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  1. Being told to do the same things that didn't work before over and over is infuriating. I'm not sure how my problem is unique as I've seen plenty of others who have posted about save corruption, deletion and various other issues with the game destroying various facets of saves. I've had others confirm the issues I found on Linux, the lockups & poor performance on Win/Lin. More so my saves work, so long as you always wipe the tempsavedata before hand. So why does the game continue to copy these files and butcher them from a working save? I can appreciate help but it feels more like patronizing and grasping at straws. Telling me to delete everything when I just did a clean install and whole new game is ridiculous.
  2. Thanks for the captain obvious non-answer...and yes my patience wore thin the first time I tried to get help with this. I had deleted all my old saves, temp directories, the game has been reinstalled fresh serveral times on 2 machines attempted with Steam Sync on and off, and are you serious you're telling me to start over AGAIN!? Is this Pillars of Eternally Starting Over? Why is this constantly the same BS over and over where you never address WHY the game corrupts the saves!? YOUR game/code creates the saves, it then corrupts the saves. In turn you tell me to do the same stuff over and over which I tried when the game launched and now with v2 rather than you guys address what is going wrong on your end to create this problem. Further more the saves work if I delete the tempsavedata folders pre-game launch, and I do EVERY launch because otherwise the game doesn't work! Seriously this makes me so angry and frustrated in the first place but to have Obsidian repeatedly say "Just deleted all your ****, disable the features you want to use and start over." is completely unacceptable. It's a flat out cop out and what recourse do I have? Can I have a refund? Will you fix the game? I'm betting no on both. Which leaves with me hurl insults and rant, give up again untill V3, V4, until modders fix the massive **** up that is PoE, or simply accept I got ripped off and move on. I'm guessing I just got ripped off. Let me know if you intend to address the list of problems I've reported but please stop wasting both our time with this check cache, reinstall, delete bull****.What are you Dell tech support. Have you tried rebooting? Have you tried a grilled cheese sandiwch? I've had all my issues confirmed by others on the steam and obsidian forms as well as devs but nothing has been done...well something was done, you made an expansion, card games and other bull**** irrelevant to the game we funded.
  3. No mods, clean installs on both machines. If you can also touch on steam sync I'd appreciate it. I play between Win and Lin and manually copying saves sucks.
  4. Ya, I figured it out, it's not where I expected it to be. Had to click on his profile rather than a "send PM" link on him in this thread.
  5. My ticket from this time has been responded to and everything submitted.
  6. Amazingly I got a response from my ticket (again, I have open tickets from game launch that I've never had a response to) and from you. I've assumbled the info both have requested but I'd prefer a way to mask the download link here. Normally I'd PM the link but I can't do that here.
  7. When this game came out it was unplayable for me. Obsidian did nothing to address the issues I reported so I was unable to play. I've waited until V2 to try again but all the same issues are there. - Saves are immediately corrupted on game exit causing save load to loop back to menu - Clicking "Conintue" in the menu loads the encampment from the beginning of the game then pauses and will not unpause - Game locks up the majority of times on launch and must be killed and relaunched. (I have windows hang reports but this also happens on Linux) - Save states can be "fixed" by deleting the tempsavedata on both windows and linux every time you launch the game - On Linux the cursor starts on the bottom left of maps regaurdless of where the characters are - Game performance is absoluately terrible when running since V2...it was terrible at launch and it's worse now - Steam Sync does not work I've submitted bug reports, tickets, Obsidian has ignored all these issues. I have tickets that still have never been addressed since the second day of the games release! The only effort Obsidian has made was on these forms where a dev "fixed" my saves. I was then trolled about how I was thankless about this "help" meanwhile everyone ignored the reality the game just immediaetly corrupted the saves the dev fixed. Fixing saves does not address the problem of how they are becoming corrupted! Fast forward to now and I've tried all my old tricks and new. The game is a fresh install since v2, I deleted it months ago after it was obvious Obsidian gave 0 ****s about dealing with issues. I nuked the registry entries, wiped all old directories in hopes of removing any and all traces of the old bugged out v1.X version of the game or its files. None of this has helped on Windows or Linux. The game is still a worthless mess and obviously I'd like to PLAY the damn thing. I didn't back this project so I could spend my days trolling the forms about Obsidians **** support, I just want to play the god damn thing!
  8. So here we are at version 2 and steam sync is still broken...manually copying saves doesn't even work anymore.
  9. Glad to see v2 is out and this still persists. Game still frequently locks up on launch, I have the "hang" reports to prove it. Saves are not cross platform, no steam sync across platforms. Game is even worse performance wise. Save looping still happens in addition to the "game paused" problem with clicking continue after the game has corrupted your save. Looking good guys, will I get to play by v20?
