poison Trap Henchmen Other Card Fixes Dice no longer invisible for Sneak's Before You Act check Dagger +1 now usable to aid a check with a weapon Medusa Mask no longer works on Poison Trap Quest Mode Quest Mode now grants the proper amount of experience Adding characters in Quest Mode no longer makes it appear that you have duplicate characters UI ?! icon in Tutorial removed. Jumbled message appearing when losing a scenario resolved Some cards missing art now have art again Acid Arrow text in the tutorial updated When completing scenario, gold reward now visually updates Issues opening character sheet when trying to Banish a card on 4:3 aspect ratios resolved Button toggles now more obvious Dialogue Ripnugget no longer masquerades as Gogmurt Known Issues Gameplay Booster cards can appear in lower level scenarios than intended Villains Gogmurt, The Skinsaw Man, and Justice Ironbriar are extra villainous and skipping temp close checks Reroll cards not allowing for rerolls (Dart, Longspear, Glaive) UI Main MenuWelcome Message appears every time you login, prompting login (if you see the login success message, you are, in fact, logged in!) VaultRewards for completing legendary difficulties not showing in the vault (Samisen, Orik's Shield) Phase barPhase indicator sometimes gets stuck on the Discard icon Party SelectionCharacters that are not owned do not appear as unavailable Options Window Background art has a gap Close button not on the window Monsters with Card LocksWhen re-encountering a monster with a Before You Act check, the card lock art is misaligned Login Long email addresses don't fit in the text fields properly Text will be wiped if you have to re-select a field that text has been input (that field only) If you login with predictive text on an Android, it will add a space to the end of the email. You'll need to manually remove this space or your credentials will be considered invalid. Store "Product Description" appears on the right side of all store screens Characters: Character list scrolls above title Characters: When previewing powers, powers scroll off their window Characters: You can change characters while the preview window is open; causes issues with the preview window not updating Characters: Unable to view roles Treasure Chests: Text runs off the "Open Another" button Treasure Chests: Some Booster cards missing art Treasure Chests: "Open Another" button sorts on top of a zoomed card Treasure Chests: If you only have one treasure chest, the UI doesn't update after its opened. Attempting to open this ghost chest will lock up the app.
  7. Thank's, all! I've corrected the aberration and feel properly shamed!
  8. We're happy to help, and I feel we have made multiple attempts to help you over the past few months. We have not had another report of this from any other customers (regarding the exact conditions you're seeing with save loop issues), and we've had multiple programmers try to figure out what's going on. We're happy to continue to help if you remain civil. These guys are genuinely trying to help you.
  9. Hi Manulla, I'm going to try and get one of those ASAP, but if I may ask, do you happen to have Wasteland 2 and/or Shadowrun? Curious if they run OK or if you run into issues with them. Either way, we'll get our hands on one and try it out and see if we can see what's up. Thanks, Darren
  10. With the 1.05 patch on Steam, we've received a few reports from people saying they are receiving the following error: Data folder not found: There should be 'PillarsOfEternity_Data' folder next to the executable To fix this: Open Steam and click on the Library tab. Find Pillars of Eternity in your games list along the left, right-click it, and choose Properties. Click the Local Files tab and click the Browse Local Files... button. You should see a "EmptySteamDepot" folder. Right-click it, and choose Rename. Rename the folder to "PillarsOfEternity_Data". Run the game again and it should work now. If you don't see an EmptySteamDepot folder, we recommend reinstalling the game.
