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  1. Hi there, I've tried contacting support on multiple occasions and I still can't get a direct answer so I was hoping someone on here could help me out. I Pre-ordered a physical edition of Pillars of eternity 2: Obsidian edition and I was wondering if the Captain's footlocker code was included with the games cd key?
  2. First of all, this is my first post so I just want to take the time to say Hi to everyone. I'm trying to figure a couple things out before a drop a whole lot of money on this game and I was wondering if anyone could help me. From what I know of the Physical Pathfinder Adventures Card Game, you can purchase a Base Game and then expand upon that with smaller themed expansions. The format followed by the physical version of the game is always predetermined and does not have any randomized boosters like lets say Magic: The Gathering. Which brings me to my big inquiry: What do you get in ch
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