  10. When this game launched I reported many bugs. Among them was the black screen at the kick starter logo lock up. The black screen launch lock up STILL persists in v2. The game will only launch to menu 1 out of 5 to 6 launches. From there my saves are constantly corrupted and loading them results in looping back to the menu (if you can get to the menu in the first place) When I originally reported this a dev eventually "fixed" my saves then sent them back to me WITHOUT fixing the game problem that caused it. Which is to say my "fixed" saves were corrupted as soon as they were used. Starting a brand new game with v2 my new game I started a day ago is now also corrupted causing the same loop back to menu.
  11. Indeed, there are many people who seem to have little to no problems however I have had many game breaking bugs. Like having all my saves corrupted. I submitted many tickets for several bugs, some major, some more annoyances and had my tickets ignored. Posting on the forums didn't yeild much response except for the save corruption bug. One of the devs fixed my saves but not the game bug causing it...so rinse repeat things get wiped again. I'm well aware software don't come out of the gate perfect but there are some major degrees to title launches being sucess of failure. For me Pillars was a massive failure for many reasons. While I've had some massive game killing issues the fact this still isn't fixed really seems lame. Sure it's a small thing but that's also why it's such an issue. If the devs can't get around to changing a single letter in a path what can we expect for ETA on major bugs. This is all about impressions really. I get notices from the KickStarter updates about all this stupid extra crap when they haven't even dealt with small things like this and it really seems like they are scattered, disorganized or simply don't care. This is furthered by the fact this isn't some first time outting by some new studio, these guys have done this but their tripping over their feet like they don't know what they are doing. What's even more frustrating is they have even aknowledged how poorly they have tended to issues be is bugs or tickets but then nothing changed. Basically they threw out a "oh my bad" and then did nothing (that I have seen) to remedy the issue.
  12. This bug and many others have been reported since launch. Obsidian however seems more focused on their card games and various other useless crap. I'm sure the version 2.0 with all the AI changes will introduce a ton of new problems (with almost every bug I reported at launch still not addressed) maybe in 5 years things will be smooth. Obsidian at one point addressed and appologised for their terrible communication and untimely action but it seems like that's all they did about it. What faith I had in Obsidian is long gone as they seem to opporate like distracted pot heads. Everything has -1 priority over pizza... If I seem hostile or trollish I can accept that. I feel gaming has become a giant troll these days. Developers talk a lot of **** and deliver a tiny turd. Everything feels like a scummy cash grab that you need a wire brush shower afterwards to get clean from. Hey we've got posters and hats and card games and cookbooks but we can't fix a feature breaking typo for months. It's low on our priority list because #1 you already bought the game so we've got your money and #2 we need more spin off crap to sell to keep the revenue stream going so we can order more pizza to eat while not fixing the initial game. Seriously Obsidian with so many gamers being screwed over by companies like EA, Ubisoft and a sea of DRM bull**** trust is already at an all time low. Perhaps focus on QA and get the core game playable before you start churning out all this other crap.
  13. Still no answer on if the game issues causing this save corruption have been / will be addressed...
  14. Was it resolved? Just because he fixed the saves doesn't mean they fixed the game issues that cause the issue. I found in my short time playing some times saves didn't save at all then when they did they eventually would loop. Either way I'll check back in a year. He's not mentioned if the issues in game that caused this are fixed and there are still an incredible array of game breaking bugs outside this I have no care to experience. Comically my play time shows 14 hours now...that's 6 hours of "debugging" time. @Ineth I didn't have the beta and despite the example you present it's still whack I know the Linux version has issues as that is the only platform the game worked for me on in the beginning. However I encountered some of what you mentioned. Capes/cloaks do not show up, Items missing, every area that loads starts with your cursor/camera focus at the bottom left of the map rather than focused on where you are. Tons of obnoxious bugs and this is still better than how it behaves on Windows. Sadly past that I had hoped to play the game under Linux on my laptop but the requirements for the game are a rage point in itself. It's completely unplayable from a battery/thermal standpoint. I have to run cooling pads and always be tethered to a wall. There is no excuse for such wasteful bloated cpu sucking in a 2D game. What little 3D is in the game should still be doable with an Intel HD2000. Only the devs can say why the game is so lacking in optimization but I'm sick of here UNITY as the excuse for everything. If UNITY sucks that bad they shouldn't have chosen it, and it works fine on several other games I play that are full on 3D and physics based games that require much less CPU/GPU to run. Which is to say a table top game a TI calculator should be able to do the core math/stat functions of should not need liquid cooling!
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