  11. Apologies for the delay in getting back to this thread! Some questions: 1) When you start your game, are the Continue and Load buttons available to click, or are they disabled? 2) If you click Accept on the New Game Settings window, do you then see the animation that says "Obsidian Entertainment Presents" and the camera moves to a hole in the ceiling? 3) If so, do you then see a loading screen follow that, or does it immediately pop up the Load Game screen saying there are no saves to load? A couple things you can try: 1) I would highly recommend updating to 1.04 through GOG and try again. 2) Please post or send us your output.log file. You can find it in the PillarsOfEternity_Data folder where you installed the game. So if you installed at D:\Games\Pillars of Eternity, it would be in D:\Games\Pillars of Eternity\PillarsOfEternity_Data. You can attach it to a response here or e-mail it to us at support@obsidian.net. 3) Contact us at support@obsidian.net and we can get you a Steam key to try if all else fails. Thanks, Darren
  12. Hi Andrea, yep! I updated the patch notes above. A number of icons were added and updated.
  13. Yeah, we learned today from the folks at GOG that their Linux patches are full downloads of the game, unfortunately. 1.04.540 is up there, and as mentioned by El Zoido, it's listed as (which is their version number for the file).
  14. This is a big one. Patch 1.05 features hundreds of bug fixes, balance changes, and new UI features. There are many minor fixes that are not listed in these notes. Please Note: Save games in 1.05 are not compatible with 1.04 or earlier versions. The game will automatically back up your save games in a special folder in the save game directory after converting the saves to the new format. New Features You can now rename save games. You can now change the portrait and sound set of characters from the character sheet. Click on the gear icon to open the customization window. You can only use this feature on player characters and hired (non-companion) characters. New Stash sorting. You can now sort stash by item type, enchant score, and sell value. Added a news feature on the main menu to keep you informed on patches and Kickstarter updates. Added a new color for unique items in the inventory. Added a new hotkey for switching weapon sets on selected characters. You can now bind extra mouse buttons to Ability hotkeys. There's a new option in the Difficulty settings to reset newly recruited companions to level 1 (without losing the experience) when they get added to the party for the first time. This will allow you to level up companions to your liking. Balance Reblanced XP rewards of some quests, particularly the bounty quests, to prevent parties from hitting max level before Twin Elms. Ciphers now start with 1/4 max Focus instead of 1/2. Wizard and Cipher's base endurance has been raised from 30 to 36, and per level from 10 to 12. Wizard and Priests health multipliers were raised from 3 to 4. Interdiction range has been reduced from 20 to 10. Tuned down damage on the Retaliation mod. Citzal's Spirit Lance will now do 50% more damage, is faster, and has an increased AoE. Sanguine Plate's Retaliate mod has been replaced with Spell Holding: Frenzy. Wind Blight's Returning Storm is now set to 1/encounter. Earth Blight's Teleport ability is now set to 2/encounter. Sturdy bonus is improved from +20 to +30 vs Prone. Hand and Key's Preservation has been replaced with Loyal. Aru Breaker's Preservation has been replaced with a +1 Speed. Angio's Gambeson's Reflex bonus is replaced with 1/day Deleterious Alacrity of Motion. Rebel's Call Preservation has been replaced with Wary. Lightning Strikes damage is increased by 25%. Fan of Flames damage is reduced by 25%. Minor Arcane Reflection base duration is changed to 60 seconds. Llengrath's Displaced Image gives 50% hit to graze conversion on Deflection and Reflex. Wizard's Double now grants +40 Deflection against a single attack. Mirrored Images now grants a base +30 Deflection. It decreases by 5 after each hit. Ilengrath's Safeguard's bonuses are now unified. Crucible of the Soul, Speaker to the Restless, and Steps to the Wheel ranges have been increased. Arcane Veil now grants +50 Deflection, with Hardened Veil adding +25, for a total of +75 Deflection. Scroll of Paralysis is now slightly weaker and has a higher skill requirement. All Spell Holdings are 2/encounter. Soul Shock radius reduced from 2.5 to 1.25. Blizzard damage reduced significantly and attack speed increased to from 0.2 to 0.8. Overwhelming Wave now uses a range of 30-40 and stun duration lowered from 10s to 8s. Noxious Burst trap damage now is in line with other player trap damage. Reduced the accuracy on higher level player