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  1. Hi, like in title, in inventory where primary and secondary damage is shown, icons corresponding to damage type overlay numeric value of damage. Can it be fixed? i'm playing on polish version, in english version icons are on their place (only when i hover next to them *missing gui* apperars) i tried reinstalling the game and veryfying cache files but didn't help output_log.txt
  2. i preordered obsidian edition in online store in my country, it was boxed edition with steam code
  3. hi, i preordered poe2 but i don't have captain's footlocker dlc available, is there any way to get it?
  4. problem with tyranny would be if it had more companions (cluster**ck basically) it was focused on taking advantage of special combos with your companions, with bigger number it would be overopowered and let's be honest, tyranny and poe are two different products, would be boring and lame if they were the same, about poe 2... man, it's just one person less idk what's all the fuss about, it doesn't limit you in any way, playing you won't even see the difference while putting together your strategies, in poe you could beat the whole game on your own, no worries
  5. why not? they can resolve it like it's in Dragon Age series, auto sheathing/unsheathing or unsheathing when we attack
  6. It would be nice to see that every character is sheathing his/her weapons, it's a trifle but very realistic reaction. It's not realistic when characters that aren't in combat have their weapons unsheathed. It's not natural when they talk to someone or something. They should pull out thier weapons only in combat. That would be awesome.
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