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  1. Question 1 = yes Question 2 = no Question 3 = no games to load Downloaded latest version and patch 1.04 Install path, C:\Obsidian PillarsOfEternity Docs PillarsOfEternity_Data assetbundles data Managed Mono Plugins Resources This makes the third time we have reinstalled this game without any success, below are the specs for the computer we are using: Intel i7 3770K (not over clocked) water cooled 16 gig DDR 3 ram Samsung 840 evo 250 gig SSD Asus GTX 660 ti video card 2 gigs vram also water cooled. Asus ROG mother board. Using AVAST fr
  2. Thank you Posters 33, 34 and 35. My husband has gone back to his real world for now, but I will ask him to give me a hand with the suggestions given by #33 and 34 as soon as he can. I am pretty sure about the read and write permissions to the savegame directory. But will check nonetheless. And I agree, that the PC specs are probably not the problem. I have friends playing Skyrim on PC's with much lower specs than mine (yes, even with AMD's lol), and theirs are working just fine. And finally, #35 McPartyson, I'm afraid you may be right. However, since most people seem to at least be able t
  3. Your husband does not seem that much of an expert, actually. If he thinks AMD cpus "overheat" then why is his Intel cpu water cooled?... Heh... SInce he's also got very hot and water-cooled GPUs, I think it's a cinch that your problem is caused by overclocking--because you don't need water cooling if you aren't overclocking/overvolting. If you are actually telling the truth here: set all your system clocks to default and the game will probably run with no trouble. If your husband doesn't understand that then I'd seriously suggest he find a new career... When you are overclocking, *noth
  4. For any of you to whom I have not individually responded I apologize. I have read each and every response, and I am actually attempting to try everything that I can. Please do not let my avatar fool you. It is a very, very old photo of me. I am an almost 70 year old grandmother, and this takes me a bit of time to figure out. In other words, I'm a bit slow... My husband helps me when he has the time and/or the inclination. But most often I must "rely on the kindness of strangers" swoon.... Sorry, couldn't help myself there. Hope there are some Tennessee Williams fans out there.
  5. Thanks for your interest. So far no luck and no response from Obsidian. Your suggestion about the registry tree is an interesting one. When my husband has some more time to help me I will ask him. He is much more comfortable with that sort of thing. In the meantime I have gone back to playing Skyrim, as that one is working just fine. But I will get back to PoE pretty soon. Thank you again for that suggestion. I will let you know if it works.
  6. The patch is listed just underneath the game download in your GOG Libray. GOG.com -> (top navigation bar) Account -> Library -> Pillars of Eternity. Should be right there. Not particularly helpful, I know, but good luck. Very helpful. Thanks
  7. The patch is listed just underneath the game download in your GOG Libray. GOG.com -> (top navigation bar) Account -> Library -> Pillars of Eternity. Should be right there. Not particularly helpful, I know, but good luck. Thanks for this
  8. Yes, I did try that. And thank you for responding. I was beginning to think no one would. I reposted this question under the heading "Nothing Works! May I please try the Steam version?" and I have had quite a few more suggestions. But this thread has all of my documentation, and I did not repost it on that thread. I'm still trying to work this out.
  9. Thanks for this one. My husband had actually already tried this for me. Thought for sure this would do it. But no dice.
  10. Ok, thanks all of you for your great suggestions. I did in fact delete the whole game and reinstall it (including the DLC's). I did not try installing someone else's saves, however. I guess I could try that. I did contact GOG support, but did not have much success. I have been unable to find the patch for windows on GOG so far, but I guess I will try again, and maybe go ahead and install it anyway. To the computer snob, I actually do have quite a good computer set up due to the fact that my husband is a computer tech, and he built it for me. As I mentioned in this post to which you a
  11. I have done everything I can to get my GOG download of PoE to work. The game just will not start. This has become too frustrating for words. I have already posted on this site with all of the requested documentation, but have had no responses. The problem is as follows: I get to the start up screen, I try to press New Game, I am taken to a screen that tells me there are no saved games. I am given no other options. Period. The End. I do have a saved games folder installed, but there are no saved games in it; as I have never played the game. I have not downloaded the 1.03 patch y
  12. This is a fresh install, no games have been played. Downloaded from GOG, (Backer Version) , Royal edition. When the game starts, there is only one screen that shows up, the message box that allows you to select a new game, If you select New Game (the top button) it takes you to the load saves screen which has no saves since the game never started in the first place. Have tried numerous times to attach any kind of text file to this message but no dice. So will paste text. Crash File : Initialize engine version: 4.6.1p2 (961a19933c56) GfxDevice: creating device client; threaded
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