traps. Unbroken is now a per encounter ability. Malignant Cloud damage increased. Ghost Blades set to foe only. Death Ring damage slightly raised, made foe only. Ninagauth's Freezing Pillar switched over to foe only. Concelhaut's Corrosive Siphon set to foe only. Stag's Horn damaged lowered. Reflex and Deflection penalties cut in half, and reduced duration from 15 to 10. Bracers of Spiritual Power and Archer's Gloves reduced damage from +20% to +10%. Scroll of Revival AoE reduced, range slightly reduced, and restored endurance halved. Marked Prey and Sworn Enemy have been set to 0 recovery actions, so they can be used and the Ranger/Paladin can immediately act again. Winter Wind has had its damage, range, and push decreased. Base interrupt has been increased. Vile Thorns has had its damage increased and range decreased. Petrified damage bonus changed from x4 to x2. Items, Spells, and Abilities Many spells and abilities will have more accurate and updated stat blocks and improved output in the combat log, tooltips, and character sheet. Modal abilities now have activation and deactivation timers. Fixed an issue where some AOE attacks were not displaying the extra Intellect bonus properly. Added new effect when petrified. A character does not need to be in Stealth/Search mode to detect traps that are 4 Mechanics difficulties lower that the skill score. The detection will happen automatically now. Added an animation to the Fox and the Hunter ability and removed the damage effect. Second Chance will no longer trigger the defeat screen if the entire party goes down right before the effect fires. Fixed display of the cast UI for Seven Nights She Waited While the White Winds Wept. Tuning Wheel's effect is not hostile anymore. Painful Interdiction is now correctly marked as hostile. Escape should now always prevent disengagement attacks. Seven Nights She Waited While the White Winds Wept will no longer attack allies. Barbarian Threatening Presence will no longer spam the combat log when the Barbarian loses all endurance. NPC Chanters will now resume chanting once they use their invocations. Getting maimed will not clear fatigue. All wall spells should now disappear when combat ends. New Glossary entries for spellbind, spell holding, and spell striking. Switched the ingredients for Freezing and Shocking lashes. Druid's Wildstrike Belt is now working as intended. Marked Prey is now working at intended. Draining Whip is now working as intended. One Stands Alone is now working as intended. Interrupting Blows is now working as intended, and will correctly increase interrupt. Mortification of the Soul is now working as intended, and should only award 1 wound. Scion of Flame, Spirit of Decay, Secrets of the Rime and Heart of the Storm should now correctly increase damage of all abilities. Driving Flight will now work properly with Blunderbuss type guns. The Retaliate mod should not strike allies after using Field Triage. Pet fatigue has been removed. About 30 item icons have been updated, including some backer items, such as the Hermit's Hat. Battle-forged status effect now ends when combat ends. This should prevent it from stacking because of save/load. Fix for Elusive Quarry so its status effects now end when combat ends. This should prevent it from stacking because of save/load. Wild Leech is now combat only and the Leech effect will last until combat ends. This fixes issues with it not working with save/load correctly. Fix to Total Max Focus stat that would reset to the base value if you had the Greater Focus talent after a save/load. This is a retroactive fix that will restore your Cipher with an extra +10 focus if you have the talent. More fixes to status effect suppression so it will be more foolproof. Quests and Companions Party member stats on the character sheet will now show properly if the companion is removed and re-added from the stronghold. Fixed issues where companions could lose their items when assigned to the stronghold. Grieving Mother's Perception and Intellect scores have been switched. The Man Who Waits: The citizens of the Sanitarium will no longer become hostile if you kill and loot Azo after the Sanitarium riot and then fight flesh golems. Fix is retroactive. Fixed issue with a reputation loss with Gilded Vale when entering Raedric's Hold. Removed disposition exploit with the Records Keeper. A few encounter placement changes. Fixed issues with stronghold hirelings becoming hostile. Retroactive fix to update Sanitarium quest stage to proper state if you already talked to Ethelmoer and then asked for Sanitarium directions from a city guard. Added retroactive fix if you've advanced Heritage Hill quest to Icantha but then asked a city guard for directions to Heritage Hill. Fixed a number of issues with the Winds of Steel quest. This should be a retroactive fix if the quest was already started before working on the second quest with the Dozens or Doemenels, or if the quest was acquired or completed in conjunction with Bronze Beneath the Lake or Changing of the Guard. Attacking any of the main three Defiance Bay factions after having secured their invitation to the hearing will now make Lady Webb give you an invite in the name of Dunryd Row. Fixed issues with the Hermit of Hadret House quest. If Sul or Oernos were defeated before speaking to Desthwn for the first time then The Old Queen and the New King quest will not revert to an earlier quest stage Hendyna's conversation is fixed up to be properly linked together. Fixed a case where one of Clyver's responses would not appear in conversation if you ask him twice about the hearing. Killing Alwah while she appears in Oldsong now prevents her from appearing alive in Galawain's Maw when you turn in the Prison of Ice quest Fixed an issue where the Hall of Revealed Mysteries would turn hostile after opening the door to the Elder Archives and then re-loading into the scene (while not in stealth). Rinatto will no longer appear in the Celestial Sapling if you convince him to leave Twin Elms as part of the Hard Bargain quest.) Fixed the top floor of the Sanitarium so "The Man Who Waits" quest is now working for those that were having problems. UI Changed the display of most stat multipliers to be percentage based. Added Shift as a default control for multi-selection, in addition to Ctrl. Inverted the Stronghold log. Improved the output in the Bestiary and added beast abilities. Portraits now turn grey if Stamina is being capped by Health or Fatigue. Improved multi-selection. Stronghold adventures will now show the duration before you embark. Added apply button to resolution options screen. Default stealth key on Linux is now Ctrl. Weapon set buttons are now disabled when Spirit Shifted. Fixed several issues with containers and mouse cursor state on hover. Fixed an issue where the Lore requirement on scrolls was always displaying as red text. Fixed an issue where weapon sets were not visually unlocking. HUD does not upscale until 1920x1200. Adjusted position of the Concentration skill in the Character Sheet. Cleaned up problems with improper ability icons showing if you switch party members with hotkeys. Corrected a tooltip string on the voice volume slider. Fixed issues with tooltips being obscured in the inventory screen. Fixed a problem with Stronghold prisoners showing temp text at times. Improved loading screen scaling for resolutions greater than 1920 x 1080 Tooltips now include sell price where appropriate. Chanter inspection UI should now display the correct durations. Armors should now correctly display DR in the inspection UI. Fixed attack roll formula tooltips so they should now be readable in lower screen resolutions. Weapon sets should now show the proper weapon rarity coloring. Expert mode is now hidden on the main menu to avoid confusion about it not being selectable outside of a game. Changed slider bars so that they can slide the entire length of the options menu. Changed the order of the option buttons to make them more user-friendly. General Fixes Removed exploit of being able to transition into a new area with a dead player character. . Spells and abilities stuck in 'Already Activated' state will be fixed whenever a game is loaded. Now camping in a stronghold map when Brighthollow is unlocked uses Brighthollow instead. Party members will no longer switch weapon sets when charmed. Resolved a problem where misses on some secondary attacks were not being reported in the combat log. Camera should center on party members faster. Trial of Iron: Loading a game will now force a save to happen to prevent save scumming. Fixed many issues related to auto pause. Firearms will now reload when combat ends on alternate weapon sets. Poison and interrupted VO now has a cooldown. Allow quick-loading when UI windows, like dialogue, are up. Fix to enemy encounters sometimes decreasing in difficulty without the player changing the option. Fixed additional problems with prestigious visitors visiting the Stronghold after they had been killed. Fixed issue where Guest Hirelings that were available at the Stronghold for hire were not being saved properly into the save games. Removed unneeded navigation blockers in the Valewood that were causing animal companions to become stuck.
  15. Thanks everyone, I've passed these along to get fixed up in an upcoming patch (hopefully 1.05). I'm a stickler for grammar and spelling bugs myself, so I'd like to see them fixed too.
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